Motorcycle Built Out of 20,000 Candies

If you are not into motorcycles, you will love this motorcycle. Motorcycle is made from 20,000 candies, and it is life size motorcycle. The creator behind this beast is Cristiam Ramos from Florida. Ramos said, “I love and feel inspired to create different things with new materials.” We totally agree with Cristiam on his quote. I would love to get my hands on a real life size motorcycle made out of candies. Cristiam’s candy motorcycle is really deeply detailed, and has the look of a real motorcycle.

Ramos has mentioned that the idea came to him few years ago when he witnessed a dad handing a sweet to his son in the park. Seeing how happy the boy was made Ramos realize how candy can make people happy. In fact Ramos has also created portraits of celebrities like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Marilyn Monroe were the popularity grew very fast.

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