Ladie’s T-Shirts Posted

With the days passing by each company bring different new items to the market for bikers. The main competition is being number one source for bikers. eBikerLeather introduced their t-shirts to complete with other companies, and to allow bikers enjoy the summer rides. Women short sleeve t-shirts are top sellers during the riding season, with that in mind eBikerLeather is bringing 7 new t-shirts with designs to the market for bikers.

All designs presented on eBikerLeather t-shirts are prepared in United States. Each desigs are printed on the t-shirts at eBikerLeather site. Not only that but eBikerLeather introduced women’s tank tops for this summer collection. But that is not all rumors have it that more eBikerLeather tanks, short sleeve t-shirts and hoodies will be coming in next month. Speaking of women hoodies, which are not ordinary 100% cotton hoodies but stylish burnout women hoodies. Each hoodie has 2-1/2″ raw edge sleeve cuff, and raw edge hood with drawstring and reverse cover stitches.

With each t-shirt, tank top, or hoodie there is a sizing chart provided for your perfect fit. Don’t hesitate and grab one t-shirt today. Our sources state that with each t-shirt eBikerLeather will include a 10$ off coupon code.

Click here to shop.

Women Hoodie Women Tank Top Women Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Seeking Female Model For T-Shirts

Located in northern New Jersey, our accessory and apparel company is seeking a fresh, slim, beautiful, young model for modeling our products. We are seeking someone who has had experience with photo shoots and someone who can coordinate posture with outfit. We are looking for a female to represent our company’s t-shirts apparel. This position is for our upcoming t-shirts designs. The ideal candidate:

• Some previous experience with photo shoots
• Lives in the NJ, Paterson area
• Is available for immediate fittings and shoots

Only serious inquiries apply. Please attach up to 2 or 3 photos natural or professional. Good luck to all the candidates!

Is Canadian Road Safety Campaign Fair With Targeting Bikers And Drivers Alike?

From my point of view I don’t think that Canadian Road Safety should target both bikers and drivers alike. What is your opinion?


Indian Motorcycle Marketing Strategy

I wish I could re-blog Cyril Huze blog post about Indian Motorcycles Marketing Strategy, but I can’t. So I am going to copy it, all credits go to Cyril Huze Blog. Pictures are provided by Cyril Huze Blog.

Enjoy! This is worth the 5 minutes of your time to read this article. It will give you perspective of Indian Motorcycles Vs. Harley Davidson.



Choice is coming to American motorcycles. Are you of the Harley-Davidson or Indian Motorcycle type? Of both? It is my opinion that the motorcycle industry needs another high profile American motorcycle brand and that the Indian launch will positively disrupt the market, growing our industry, creating a healthy competition primarily with Harley-Davidson and marginally with other V-Twin brands, American or foreign.

Let me first mention that all decision-makers and strategists involved in the Indian Motorcycle re-launch – I talked several times to most of them – have the highest respect for Harley-Davidson. They also know that by offering very soon another American choice to bikers they are going to re-activate the pre-1953 rivalry, both on the road and on the track. I don’t know anyone, biker or professional from the industry complaining about an up-coming competition between the two brands.

During the last 50 years motorcycling has become socially respectable. In the ’90s, for whatever reasons (I may develop this topic in another post), the upper class of lawyers, doctors, real estate developers, dentists, etc started to ride expensive Harleys, playing the biker outlaws on weekends and during a couple of big rallies like Daytona and Sturgis. Harley-Davidson sold a lot of bikes to them until many Rich Urban Bikers looked for other ways to have fun. Then in 2008, the US recession hit hard with Harley-Davidson realizing that its core clientele was soon getting too old to ride, and started courting not only younger potential bikers, but also pursuing all sort of hobbyists in many social categories, either women, Latinos, blacks. In addition, Harley started  focusing its efforts on foreign markets like Asia to compensate for what Harley sees as a very low potential for growth in the USA, probably for the next 10 years. It is well known that many core Harley bikers, right or wrong, feel alienated by Milwaukee’s last years strategy (and it includes foreign made parts assembled on its “American” motorcycles) and would abandon Harley for another American brand like Indian if the opportunity was given to them…


In this context, can Polaris seriously compete with Harley-Davidson with its new Indian model(s)? No denial that Harley is and will remain a legend. But the Indian brand remains iconic around the world despite the fact that the final production run of the final genuine Indians (the Blackhawk, a version of the side-valve 80-inch Chief) came in 1953. Also despite several failed attempts to re-launch the brand. After 60 years of “silence”, in terms of “good will” towards the brand, Indian is at least as powerful, if not more, than Harley is. With the right bikes, it says a lot about the potential of Indian to rival with Harley-Davidson motorcycle and biker gear offering.

