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Women To Celebrate 100th Birthday With A Motorcycle Ride

Even thought that Laverne Chance is not preparing for a long journey ride, she plans on celebrating her 100th birthday by riding a motorcycle one more time. She plans on riding her son’s Honda Shadow which will be her first ride in 10 years.

Click here to watch the video.

Laverne Chance to Celebrate 100th Birthday on a Bike [Video]

Top Gift List For Mother’s Day – Not Your Ordinary Gift List

Mother’s day is a time when mom get’s treated like a queen with extra special care. At times it can be hard to pick the perfect gift for mom’s. Not that mom’s are demanding or required the top notch gift, but her kids always want to out beat each other with gift ideas or do better than the last year. It is a special day not only for mom but also for her kids. Now eBikerLeather team will help you narrow your search terms of perfect mother’s day gift. On our list we have three items that will make mom happy.

The first item is ladies burnout raw edge v-neck t-shirt. The t-shirt is burned to perfection! And mom’s closet is never completed without our burnout tee!

  • All designs are Made In U.S.A!
  • Biker Babe Design
  • Double Rolling Raw Edge On Neck and Sleeve
  • Material – Burnout Fabric 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
  • Care – Machine Wash Cold Water, No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low

Click Here for More…

The second item that we know your mother will be happy is ladies halter top with collar.

  • Made From Genuine Leather
  • Braided & Zipper on the Front
  • Classic Style Collar

Click Here for More…

Best part is that both of the items are under $20!

The final and best gift item for your mom is showing some love. It is not another item we are trying to sell to you because its mother’s day. But we are trying to show everyone that no matter how big the gift is mom will be always happy with a hug, flowers, or simply doing something special like laundry, dishes, cleaning the house instead of your mom doing it.

Mother's Day

Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia – Where Should Sash & Highway Go Next? You Decide!

Already month long trip, and Sash with Highway are not planning on returning to their home any time soon. About few days ago they have stopped at Gila Bend, AZ. If you live in Gila Bend, AZ check out Spage Age Restaurant along Route 85. The restaurant is equipped with items for space and alien life. Take a look what I mean in the below video of Sash wearing our awesome vest!

Next let’s jump to La Siesta Motel for a great deal of just $60.00 for a cabin with a queen bed, ac, microwave, fridge, coffee maker, shower, cable TV, pool and spa. How does Sash do with interviewing local historian? At the visitors center, in downtown Ajo.

Downtown Tucson, AZ enjoying electric and creative scene on the streets. But the trip is not over it is your time to tell Sash & Highway where to go next! You decide where they will end up!

Post all your comments to http://www.roadpickle.com/2013/05/tuscon-az-question-on-4th-ave.html


Ladie’s T-Shirts Posted

With the days passing by each company bring different new items to the market for bikers. The main competition is being number one source for bikers. eBikerLeather introduced their t-shirts to complete with other companies, and to allow bikers enjoy the summer rides. Women short sleeve t-shirts are top sellers during the riding season, with that in mind eBikerLeather is bringing 7 new t-shirts with designs to the market for bikers.

All designs presented on eBikerLeather t-shirts are prepared in United States. Each desigs are printed on the t-shirts at eBikerLeather site. Not only that but eBikerLeather introduced women’s tank tops for this summer collection. But that is not all rumors have it that more eBikerLeather tanks, short sleeve t-shirts and hoodies will be coming in next month. Speaking of women hoodies, which are not ordinary 100% cotton hoodies but stylish burnout women hoodies. Each hoodie has 2-1/2″ raw edge sleeve cuff, and raw edge hood with drawstring and reverse cover stitches.

With each t-shirt, tank top, or hoodie there is a sizing chart provided for your perfect fit. Don’t hesitate and grab one t-shirt today. Our sources state that with each t-shirt eBikerLeather will include a 10$ off coupon code.

Click here to shop.

Women Hoodie Women Tank Top Women Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Seeking Female Model For T-Shirts

Located in northern New Jersey, our accessory and apparel company is seeking a fresh, slim, beautiful, young model for modeling our products. We are seeking someone who has had experience with photo shoots and someone who can coordinate posture with outfit. We are looking for a female to represent our company’s t-shirts apparel. This position is for our upcoming t-shirts designs. The ideal candidate:

• Some previous experience with photo shoots
• Lives in the NJ, Paterson area
• Is available for immediate fittings and shoots

Only serious inquiries apply. Please attach up to 2 or 3 photos natural or professional. Good luck to all the candidates!

