Harley Davidson World Ride 2013

Are you ready for the Harley Davidson World Ride? I know I am, and its time to plan my trip with the new ride planner provided by Harley Davidson. But before I get to plan the trip I need new gear for the road trip. If you plan on heading out make sure to pack only things that you will need. Don’t take stuff that you will not use once on the trip.

Following RoadPickle? I hope so! Check out what sash had to say about our leather jackets!


Don’t hesitate follow Sash on her twitter account to keep up with updates on eBikerLeather products.

Women t-shirts

As you can see our merchandise is getting tested for 6 months long trip and so far it is keeping Sash and Highway comfy!

Gearing up for the longer ride is important, that is why I strongly recommend gearing up with eBikerLeather! Right now if you order any item from our store and use coupon code BLOG12 our crew will insert a 10$ off coupon code. Not 10% off but 10$ off coupon code that is valid for a month.

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