Leather Motorcycle Luggage For Road Pickle

As  the days went by, we are getting closer, and closer to the final day of 6 months long trip. Couple days ago eBikerLeather has Tina with eBikerLeather Motorcycle Luggagesent our merchandise to Road Pickle for their trip. We will supply them with their needed equipment on the road. I really strongly suggest following Road Pickle for the 6 months, it will be one crazy adventure after another.

However, what I would like you to pay attention to mostly is to what Tina has said about our luggage and prices in the quote below.

Quote by Tina:
“Honestly, I’m actually quite impressed with the soft feel of this leather, and it seems to be pretty well made, considering the low prices.  Much of what they sell seem geared for cruisers and Harley riders, but we managed to find some gear that works well for sport bikes and sport tourers.”

As you can see we have the lowest prices online, that is due to us manufacturing with best companies around the world. We have established amazing relationships with manufacturers, which allows us to give such great low prices on all items in the store.

Make sure to check out Road Pickle, and read more about their upcoming trip.


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  1. maina

     /  March 15, 2013

    I would give reference to the Tail Bag type of Motorcycle Luggage which suits all type of bikes except the Dirt Bike.If you require a storage unit that is simple like a tank bag or a much larger and a more advanced size, the range of selection is quite wide.


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