Kuryakyn 2013 Catalog – Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts

For those who don’t know who Kuryankyn is they are huge in motorcycle aftermarket parts, and motorcycle tuning world. So the 2013 catalogs feature more motorcycles, and aftermarket parts for your motorcycle. While some of motorcycle aftermarket companies issue one huge catalog, Kuryakyn has a different idea; they have issued not 1 but 3 special catalogs, and each edition is dedicated to different bike! The catalogs are Harley Davidson, Metric Bikes, and Honda Goldwing edition. Briefly the Metric offers parts and accessories for Victory, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Can-Am, and sports bikes. While the Harley Davidson catalog is broken up into section like Touring, Softail, Dyna and my favorite Sportster.

Check out each of the editions below, and focus your eyes on this cool video promoting the 3 catalogs.

Kuryankyn Harley Davidson Catalog – Click Here

Kuryankyn Metric Catalog – Click Here

Kuryankyn Honda Goldwing Catalog – Click Here

3RD Daytona Bike Week E-Magazine

If you are not a member of BikerPics.org I strongly suggest registering your membership today! Today I woke up came to work and saw an email from BikerPics.org to check out their 3rd E-Magazine issue on Daytona Bike Week 2013. The 3rd issue is packed with tons of cool pictures for example, wet t-shirt contest, motorcycles, fun at Main Street etc. If you missed Daytona you can always catch up with BikerPics.org.

BikerPics E-Magazines

Flash Back to Daytona Bike Week

If you have missed Daytona Bike Week this year, you can still catch up next year. However, you missed a lot of fun! For example, Indian Motorcycles showing of their new Thunder Stroke 111, and Harley Davidson showing of their new addition to Harley Motorcycles, which is Breakout. There are tons of more events that you have missed. There is always next year, for now enjoy this great selection of Daytona Bike Week 2013 pictures provided by Jack Mcintyre & Chopper Dave from BikerPics.org.

BikerPics.org Pictures

What I really love about BikerPics.org is not only that they have the best, hottest pictures from events but they know how to have a great time. Recently I have noticed that BikerPics.org offers E-Magazines and that grabbed my attention, so I gave my eyes glance at “The Pre Bike Week Issue”. The issue left me speechless, it was harder to take my eyes of motorcycles than the babes. I strongly suggest checking out E-Magazines at BikerPics.org, you will not be sorry that you spend that 10 minutes feasting your eyes on their magazines. FYI… a new issue came out March 15th, and its packed with even better pictures than the first issue.

Another cool event that has happened was Vince & Amanda engagement at Bike Week 2013! Vince proposed to Amanda, and she had no idea what was coming her way. Check out the video below.

Like I said, in the beginning next year is your year to ride on streets of Daytona Beach.  A big thank you to BikerPics.org for keeping up with events at Daytona Bike Week 2013, and for sharing really cool pictures, and videos. I know you want to see more of Daytona Bike Week 2013, that is why I am inviting you to check out BikerPics.org YouTube Channel!

**All picture rights are reserved to BikerPics.org.
**eBikerLeather.com does not own any rights to the pictures provided in this post.

Leather Motorcycle Luggage For Road Pickle

As  the days went by, we are getting closer, and closer to the final day of 6 months long trip. Couple days ago eBikerLeather has Tina with eBikerLeather Motorcycle Luggagesent our merchandise to Road Pickle for their trip. We will supply them with their needed equipment on the road. I really strongly suggest following Road Pickle for the 6 months, it will be one crazy adventure after another.

However, what I would like you to pay attention to mostly is to what Tina has said about our luggage and prices in the quote below.

Quote by Tina:
“Honestly, I’m actually quite impressed with the soft feel of this leather, and it seems to be pretty well made, considering the low prices.  Much of what they sell seem geared for cruisers and Harley riders, but we managed to find some gear that works well for sport bikes and sport tourers.”

As you can see we have the lowest prices online, that is due to us manufacturing with best companies around the world. We have established amazing relationships with manufacturers, which allows us to give such great low prices on all items in the store.

Make sure to check out Road Pickle, and read more about their upcoming trip.


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