Hotel Heaven – Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia

Hotel living is not for everyone, most people would prefer to have a SUV with them to haul their stuff. However, for Tina and Steve it is working out beautifully since their trip is riding motorcycles through 46 states. Recently Tina, has created two lists that can help recognize the benefits of a hotel or simple drawbacks about the hotel.

Drawbacks when traveling a motorcycle though 46 states and staying in hotels are very few. Internet might be hard to come by, so make sure to check if they have Wi-Fi. When in a motel make sure to do the laundry, because it’s done much often than when having an SUV. Being hungry is common on the road, snacks can fill up a little, but a hot meal is a must when at the hotel. Basically when traveling around 46 states in just a motorcycle make sure to bring only the most important items and the rest will fly into its place.

Benefits of traveling on a motorcycle are few belongings, and less to manage, which means less to worry about. No need to clean, daily maid service is always included in the price of the stay. Just imagine how good it feels with just couple weeks of not doing the dishes, or making the bed. It seems that financially the pockets get fatter with money. Complementary free breakfast, and coffee with tea throughout the day. Always a different type of hotel, not the usual same old place.

While Tina adjusts to the new life style, she has to come across couple obstacles on the road. However, the road adapts easily to her life style. On the other hand it was Steve whose dream came true, of riding motorcycle through 46 states.

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  1. toomuchtina

     /  April 16, 2013

    Hey, thanks so much for sharing!! We appreciate it!

    Sweet rides,

    Highway and Sash


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