Indianengine1      Indianengine2

The marketing and advertising gurus handling the Polaris launch of the new Indian motorcycle(s) are acutely aware that relaunching such an icon can be tricky. Expectations are so high… Success will depend on the bike(s) themselves (design & technology), on their price(s) and of course on the way Indian establishes its marketing position statement versus the competition. Credibility? As of today, especially after unveiling the brand new Thunder Stroke 111, Polaris has already convinced the motorcycle industry, media and the vast majority of bikers that they understand the culture, are able to offer an Indian engine “honoring the past and powering the future.”. Succeeding, as Indian says “at capturing the iconic design and styling aspects of the 112-year old brand’s most historic models and fusing that heritage with state-of-the-art technology and progressive design elements.” Price of its new model(s)? I guess we will know soon, and it will affect the percentage of people jumping ship right away for Indian (By the way, how many have already postponed a new or used Harley purchase until the new Indian is unveiled?) Marketing and advertising strategy? It is evidenced by the 2 new Indian Motorcycle ads illustrating this article. Who is going to ride the new Indian? 1- All those who identify themselves as core bikers, not hobbyists (ad number 1). 2- All those who stand apart, who want to challenge the status quo, who understand and live the lifestyle (Ad number 2) 3- All those who, since a long time and for whatever reason, wish to have an American brand alternative to Harley-Davidson…


So, will Polaris take in a couple of years with its Indian Motorcycle brand a very significant share of the Harley-Davidson domestic market? Now is your turn to tell me and all readers: which brand do you identify yourself the most with (look again at the 2 ads I feature); your overall thoughts about Indian’s product/marketing/advertising strategy; what do you feel Indian’s chances are to succeed; and if you are a Harley or V-Twin motorcycle rider, if you would be willing to switch right away for the new Indian motorcycle to be unveiled in a few months, or purchase one as a second bike.

Laughlin River Run 2013 Is Here

Are you ready for the largest motorcycle events on the west coast? Join Laughlin River Run on April 24th through 28th. Come and check out the historic route 66, the way it has meant to be seen.

Laughlin River Run


Laughlin River Run Event Registration

Riverside Resort Star View Room

  • Thursday – 9am to 9pm
  • Friday – 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday – 8am to 2pm

Exhibit Area Hours of Operation

Riverside Resort – Edgewater Hotel – Colorado Belle & Golden Nugget

  • Wednesday 12 noon to 8pm
  • Thursday – 10am – 10pm
  • Friday – 10am to 10pm
  • Saturday – 10am to 10pm


  • Travis Tritt at The E Center: Friday, April 26, 8pm
  • Blood Sweat and Tears with Foghat at Rio Vista Outdoor Amphitheater at Harrah’s Laughlin: Friday, April 26, 8pm
  • Rad Co.: Tribute to Bad Company at Pavilion Theatre at Tropicana Laughlin: Friday, April 26, 8pm
  • Creedence Clearwater Revisited at The E Center: Saturday, April 27, 8pm
  • The Iron Maidens Female Iron Maiden Tribute at Pavilion Theatre at Tropicana Laughlin: Saturday, April 27, 8pm
  • Mickey Gilley at Riverside Resort & Casino: April 24 at8pm, April 25 at9pm, April 26 at9pm, April 27 at9pm, April 28 at8pm

Special Events


  • American Veterans Charity Poker Run benefiting Tri-State Veterans.
    Register 8:30 – 10 am at the Tropicana Express. $10 minimum donation


  • Custom Bike Show: Main Deck of the Colorado Belle. Register 8am – 10am
    Judging and Public Viewing 11am – 3pm. Awards at Center Circle 3pm
  • Ms. Laughlin River Run Contest: Must be an Official Participant to be eligible.
    Register in the Riverside Resort Star View Room Thursday – Saturday.
    Contest held at the Riverside Resort Outdoor Stage Saturday at 4pm.
  • Early Bird Poker Run: The “Poker Room” at the Colorado Belle. Register from 8:00am – 10:30am. Awards: 4pm at Center Circle

eBikerLeather Women T-Shirts Will Be On Sale Next Week

We could not wait any longer, here is a picture of women t-shirt with burn out style with a v-neck. The design is made out of rhinestones! The t-shirts will be here next week, and if you would like to be put on pre order list just email us at . You will be notified of when the t-shirts come in, and the first person to receive the t-shirt. In addition to that the t-shirts will offer $10 coupon  for your next purchase. The coupon will be valid for 2 months!

