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It is a pretty exciting day for everyone at . We have just received 4 new patches that will be added to our collection with in no time. They are not just your ordinary patches, these are the patches that public craved for and we have them for you at only 5.99$ per patch.

What are the numbers on the picture?
The numbers represent the image of the picture. Meaning the background and border is the same on the patch but the image inside is different.

However, we have another additional biker patch in our selection, “Bikers United Respect All Who Ride”. This is the biker patch that everyone was waiting for, and we have 250 of that patch for a start. I had about 100 requests to get that patch.

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Motorcycle Gear 101

Tim recently heard about our blog option to submit a guest post or news to us, and we will publish them; he was really happy to hear this news, and has submitted his first article for our readers. Send us your articles to be published, by clicking here.


Guest post by Tim

Your choice of riding gear is as important to making motorcycling fun as your choice of motorcycle. The correct motorcycle gear makes motorcycling safer, and comfortable through changing conditions. One day it might be sunny, but the next day it might rain; you catch the drift if you ride. Apparel buying decisions are actually based on more than just trying clothing on. Most riders like me, are looking for the stylish jacket or chaps; however, that stylish jacket or chaps should do much more than just perfectly fit my body.

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With a bit of wider thinking the layering on the jacket or chaps should actually increase comfort of your ride. Temperatures will change in a fast pace, from hot to cold, or wise verso. Being cool or comfort? Well usually it depends on riders style, for example me I would pick comfort. I am more about comfort than the style. Sticking to comfort the jacket should have good venting in places where the moving air actually is touching it. So if you are riding behind a windshield your are better off by having the vents on your sleeves.

It is already March, and the months will pass by quickly the warm weather will ride in as the day gets longer. Most of us will be out riding to work on our motorcycle, but safety considerations are most important. As you have noticed I am not a fan of style, but of comfort. So depending on a day I tend to ride with my vest on and a t-shirt under the vest. It keeps me cool, and comfortable enough for moving my hands in any direction. However, I personally don’t recommend it but it a great feeling. Motorcycle gear is made to be comfortable and prevent any fatigue.

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Gear Up For Daytona Bike Week

Hopefully everyone is heading out to Daytona Bike Week at some point during the week. Daytona Bike Week is from March 8th to March 17th. It is one of the most popular biker events in the world, with thousands of vendors and attractions. But enough about Daytona; we all know what goes on at Daytona is pretty wild. In order for you to make it in Daytona there is a guide on surviving Daytona Bike Week, but eBikerLeather crew will introduce you to Gear Up Guide. Our Gear Up Guide for Daytona Bike Week, will leave you with all the necessary things needed for the survival.

Let’s start gearing up for Daytona Bike Week. What will you need? The temperatures will be ranging from 70 F to 80 F. In order to keep yourself safe and comfy here is the first item that should be on your list.

Men Section

Motorcycle Vest

  • Yes, a vest that can be put over a t-shirt or a hoodie and still feel comfortable. I suggest checking our MV320 for the bestcomfort, and it is our best seller.

Motorcycle Chaps or Pants

  • Depending on what you feel is more comfortable for your body. I do suggest checking our both pants, and leather chaps in our online store for details.

Motorcycle Saddlebag

  • If you plan on riding your motorcycle down to Daytona Beach, you want to gear up with one of our motorcycle saddlebags. Some of our motorcycle saddlebags store up to 12 bottles of beer, and your other needed belongings.

Motorcycle Gloves

  • Gloves are the first essential gear item for going on long rides, you don’t want to leave your house without your gloves. Since summer is coming, we have summer weight motorcycle gloves on sale, just before summer. Grab them now, before the sale ends.

Motorcycle Helmet

  • Another item of gearing up for the longer journey or short ride. I recommend that you do not leave without one of our helmets on your head. First of all you grab a D.O.T helmet from our online store, and hit the road.

Women Selection

Motorcycle Vest

  • Same goes for women motorcycle vest, should be comfortable and easy to put over a hoodie incase of temperatures dropping down.

Women Chaps or Pants

  • Women chaps are a great addition to their motorcycle apparel. Every women looks amazing in leather chaps, over jeans. Our selection of leather chaps or pants allows you to look hot and grab attention of bikers at the same time.

Motorcycle Saddlebags

  • Our motorcycle saddlebags look mean, and stylish. Just perfect addition to your leather chaps ladies. Our saddlebags are able to pack 5 to 8 pair of women heels. And we guarantee having all the attention on you and your red heels instead of your friends. Women in heels equals biker in love.

Women Heels

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Helmets

  • Ladies, I know that wearing a helmet is messing up your hair, but it is important that you do wear a helmet at all times when riding.

There are tons of more products like motorcycle leather jackets, motorcycle boots etc. But we have covered the most important products that should be with you at Daytona Bike Week. You won’t be too hot, or cold when having all the above items with you.

