New Biker Patches Arrived

It is a pretty exciting day for everyone at . We have just received 4 new patches that will be added to our collection with in no time. They are not just your ordinary patches, these are the patches that public craved for and we have them for you at only 5.99$ per patch.

What are the numbers on the picture?
The numbers represent the image of the picture. Meaning the background and border is the same on the patch but the image inside is different.

However, we have another additional biker patch in our selection, “Bikers United Respect All Who Ride”. This is the biker patch that everyone was waiting for, and we have 250 of that patch for a start. I had about 100 requests to get that patch.

Ok, now you can stop reading this bring post and click here and here to shop our new biker patches.

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Kuryakyn 2013 Catalog – Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts

For those who don’t know who Kuryankyn is they are huge in motorcycle aftermarket parts, and motorcycle tuning world. So the 2013 catalogs feature more motorcycles, and aftermarket parts for your motorcycle. While some of motorcycle aftermarket companies issue one huge catalog, Kuryakyn has a different idea; they have issued not 1 but 3 special catalogs, and each edition is dedicated to different bike! The catalogs are Harley Davidson, Metric Bikes, and Honda Goldwing edition. Briefly the Metric offers parts and accessories for Victory, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Can-Am, and sports bikes. While the Harley Davidson catalog is broken up into section like Touring, Softail, Dyna and my favorite Sportster.

Check out each of the editions below, and focus your eyes on this cool video promoting the 3 catalogs.

Kuryankyn Harley Davidson Catalog – Click Here

Kuryankyn Metric Catalog – Click Here

Kuryankyn Honda Goldwing Catalog – Click Here

The Art of Custom Engraving

Our number one goal is to bring you the best news from all websites to one website. Each day we set out and hunt for the news that will interest you about motorcycles industry. Today we saw an article at Cyril Huze blog about custom engraving. At first glance the article did not catch my eyes, but what did were the engraved pictures.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Herman D’Aloia moved to California when he was only 5 years old. D’Aloia started to practice metal engraving by hand. Herman started to pick up techniques, like hammer, chisel and air assisted to improve his engraving skills. It takes a lot of time, and its breathtaking to engrave in metal with your own hands.

If you are looking for custom art of engraving in metal than Herman is your man to contact. Visit his website to find more engraving pictures, or styles that he has done in the past. Click here to visit Herman’s website.

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Huge SALE on H401-PK Helmet

We are doing an extreme sale on H401-PK Helmet. does not play tricks with our customers when it comes to buying. We always tell the truth in our descriptions, to build even stronger relation ship with our customers.

Click here to buy.

* Eagle Style Novelty Helmet
* Adjustable Chin Strap
* Amazing Low Price
* Buy With Confidence From The Internets Ultimate Online Leather Store

**The helmet has spots on finish, and they don’t come out unless you do airbrush of the whole helmet.**

Click here to buy.


TomTom Rider

Do you own a TomTom Rider? If so you are probably disappointed; however, folks at TomTom have made it clear that the new TomTom Rider will not be fading into darkness. With the realizing of how bad was the feedback of the old device. TomTom will try their luck with the same name in 2013, only a brand new set of specifications and features. It looks like TomTom listened to customers feedback and decided to give one more try with TomTom Rider. The device is made so that it sits on and allows you to get guided in real time, find local hotspots, and share routes with bikers via Bluetooth.

TomTom Rider

The new updated TomTom Rider allows for using Bluetooth to listen for directions inside your helmet. All you need is a Bluetooth friendly ear buds. The new charging bike dock turns the device on and off with the ignition. TomTom Rider will feature a improved display for better clicking and better visibility in the sun. Another interesting feature is that the screen is 4.3-inch and it is touch friendly, and biker glove friendly. Which is great, there will be no more taking off motorcycle gloves for changing directions.

TomTom Rider

The rumors are that TomTom decided to do another version of Rider from most of the bad reviews that the first generation of Rider received. TomTom has stated that their main source for improving the GPS system was motorcycle communities. Another major add on to TomTom Rider is allowing for a biker to find and ride the best scenic routes in the world.

With a complete software for your PC, or MAC you will be able to create routes or interest points and load them up to the GPS for the road. The device is able to be used in all types of weather, without you worrying that it might rain on the device. Including Free Lifetime Maps forever. I hope we have changed your mind about the old TomTom Rider and that you will try out the new beast TomTom Rider as soon as it comes out.

Make sure to watch the new video for TomTom Rider, I have to admit they done a great job with presenting TomTom Rider.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Each year we face the same questions over and over. However, with our help of Valentine Day gift ideas you will not face the same questions this year. Our guide will help you choose the correct Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones. With our full selection of motorcycle apparel, and motorcycle accessories you will be able to get the perfect gift for your loved one. Our guide will focus only on couple products instead of our whole inventory.

