Victory Motorcycles 2013 Brochure with Playboy Playmates

You are in for a treat today, with special from Victory Motorcycles. The special behind scenes of making the 2013 Victory Motorcycles Brochure. Victory Motorcycles has teamed up with Playboy and Playmates to bring you the best brochure of 2013. You can own the 2013 cover bike, and it is signed by Anna, Ciara and Raquel. The auction will be held at eBay Motors from March 21st to March 28th.

All of profits that will be made are going to go to Operation Gratitude. Meaning, let’s assume the bike will sell for $60,000, all those funds will go to Operation Gratitude. Victory Motorcycles is in partnership with Operation Gratitude.

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  1. This is a serious question, If I get a Victory are Harley owners going to treat me like I am some kind of inferior being?

    • With an honest opinion I don’t think that Harley owners will treat you differently. However, I do know they may look at you differently. The thing is depending where you will be for example if its at a bar, it doesn’t matter you are a brother and all brothers and sisters stick together. Meaning does not matter what model motorcycle you ride, as long as you respect your brothers and sisters. So I say go for it and enjoy the open road. If you have any questions let me know.

      P.S. The only place that I felt as an outsider was Harley Davidson forum; some people tend to think they know it all.

  2. John Powers

     /  March 25, 2013

    Virtually every one of us Victory riders used to own Harleys. Enough said.

  1. Victory Motorcycles & Playboy Playmates Brochure |

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