Top Gift List For Mother’s Day – Not Your Ordinary Gift List

Mother’s day is a time when mom get’s treated like a queen with extra special care. At times it can be hard to pick the perfect gift for mom’s. Not that mom’s are demanding or required the top notch gift, but her kids always want to out beat each other with gift ideas or do better than the last year. It is a special day not only for mom but also for her kids. Now eBikerLeather team will help you narrow your search terms of perfect mother’s day gift. On our list we have three items that will make mom happy.

The first item is ladies burnout raw edge v-neck t-shirt. The t-shirt is burned to perfection! And mom’s closet is never completed without our burnout tee!

  • All designs are Made In U.S.A!
  • Biker Babe Design
  • Double Rolling Raw Edge On Neck and Sleeve
  • Material – Burnout Fabric 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
  • Care – Machine Wash Cold Water, No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low

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The second item that we know your mother will be happy is ladies halter top with collar.

  • Made From Genuine Leather
  • Braided & Zipper on the Front
  • Classic Style Collar

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Best part is that both of the items are under $20!

The final and best gift item for your mom is showing some love. It is not another item we are trying to sell to you because its mother’s day. But we are trying to show everyone that no matter how big the gift is mom will be always happy with a hug, flowers, or simply doing something special like laundry, dishes, cleaning the house instead of your mom doing it.

Mother's Day

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