French Designer Creates Audi’s First Motorcycle

Whoa, what a huge change from Audi. Since Audi got hold of Ducati business last year, BMW is not the only German automaker that also has motorcycles. French designer, Thibault Devauze imagined the first Audi motorcycle. Devauze is a former Audi, Ducati, and Land Rover design intern and penned a futuristic bike with sharp edges. Thibault came up with this idea from the DKW bikes which he saw at Audi museum in Ingolstadt.

So with that said, do you think that Audi will start making motorcycles? I would say since the top competitor for Audi is BMW it would be nice to see Audi step up and get some space in the motorcycle market. Whether Audi would make some damage to BMW market or not it is still far away to tell the prediction.

 First Audi Motorcycle Designed by Thibault Devauze

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  1. I don’t know what to think about this? Not sure if I like it or not?


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