Sharing Sale Secrets

Are you looking for motorcycle apparel? You have come to the right place. Our huge selection of motorcycle apparel for men and women is growing rapidly. Enough about our collection, since you can check that out in no time. I have heard that there will be a SALE happening 3/14/2013, when I was passing by the marketing office. So if you were trying to buy something today, hold on till 3/14/2013 and then buy it with extra savings!  Spread the word out that eBikerLeather will have a SALE on 3/14/2013!

Personally we are not supposed to tell our customers about sales, due to high amount of orders. However, I figured that I would spoil the sale with telling everyone before, and save some money in your pocket. The promo code will be featured on home page of . Get ready to rumble and let’s celebrate Daytona Bike Week 2013 the way it should be celebrated!

Get your savings on, and celebrate Daytona Bike Week 2013 with us!

eBikerLeather Daytona Bike Week Sale

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