 Perfect Gifts Ideas for Her (Click on image to read the description)

Women Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie LJ7010-CC

Women Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie LJ7010-CC

Women vest with vertical braid front & back, V-Lace on back LV225

Women vest with vertical braid front & back, V-Lace on back LV225

Ladies red rose inlay purse large AC2001

Women red rose inlay purse large AC2001

Women bra with studs SK987

Women bra with studs SK987

Angel Biker Patch PAT-E-795

Angel Biker Patch PAT-E-795

 Perfect Gifts Ideas for Him (Click on image to read the description)

Men's Motorcycle Vest MV320

Men’s Motorcycle Vest MV320

Men's Motorcycle Jacket MJ814

Men’s Motorcycle Jacket MJ814

Men's Motorcycle Chaps C337

Men’s Motorcycle Chaps C337

Motorcycle Saddlebag w/ Braiding SD4015-PV

Motorcycle Saddlebag w/ Braiding SD4015-PV

Chrome Motorcycle Cup Holder CUP4

Chrome Motorcycle Cup Holder CUP4

Fingerless Gloves with Orange Flames Gl2017

Fingerless Gloves with Orange Flames Gl2017

Keep a Mechanic on Speed Dial: Tips for Motorcycle-Repair Projects

Guest Post by: Joe Hurley

Clear out the garage, break out your grease-stained work shirt and settle in — it’s time to restore your bike. Whether rebuilding the engine, replacing a spark plug or simply changing a tire, working on a motorcycle requires your full attention. You may be the only one turning the wrench, but you’re not alone as you fix up your bike. Take advantage of tools, resources and tips to help you as you fix up your ride. With the right help, you’ll be turning heads as you cruise down the road on your self-improved motorcycle.

Shop Online

Before you start stripping bolts and loosening screws, you’ll need the replacement parts necessary to restore your engine. Previous generations were limited to the auto store and scrap yard to search for new parts, but the 21st century brought a whole-new parts dealer: the Internet. Filled with platforms to find great deals on any make an model, online shopping reduces the hassle and expense of finding your motorcycle. If looking for Honda motorcycle parts, check Craigslist for deals in your area, eBay to find a steal through an auction or dozens of online stores dedicated to find any part you need.

Take Pictures

It seems that the laws of personal vehicle mechanics dictate that a disassembled part will not be properly reassembled on the first attempt. This apparent reality has frustrated ambitious motorists since the dawn of internal combustion, but technology affords us a backup to the mental picture we take before embarking on a restoration project. Take pictures as you disassemble parts. When it’s time to put your bike back together, a digital copy will fill in the assembly holes that your memory can’t.

Use Resources

The thrill of taking on a restoration project is enough to make any self-taught mechanic lock himself in the garage until the engine is running in peak form. Motorcycle repair isn’t easy, and pride can deter eager riders from hitting the road.

Instead of sentencing yourself to an afternoon of frustration, collect a diverse set of references in case the repair (or engine) sputters. Online motorcycle forums contain first-person discussions of projects, and you may be able to gain insights from fellow riders that have completed similar projects. Pick a local mechanic’s brain before starting your project. His insight could save you time and money, and a phone call could save you hours of struggle.

Clean the Bike

Most of the time, a motorcycle-restoration project is meant to improve the bikes performance, and a well-running engine is best coupled with an sleek body. Cap off your restoration project with wax and polish. Not only will your bike look great, the combination of a better performing engine and a made-up appearance will give your motorcycle that fresh off-the-lot feeling again.

chrome-plated engine of motorcycle

Authored By:
Joe Hurley ‘Jumpin’ Joe has been working on motorcycles since he was 12 years old and writing about them since he was old enough to ride.

Phone / GPS / E-ZPass Holder

What is the difference between a good ride and a horrible ride? Well a good ride is when you don’t stress you will get lost, or need fuel. A bad ride is when you worry that you have to stop for fuel, or memorize the map. Don’t get me wrong every biker likes to remember the street names, and if he or she forgets them, they still enjoy the ride without worry’s. But allow me to introduce you to our new item, which makes my life easier. I have a Smartphone, which is making my life so much better, now I never have the spot to put my phone on the motorcycle, so usually it is in the pocket. My point is why bother with gps, when I have a gps in my phone and same goes for mp3 player. Our good friend Biker Monkey has written about going high tech, and I do recommend checking out his post, and analyzing both posts.

The best quality of this phone, gps, and e-zpass holder is the protection for your devices. It has a lot of room to fit your phone, gps or e-zpass. It can be used at long rides, you can tighten the grip of the holder.

GPS / Phone / E-ZPass Holder Features:

  • Angle Adjustment Lock Button
  • The Goose Neck is Flectional
  • The Screw Eye Fastened on Rearview Mirror
  • 360 Rotatable

The Goose Neck

  • Long 214mm
  • Wide 43mm

View the product here.

When leaving your motorcycle remember to take your electronics with you!

GPS / Phone / Ez-Pass Holder

GPS / Phone / Ez-Pass Holder

GPS / Phone / E-ZPass Holder

GPS / Phone / E-ZPass Holder

Motorcycle Helmet Technology

Motorcycle helmets are the biggest essentials in our daily rides. Have you noticed that some motorcycle helmets have changed quite a bit? For example, some became more popular than others, some have better designs, and some added Bluetooth technology. However, they all have in common the same purpose to protect us while accidents happen. Now recently they have been working on bringing in a technical innovation to helmets. They are working on high and low impacts keys with gel type material between two plates. Which is supposed to be better protection for your head. Maybe when this innovation will be introduced we will be able to ride and not worry about any head damage.

What do you think?

Read more

Motorcycle Helmet Technology

Christmas Gift’s

Remember our old post about Christmas gifts and suggestions for what to buy your loved ones? If not, you can recap it here, however we have added few changes to our list. To make it easier for you to shop we have separated our list into categories.

For your convenience we have taken out Trending @ eBikerLeather from our navigation and added Christmas Gifts Ideas.

Click on each category to browse our selection of motorcycle apparel and accessories.

Christmas Gifts Take of Additional 15% OFF

Christmas Gifts Take of Additional 15% OFF

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