Revolutionary Motorcycle Parking

This is not your ordinary parking lot to park motorcycles or cars. In most cities around the world it is hard to find a parking spot. At times it seems like an adventure or too many fees when it comes to street parking. Bikes are stolen daily, just like cars but a lot of bikers are looking for something in return for all the parking fees.

Here is where Moto Parking steps up with their nice concept which can be installed in any place around the city. Moto Parking offers secure chain lock, and secure storage space. A storage space is available in two versions, Touring and City. Moto Parking offers 245 and 85 liters of secure storage for helmets, boots, jackets, and much more. I would be willing to test this option out in the field hopefully some time in 2013.

The fees for motorcycle parking should not be high, due to the storage boxes that can receive a custom graphic. So Moto Parking can make money while your motorcycle is secured with a lock chain and storage space.

Source: Auto Evolution

Moto Parking, the Coolest Idea so Far [Photo Gallery]

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  1. What a great idea! It looks so modern and clean too, neat man, neat!


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