Kick the Tires: Tips to Ride a Motorcycle in 2013

The draw of the motorcycle is almost universal. The freedom of the open road, the air all around you, you on a slick bike, decked Motorcycleout all in leather. For beginners, it looks almost effortless to cruise around on that very powerful machine. However, ask any experienced rider and they will tell you that it is definitely not as easy as it looks. You don’t have to look like a Hell’s Angel to be a biker either. Many high-level executives, doctors and lawyers find themselves strapping on a helmet. GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons is a rider with a successful career, who now owns motorcycle dealerships.

2013 is around the bend and it’s a great resolution to learn something new. Hopping on a motorcycle can be the most exhilarating hobby in the world. There are many things to consider before taking off, such as the gear, the bike, and the test.

Suit Up

Good gear is not that hard to find. Plenty of third party websites offer affordable equipment that is still safe and will pass all the required tests. Looking for top quality gear, gloves, motorcycle helmets and other dependable companies offers great deals on motorcycle helmets, gloves and other essential gear.

Once you’ve got all your gear and passed your test, take time to get to know motorcycles before you go out and buy the fastest, shiniest one in the shop. Getting some practice in on a dirt bike is a good way to get familiar with the feel of a bike before you make the commitment and purchase one.

It may be tempting to jump right onto that 1200cc monster, but be reasonable. A beginner’s bike should not exceed 500cc. The Kawasaki Ninja EX250 or EX500 are perfect starter bikes, along with the Triumph Bonneville and the Honda CBR250R.

Get Tested

The U.S. has an somewhat lenient motorcycle license test, and sometimes that can lead to serious accidents. According to, motorcycle deaths have more than doubled between 1999 and 2008. After being in three motorcycle accidents, Bob Parsons says he rides like a scared rabbit. He takes a more defensive approach to driving by never being next to anybody and always watching whoever is behind him.

Hopefully, if you are starting out, you’ve got a nice friend who’s patient and willing to teach you the basics.

If this friend knows their stuff, they’ll tell you to get yourself kitted out before you even think about buying the bike itself. AGATT, or all gear all the time, is the mantra of riders who know what they’re doing. AGATT means jacket, helmet, gloves, pants and boots. All Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding courses require full gear.

Get Smart

No matter how dorky you think you look in your leathers, no matter how hot it is and no matter how cool you think you look riding in your flip flops, that won’t matter if you go down and potentially seriously injure yourself. Be smart about riding, and it can be one of the most exhilarating hobbies in the world. Once you’ve picked your bike, gotten your certifications and your gear, you are ready to hit the road and enjoy being in charge of the open road.

Guest Post By:

Martin Santiago
Martin loves swing and ballroom dancing, red wines from before 1975 and sports cars. However he could write about art and film all day and night, and on many occasions, he does.

Motorcycle Pants – Key Things To Know

Moto Twist BlogMotorcycle pants are quite beneficial due to a number of reasons. They not just help you in keeping yourself secure but also help you in making a style statement while driving your motorbike. These pants for motorcycle riders are available in different variations but you should always choose the right ones for yourself. Leather motorbike pants protect you from harsh weather conditions and also help you impress everyone around you with the style features. One can easily say that pants and safety go hand in hand if you are a motorbike owner. Here, we are going to talk in particular about pants for motorbike riders.

We all would agree with the fact that bike riding is something exciting and interesting. To say the least, it is the favorite pastime associated with all the teenagers. With proper protection you can definitely keep yourself safe and enjoy this pastime. Check out the points given below carefully if you really wish to know more about these motorcycle pants.


You should always remember one thing that wearing pants with some uneven edges or fringe at the downside can prove to be quite risky if you are riding a bike. These pieces can easily get tangled in the motorbike’s hardware and so you might be putting your life at risk.

Moisture and Sweating

Several motorcyclists are not aware of the risks that are connected with wet pants while riding a motorbike. Heavy moisture or sweating can definitely cause the bike’s seat to become quite slippery and therefore you should be very careful about choosing the right fabric of the pant.

Heavy Wear

Even though the pants with signals of moderate wear might be quite trendy and so you should avoid wearing such things as heavy wear can be quite risky to go for. Pants with certain holes can surely make your skin get burned under the influence of sun. Therefore, you should avoid wearing such pants.

Shorts and Capri Pants

If you want to avoid any unnecessary injury or harm you should consider wearing long leather pants every single time. Capri pants and shorts expose your skin a great deal and so you should stay away from them all the time. For more tips on biking cloth materials you should take tips from an expert.

Thin Materials

Not many people are aware of the fact that materials such as wind breaker and mesh should never be worn while you are riding a bike. These are quite thin materials and they can never protect your skin from damage.

All in all, one can easily say that motorcycle pants should be purchased after thorough consideration. You should follow some crucial points in this regard and consider seeking some online guidance through well-renowned motorcycle blog. Different types of materials are used to prepare such pants but you should always choose leather pants. Such leather pants are not just quite strong but quite long lasting as well. They will surely serve you for a long period of time.

Go ahead, and buy great pants for yourself. It will enhance your overall experience of bike riding.

Guest post by Kiara, click here to visit Kiara’s Blog.

