Love Your 2013 Victory Motorcycle Or Money Back

Who would have expected for Victory Motorcycles to have something more planned than just Daytona Bike Week. They have surprised me, and probably many other people with their new money back guarantee. Josh Fulkerson, said “We are the fastest growing manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles, and we are confident you will love your new Victory motorcycle or we will refund your money. That’s the Victory Guarantee!” It is true that Victory has picked up speed, and started to establish more ground in the motorcycle industry.

Victory Motorcycles Challenge

Victory Motorcycles is the first to offer this kind of guarantee. However, the offer only applies to new 2013 Victory Motorcycles models purchased in United States or Canada from March 1st 2013 to April 30th, 2013. You must first read the complete details of the agreement, and what you agree too. I have just screened the page with my eyes but already found things that are worth knowing before going down to the dealership.

Here is what I found:

Victory also states that any other taxes, licensing, titling or registration fees, insurance, non-Victory accessories, dealer fees, extended warranties, finance charges, negative equity or any other expenses incurred by the customer at the time of taking delivery of the new motorcycle, are not refundable.

Ride one and you will own one, says Victory Motorcycles Team. Fulkerson said, “We are so confident you will enjoy riding a Victory that we are stepping up to our own challenge, and putting our money where our mouth is. If you buy a new Victory Motorcycle and are not completely satisfied riding the best, just bring it back.

Click here to read complete rules agreement.

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