Veebase-A Price Comparison Website On V-Twin Products

Veebase is basically a website that takes pricing from other websites like eBikerLeather or Harley Davidson and compares them in one spot. I guess that if you are a company, you might be furious about this website, but as a customers, you will surely love it. They compare over 90,000 V-Twin products which stretch from motorcycle parts to motorcycle apparel. For example if you are looking for a new leather vest, and have a vest in mind you can compare pricing for that vest on Veebase. Veebase has just launched, so there are not that many products listed in categories like Apparel. However, I would like to see Veebase expanding even further to companies, like eBikerLeather, or Bell Rogue etc. There are items on the website that smaller companies lease from bigger companies for sale. However, that is not what I had in mind, I would like to see actual company products to appear on Veebase at their original pricing.

That way you or I can take into consideration from who to buy the merchandise, and not over pay. I have submitted eBikerLeather to be added to Veebase, with our wide range of motorcycle apparel we will fill in all categories under apparel. Plus this will also give us advantage of our competitors with our low prices. Remember that even our low prices are really low that does not mean we have cheap products. To prove we have the best quality leather I dare you to test out our leather, and read what Tina a.k.a Sash Mouth had to say about our leather by clicking here.

Veebase will be a great website if it expands to bigger companies, with pricing and comparison. This is not a bad start up project, but it will take time to accomplish what they have in mind.


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