Harley’s Not Only For Adults?

Hands on Harley Davidson in Betty Brinn Children’s Museum. As we mentioned already thousand times Harley Davidson is stepping up their game with celebration of 110th Anniversary. Harley has founded the Hands on Harley Davidson program at Betty Brinn Children’s Museum. The museum invites children to learn, and explore a pretended motorcycle dealership. The exhibits feature Harley Davidson Road King and features Dream It, Built It, and Ride It using activities that promote science, technology, math , and engineering.

Betty Brinn Children's Museum Opens Harley Davidson Hands On

Children are allowed to design their own unique motorcycle with using interchangeable custom motorcycle parts and accessories. For example, seats, saddlebags, mirrors and variety of engine components. Once children finish building the bike, they can gear up, and hit the road on a virtual interactive video. The video provides first person experience, which include U.S and international touring routes. The virtual ride provides audio, turn signals, sound of V-Twin, wind effects, and throttle to control the speeds.

The virtual experience of Harley Davidson bring activities like math challenges, maintenance, fuel information, exhaust information and other system information to ensure safety. Harley experience also provides real videos of dealerships working on either fixing up a motorcycle or selling one. If you are in Milwaukee, than Betty Brinn Children’s Museum is your destination for your next Harley.

Betty Brinn Children's Museum

I have to say that Harley has really stepped up and brought a lot more to the road than I have expected. Harley introducing motorcycle to kids is a great marketing tactic that will surely keep kids wanting a Harley.

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