If for some reason you have decided to stop following our facebook page that was a bad choice! Our facebook page is the first one that receives newest product updates, and discounts.

Women T-Shirts

Women Custom Leather Triangular Face Muffler Only at eBikerLeather

eBikerLeather is the first and only company to introduce Leather Face Mask with Rhinestones!

As you remember we promised to bring in new features, products, and better ourselves in all departments to our clients. If you missed it we have already had release men denim vest. Here is another one of our latest products, which is based on our AC004-W Face Mask. The designs are made, and printed in the U.S.A.


  • Designs that go on AC004-W are made in U.S.A!
  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • All designs are printed only on AC004-W Face Mask

Type of styles to choose from:

  1. Lady Rider
  2. Biker Bitch
  3. Biker Babe

The best part of the AC004-W is that we can customize it with any of the top 3 designs. In addition to that we will be bringing in more designs for the face mask. Stay in touch with us, as we bring in more new products!

Biker Face Masks

Hotel Heaven – Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia

Hotel living is not for everyone, most people would prefer to have a SUV with them to haul their stuff. However, for Tina and Steve it is working out beautifully since their trip is riding motorcycles through 46 states. Recently Tina, has created two lists that can help recognize the benefits of a hotel or simple drawbacks about the hotel.

Drawbacks when traveling a motorcycle though 46 states and staying in hotels are very few. Internet might be hard to come by, so make sure to check if they have Wi-Fi. When in a motel make sure to do the laundry, because it’s done much often than when having an SUV. Being hungry is common on the road, snacks can fill up a little, but a hot meal is a must when at the hotel. Basically when traveling around 46 states in just a motorcycle make sure to bring only the most important items and the rest will fly into its place.

Benefits of traveling on a motorcycle are few belongings, and less to manage, which means less to worry about. No need to clean, daily maid service is always included in the price of the stay. Just imagine how good it feels with just couple weeks of not doing the dishes, or making the bed. It seems that financially the pockets get fatter with money. Complementary free breakfast, and coffee with tea throughout the day. Always a different type of hotel, not the usual same old place.

While Tina adjusts to the new life style, she has to come across couple obstacles on the road. However, the road adapts easily to her life style. On the other hand it was Steve whose dream came true, of riding motorcycle through 46 states.

Revolutionary Motorcycle Parking

This is not your ordinary parking lot to park motorcycles or cars. In most cities around the world it is hard to find a parking spot. At times it seems like an adventure or too many fees when it comes to street parking. Bikes are stolen daily, just like cars but a lot of bikers are looking for something in return for all the parking fees.

Here is where Moto Parking steps up with their nice concept which can be installed in any place around the city. Moto Parking offers secure chain lock, and secure storage space. A storage space is available in two versions, Touring and City. Moto Parking offers 245 and 85 liters of secure storage for helmets, boots, jackets, and much more. I would be willing to test this option out in the field hopefully some time in 2013.

The fees for motorcycle parking should not be high, due to the storage boxes that can receive a custom graphic. So Moto Parking can make money while your motorcycle is secured with a lock chain and storage space.

Source: Auto Evolution

Moto Parking, the Coolest Idea so Far [Photo Gallery]

Sturgis Rally To Change Vendor Fee System

Most Sturgis Motorcycle Rally vendors are unhappy with the change of the fees being for the upcoming event. Vendor fees this year will already increase $50, making the fee $700. However, next year Sturgis plans to import a new system that will change flat fee for every vendor. For large vendors the fee’s could reach $1,800. All the fee’s are being changed next summer, but it is being done to keep up with the service cost during the rally. Last year the rally generated $1.4 million dollars in revenue for the city.


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