Harley Davidson Removes Music

I did not see this coming especially from Harley Davidson; they decided to not allow headphones, or radios. The memo was sent out to all employees that the factory floor will be quiet by Wednesday. Harley Davidson says that this is part of continuous effort to improve safety. Well to be honest some people don’t want to listen to music but some people do prefer to work with music. For example, I do like to listen to music and work it makes the time pass faster. Maripat Blankenheim director of external communications for Harley, said, “It’s really important for people no matter what they do to be focused on what they are doing.” Even though that I think the music is not distraction but some think other way. The affected factories by this memo are only in York for now, I am sure they will spread this to all Harley Davidson factories.

Harley Davidson Removes Music from Factories

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  1. Deco Diver Sean

     /  February 26, 2013

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    HD bans music in the factory.


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