Jesse James Teams Up With Renegade Engine Company

Jesse James might have lost a fingertip but has gained valuable partner for his upcoming custom rides. Renegade Engine Company is one of the most trustful companies out in the world that provide motorcycle engines. The two parties begun work immediately and agreed to bring more power to West Coast Choppers motorcycles. As the progress goes on Jesse received 147ci Diamond cut V-Twin unit for his new CFL (Choppers for Life) frame.  Looking ahead into the future, Jesse James will have his own branded Jesse James engines. As we know Jesse James has the power, tools, design, edge cut, and much more to create a really awesome motorcycle out of anything that comes to his mind.

Renegade Engine on Jesse James

Bear Bones Presented By Big Bear Choppers

The bike overall will turn your head, its stretched for that classic looks but still looking modern for the thrilling experiences. The slammed seat is 20 inch above the road, which is pretty cool. The rake is at 34 degree and it offers easy precise handling of the Bear Bones. Big Bear Choppers have outdone themselves with Bear Bones, and if you disagree let us know in comments.

Big Bear Choppers Bear Bones

Indian Motorcycles Plans To Show Up In India And China

The 2013 has been a big year for Indian Motorcycle and Harley Davidson. However, I do believe that Indian steered up some of the fame from Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary. As we get close to the release of new Indian Chief in 2014, Indian does not plan to stop just there. They are currently planning out their move to Indian and China. What we were not expecting is for them to make the move so soon. Under the management of Polaris, Indian is looking to catch up to Harley and steal more than half of Harley’s market. We all know that Harley has a strong presence in Indian and has been there already for 3 years, and is starting to make couple of Harley models in India.

Honda Claims That Goldwing Is Not Designed To Be A Taxi Bike

In France, Honda recently has announced that the Goldwing Honda is not designed to be a taxi motorcycle. Back in 2010 car taxi operators managed to regulate a law making illegal to display “Taxi” on motorcycles. Motorcycle riders were not allowed to wait by the taxi stop to ask people if they want a ride. Motorcycle taxi had to be called in advance, and scheduled for pickup. The biker must have motorcycle license for more than 5 years to get a taxi license, but the motorcycle has to be less than 3 years old in order to receive the license. After years of battle motorcycle taxi’s have returned to the streets of France, and now are part of daily business in France.

However, here is what Honda is missing, since 25% of Honda Goldwing sales are from taxi services they should offer better warranty on the bikes. Over time the bike parts get worn out, and they need replacement. If Honda would step up and provide better warranty they could be number one selling motorcycle company in France for taxi riders. Each year about 200 Goldwings are bought by taxi companies.


Motorcycle Taxi

Titanium Is Finally Here!

Big Bear Choppers Titanium bike is finally delivered as a full package. Simon Scott was teasing his new bike couple months ago and most of us were curious to see more of the Titanium. The bike has special features, and touch ups.

  • The Chassis Was Made by Erik Buell.
  • Premium Ohlins Suspension Tuned by MotoGP Experts.
  • Race Tech and Bake Tech Rotors.
  • Yoshimura Custom Exhaust.
  • Carbon Fiber Body Work
  • 19″ Front and 18″ Rear Tires
  • T Trim With Option For Saddlebags

The Titanium is available as complete unassembled kit or ready to ride. Starting price $30,500 unassembled and 37,900 ready to ride.

Mac Motorcycle

Always wondered how a Mac (Apple Computer) would look like when it would be transferred into a motorcycle? I have the answer for you right here in this video at 1:30 minute mark.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Special Edition S

Only available in Italy!

DP Custom Bike Design Winner DP Racer

Remember when we did article on DP Customs and their custom bike design contest? DP Customs has chosen 10 semifinalists from multiple entrees, and among them is a limited heritage custom build bike Romania in place 8th and place 10 India.

Click here for full gallery of entries.

The complete list of finalist:

  1. place: DP Racer by Andre Costa
  2. place: Talladega by Oberdan Bezzi
  3. place: DP Customs Lander by Marc Senger
  4. place: Cobra DP by Paulo Italiani
  5. place: Stealth Concept by Vincent, Graviere
  6. place: DP 40 by Robert O’Brien
  7. place: DPC OTTO by Vincent Montreuil
  8. place: GT40 DP Customs by Stoianov Sebastian Mihai
  9. place: F40 by Paolo Corcagnani
  10. place: DPC Invader by Nagabhushan Hegde

Ferrari F40 and Harley Davidson Sportster Concept

As some motorcycle concepts look amazing others just are not the brightest build in the world. But not long ago DP Customs launched a design contest for one of their future bikes. many have submitted their designs, but the one that received most attention is by Paolo. Paolo designed a themed Ferrari F40 themed Harley Davidson concept motorcycle. By now we all should know that the Sportster is the best motorcycle from Harley to customize.

The contest had basic rules, and the design had to be on a Sportster. While some may believe that this rule was too much of restriction to their imagination, but that did not affect Paolo. The perfect touch of paint, edgier lines, and body work on the Harley, bring out the best design of the old F40 Ferrari.

Ferrari F40-Inspired Harley-Davidson Concept

Paolo's F40 Sportster concept

Man and Machine Unite to Awaken Rumble Power

Was your dream working for Marvel? If so check out Harley Davidson and Iron Man 3 they have teamed up to give you exclusive show down for May 3rd; the release day for Iron Man 3. Harley Davidson has come up with a cool way to promote Iron Man 3 and to give you a chance to create your own Avengers comic. All you have to do is create a hero and pick your machine. At the Comic-Con if your story and bike gets picked you will be the winner of Harley Davidson Street Bob motorcycle designed by you. Good luck, and make your story inspiring and interesting.

Harley Davidson and Marvel

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