DP Custom Bike Design Winner DP Racer

Remember when we did article on DP Customs and their custom bike design contest? DP Customs has chosen 10 semifinalists from multiple entrees, and among them is a limited heritage custom build bike Romania in place 8th and place 10 India.

Click here for full gallery of entries.

The complete list of finalist:

  1. place: DP Racer by Andre Costa
  2. place: Talladega by Oberdan Bezzi
  3. place: DP Customs Lander by Marc Senger
  4. place: Cobra DP by Paulo Italiani
  5. place: Stealth Concept by Vincent, Graviere
  6. place: DP 40 by Robert O’Brien
  7. place: DPC OTTO by Vincent Montreuil
  8. place: GT40 DP Customs by Stoianov Sebastian Mihai
  9. place: F40 by Paolo Corcagnani
  10. place: DPC Invader by Nagabhushan Hegde

Revolutionary Motorcycle Parking

This is not your ordinary parking lot to park motorcycles or cars. In most cities around the world it is hard to find a parking spot. At times it seems like an adventure or too many fees when it comes to street parking. Bikes are stolen daily, just like cars but a lot of bikers are looking for something in return for all the parking fees.

Here is where Moto Parking steps up with their nice concept which can be installed in any place around the city. Moto Parking offers secure chain lock, and secure storage space. A storage space is available in two versions, Touring and City. Moto Parking offers 245 and 85 liters of secure storage for helmets, boots, jackets, and much more. I would be willing to test this option out in the field hopefully some time in 2013.

The fees for motorcycle parking should not be high, due to the storage boxes that can receive a custom graphic. So Moto Parking can make money while your motorcycle is secured with a lock chain and storage space.

Source: Auto Evolution

Moto Parking, the Coolest Idea so Far [Photo Gallery]

Ferrari F40 and Harley Davidson Sportster Concept

As some motorcycle concepts look amazing others just are not the brightest build in the world. But not long ago DP Customs launched a design contest for one of their future bikes. many have submitted their designs, but the one that received most attention is by Paolo. Paolo designed a themed Ferrari F40 themed Harley Davidson concept motorcycle. By now we all should know that the Sportster is the best motorcycle from Harley to customize.

The contest had basic rules, and the design had to be on a Sportster. While some may believe that this rule was too much of restriction to their imagination, but that did not affect Paolo. The perfect touch of paint, edgier lines, and body work on the Harley, bring out the best design of the old F40 Ferrari.

Ferrari F40-Inspired Harley-Davidson Concept

Paolo's F40 Sportster concept

Roland Sands Tracker 2-into1 Exhaust System Featured In Progressive Commercial

Inspired by an exhaust you might find on a high speed, wide-open flat track racer, these light weight pipes give you unparalleled Vance and Hines performance and breathe some life into your Softail or Sportster. You might still wake up the neighbors, but you won’t blow out your eardrums.

  • Race quality, high temperature black ceramic coating
  • Drilled chrome heat shields with V&H Logo Stamp
  • Chrome billet drilled exhaust tip with RSD Logo Stamp

Check out Tracker 2-into-1 Exhaust on this progressive commercial bike.

Man and Machine Unite to Awaken Rumble Power

Was your dream working for Marvel? If so check out Harley Davidson and Iron Man 3 they have teamed up to give you exclusive show down for May 3rd; the release day for Iron Man 3. Harley Davidson has come up with a cool way to promote Iron Man 3 and to give you a chance to create your own Avengers comic. All you have to do is create a hero and pick your machine. At the Comic-Con if your story and bike gets picked you will be the winner of Harley Davidson Street Bob motorcycle designed by you. Good luck, and make your story inspiring and interesting.

Harley Davidson and Marvel

2013 Moto Guzzi California 1400 and Ewan McGregor

This is one of the best commercials and promotional videos for Moto Guzzi California since the 2013 version of California has showed up on the market. The new California 1400 is equipped with complete additional road worth features, such as additional lights, windshield, hard panniers and more. Take a look what Ewan McGregor has to say about California 1400.

Gear Up For The Riding Season With IDOT & DOT

The weather is changing, Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is pushing more pressure on motorcycle riders to gear up and ride smart. As the riding season is getting closer, bikers start seeing more signs like “Watch out for Bikers” or “Gear Up – Ride Smart“. This marketing tactic has been used in the past, but it will never succeed to be 100% effective during the riding season. IDOT is doing their best to spread the words about bikers hitting the roads, and sun shining on their chrome.

In Illinois more than 15 percent deaths were motorcycle riders. Want to avoid being that 15% this year? Gear up with the proper gear from eBikerLeather. eBikerLeather has been providing biker gear for more than 15 years. They have all riding gear for the safety on the road. Remember that motorcycle helmets have to be Department of Transportation (DOT) approved.


Roland Sands Designs Drag 48

Another awesome creating by Roland Sands Designs! Yet you will not be able to take your eyes off this beast. Drag 48 was specially made for drag specialties to show how adaptable Sportster can be. RSD does not need a lot of time to achieve an awesome motorcycle on base of Sportster. Take a look for yourself in the video below.

French Designer Creates Audi’s First Motorcycle

Whoa, what a huge change from Audi. Since Audi got hold of Ducati business last year, BMW is not the only German automaker that also has motorcycles. French designer, Thibault Devauze imagined the first Audi motorcycle. Devauze is a former Audi, Ducati, and Land Rover design intern and penned a futuristic bike with sharp edges. Thibault came up with this idea from the DKW bikes which he saw at Audi museum in Ingolstadt.

So with that said, do you think that Audi will start making motorcycles? I would say since the top competitor for Audi is BMW it would be nice to see Audi step up and get some space in the motorcycle market. Whether Audi would make some damage to BMW market or not it is still far away to tell the prediction.

 First Audi Motorcycle Designed by Thibault Devauze

The Enorm V3 Bullet eBike Looks More Like A Motorcycle?

Since some time now companies have been completing in who has the ability to bring green into their rides. Mostly those are new start-up companies that feel if they can produce an eco bike that it will grab attention from Harley or Indian. However, this will not happen for the next 10 years probably. We have seen plenty of e motorcycles in the makes from different companies. However, we did not see Harley, Indian, or Victory motorcycles hit the green transportation trend. Even though the green bikes are able to do 62 miles on 1 charge, it won’t be for long time till they get popular.

Enorm V3 Bullet eBiker Looks More Like A Motorcycle?

If the companies hit that stage where on a single ride you will be able to enjoy the journey, speed, sound, vibration etc than the e motorcycles will be a success. For riders that ride Harley, Indian, or Victory motorcycles it will be a hard switch to the e motorcycles.

The V3 Bullet stylish design allows it to have huge 24 inch in the back wheel, and 26 inch in the front wheel, giving the motorcycle bold look. The rumors have been that the Enorm V3 is going to come with a Smartphone, but so far there is no insights if it will be a Smartphone like iPhone, Galaxy or their own branded phone. The top speed has not been revealed for V3 Bullet yet. The asking price for Enorm V2 is around $5,200 but you can bet that the V3 won’t be cheap for an e motorcycle.

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