Holland Bans Lights on Motorcycle Gear

How many of our readers would allow lights on motorcycle gear? I would definitely allow it, but maybe with less options than they have now. The gear would be used when only on a motorcycle, if stopping or backing up or on a ride. For example when you brake, the light would be brighter to inform people behind you that you are braking. I don’t think this would be a bad idea to have lights on motorcycle gear; apparently Holland thought differently. If you have more information on why did Holland ban lights on motorcycle gear, share it with us.

The jacket has flexible L.E.D. and comes with 7 different modes of lights, including being water proof.

Visit Street Lightning LLC wesbite, click here.

Check out the video and see for your self that this is great way to improve bikers safety.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Each year we face the same questions over and over. However, with our help of Valentine Day gift ideas you will not face the same questions this year. Our guide will help you choose the correct Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones. With our full selection of motorcycle apparel, and motorcycle accessories you will be able to get the perfect gift for your loved one. Our guide will focus only on couple products instead of our whole inventory.

 Perfect Gifts Ideas for Her (Click on image to read the description)

Women Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie LJ7010-CC

Women Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie LJ7010-CC

Women vest with vertical braid front & back, V-Lace on back LV225

Women vest with vertical braid front & back, V-Lace on back LV225

Ladies red rose inlay purse large AC2001

Women red rose inlay purse large AC2001

Women bra with studs SK987

Women bra with studs SK987

Angel Biker Patch PAT-E-795

Angel Biker Patch PAT-E-795

 Perfect Gifts Ideas for Him (Click on image to read the description)

Men's Motorcycle Vest MV320

Men’s Motorcycle Vest MV320

Men's Motorcycle Jacket MJ814

Men’s Motorcycle Jacket MJ814

Men's Motorcycle Chaps C337

Men’s Motorcycle Chaps C337

Motorcycle Saddlebag w/ Braiding SD4015-PV

Motorcycle Saddlebag w/ Braiding SD4015-PV

Chrome Motorcycle Cup Holder CUP4

Chrome Motorcycle Cup Holder CUP4

Fingerless Gloves with Orange Flames Gl2017

Fingerless Gloves with Orange Flames Gl2017

Importance of Gloves

Gloves play a big role in motorcycle apparel. Each one of us should have gloves on when riding motorcycle. How many times we have seen bikers not wearing gloves? Probably more then you or I can think of in 10 minutes. Recently, I read a story of a biker which did not end up with a happy ending. Her pride and joy was in a coma right after she was knocked off her bike. She was in comma for couple hours but the scare of not waking up was more horrifying then the crash. The only equipment she did not wear was her gloves, so her hands are scratches, and she thankfully got away with just a broken wrist. She woke up from the comma and now is at home with her family. However, her message to all of us is to wear all appropriate motorcycle gear that is required including the gloves. It is so easy to get knocked off your bike, it only takes one wrong decision, please be responsible and wear your proper riding gear.

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves

Ladies Mesh & Textile Racer Jacket

We are not done yet with new products! Yes, we will keep them coming to you. Another great product that we would like to introduce is this LJ112-CC.  As you may have noticed our products don’t need an introduction, they will WoW you without our introduction. This women’s mesh and textile racer jacket is featuring reflective stripes on front and back. Zippered cuffs on this jacket will keep your arms worm, while on the long road rides.

Product Details:

* Made from Extremely Durable material w/ Removable padding (shoulder, elbows, & back)
* Comes with a Rain cover
* Reflective Stripes on front & back
* Multi Pockets Inside
* Zippered Cuffs w/ snap

More information about this jacket can be found by clicking here.

Women’s Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie

Today’s post will be made by Joanne, our co worker.

We are so happy to announce a new product to the collection of women’s motorcycle jackets. This jacket is amazing the feel and look are irresistible. The jacket features a hoodie for cold nights. Remember ladies when you had those nights sometimes by the fire pit, with your biker friends? This would be a perfect way to warm up. Our jacket features extremely durable material, with removable padding in shoulder, elbows, and back. We have put the jacket to the test meaning, we have tried to tear. This jacket is made out of material that is resistant to tearing. Our tests have failed and we were not able to tear it.

What I love about the jacket?
Who does not love pink? I love pink, and that huge butterfly on the back just did it for me. I was not able to take my eyes of the butterfly. There are 2 butterflies one on front and bigger one on back. You cannot forget the pink hoodie, or the sleeves that allow your hands to be covered.

Over all, as you can see we are very happy to introduce this jacket, and hope that everyone likes it. We are going to start bringing in different products slowly to stay on top of the trends.

Product details – LJ7010-CC
* Made from Extrememly Durable material w/ Removable padding (shoulder, elbows, & back)
* Excellent Resistance to Wear & Tear
* Airvents on Front Sleeves
* 2 Airvents on the Back
* Multi Pockets Inside
* Zippered Cuffs w/ snap
* Removable Pink Hoodie w/ Mesh Lining
* Reflective Butterfly
* Reflective Piping on front and back

More information on LJ7010-CC can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for reading,

Love Joanne

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