Harley Davidson Custom Seat Program

Harley Davidson is going all out with celebrating their 110th Anniversary. Starting from year 2004 to current year you can customize your Sportster seat. This is really greater feature for those who planned on buying either used, or new Harley Davidson Sportster seat. The option comes for two seat types, which is solo, and sidekick. I took a look at their website and designed my own seat, but this was just a test to see how the seats look, and feel price wise. The seat created by me was $299.

Harley Davidson gives you option of choosing 13 stitching patterns, in 10 thread colors, while the inlay’s can be embossed leather with ostrich, alligator, or snakeskin textures. There is over 100 combination when it comes to designing your perfect Sportster seat.

Click here to create your own Harley Davidson Sportster seat.

Harley Davidson Seat Program

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  1. I might get one of these for my Sportster:

  2. maguenther

     /  July 18, 2013

    Does Harley Davidson really offer this? I ask because my wife Judy got on the H-D Custom Seat Website, designed a seat for her 2009 XL1200L Sportster using the choices made available, only to be told a week and a half after placing the order thru the local dealer in Nashville, according to the process instructions, that these seats aren’t available for the Sportster models per H-D. She complained to their customer relations dept. and was told she (the rep. she spoke with on the phone) would look into it and get back with her, which she did the following day only to say what the dealer was told by H-D. I sent a detailed letter to H-D with screen snap shots displaying the process, and also of another one of their web sites advertising the availability of said seat customization, but received no response. However, on June 28th my wife received a message from H-D stating, “This is to acknowledge that our customer service department has received your letter. A customer service representative will review your concern and contact you soon.” I tryed reviewing this seat mentioning this message in my review, and noting that evidently “soon” was a relative term. My review didn’t make it onto their web site because as they told me, “It wasn’t up to snuff” … whatever that means. I guess if only good reviews get posted, everything is great. I just said I was sure it would be good, if we could get it. I was a little puzzled by the e-mail my wife got from H-D, because in my letter I didn’t provide any e-mail addresses, so I’m not sure if they were referring to the letter I sent. In any event, it was to be an anniversary gift to Judy, but as of yet, we hadn’t heard any good news. So yes, it could definitely be an eye-catcher, if it were really true what they advertise. Supposedly, what the customer service rep said, was that it isn’t available for the Sportster models … whatever. Didn’t the Sportster help to put H-D on the map?

  3. Well, shut my mouth! All that having been said, I had put my old office phone number instead of my home phone number on the letter I sent to H-D … old age I guess. Anyhow, my wife Judy decided to call H-D and referenced the number on the e-mail she’d received. One of the nice folks there in the H-D Customer Service organization had taken ownership of my complaint (she’s a saint), and the nice folks there had in fact, tried to get in touch with me. Anyhow, as it turns out, this wonderful lady, who I can’t say enough good about, didn’t understand why we couldn’t get the seat, and was able to secure for us the seat that we had wanted. It’s beautiful! It is what we had hoped for. It was the icing on the cake! I want to apologize for any bad light I may have cast on H-D, and say that these folks know what customer service is all about. Thank you H-D, and thank you wonderful lady … you know who you are. This is one of the best programs H-D has going. I wish I could post a picture of Judy’s bike with the seat.


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