You Know A Person That Has A DUI?

Smartphone’s play a huge role in our daily lives, and sometimes those demands exceed our expectations. As we take on the day with knowing that there will be a hard decision to make down the road. All of this can easily back up in our head and we just get overwhelmed. Where do most of us end up? Getting a DUI. Or reaching for cigarette’s in my opinion is way better than drinking and driving. However, both smoking and drinking are bad for your body, we all know this by now.

While looking for some interesting news I found an article at Cyril Huze blog about a Breathometer. Breathometer, will be available this summer and consumers may pre order today for 20$. Great, price, and great product, you can’t beat that. The way that Breathometer will work is it will connect with your iPhone or Android device via head set jack and you will blow on the breathalyzer. While you blow, your Smartphone will detect the BAC in your body, and will show it on the Smartphone. The Breathometer will be FDA approved and patent pending.

For the Breathalyzer you just pay $20, and to put it in your car or motorcycle saddlebag is not hard. That way it is always with you even on the road. Be smart look twice, save a life; be smart safe yourself and people you care about.


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