Toyota i-Road EV Concept

Technology is advancing quicker than we can keep up with it at some points. Now Toyota introduced a concept i-Road EV; half motorcycle, and half trike or car. The two wheeled prototype turns with motorcycle style lean, allowing to cut tits turn radius to city friendly 9.8 feet. Some other features are fully sealed cabin for heating and speakers. i-Road runs out of energy in just 31 miles. In order for the Toyota concept to be produced there would have to be frequent stops to fuel up.

Toyota iRoad EV concept leans like a motorcycle, minus the fuel bills and rain

I have been thinking that someday maybe motorcycles will be so advanced that they will take over the road instead of weird looking cars/trike/motorcycle concepts. The idea of this concept is neat, but we are not ready for a new toy in the market just yet. As I have mentioned before, Harley Davidson has started to open their market wider in India, and Victory Motorcycles is following the same steps. So hopefully our top motorcycle companies will wake up and try to create a futuristic motorcycle/car/trike just like the one Toyota prepared.

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