More Harley Davidson Bikes To Be Made in India

Could it possibly be that India market will be the new hip market for motorcycles? I surely hope so, that Harley Davidson, and Victory Motorcycles will hit a jack pot in Indian market. Harley Davidson decided to add 3 more motorcycles to their fleet of India built motorcycles. Here are the lucky 3 additional motorcycles that will be built in India; Fat Boy, Fat Boy Special, and Heritage Softail Classic. The full selection of motorcycles that is in United States will not be available at India.

Harley-Davidson bikes to be made in India

Let’s take a look at this in money situation; some of us have to wonder what will be the pricing for HD motorcycles. For example Fat Boy will be available for $27,245 instead of $35,565; a really big price difference. Another motorcycle is Fat Boy Special will be available for $28,525 instead of $36,020. And the last one but not least is Heritage Softail Classic for $29,715 instead of $37,390. With this I should also mention that the prices seem high but Indian import duties for bikes over 800cc are 75% with proposed reduction to 60%.

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