5 Reasons Why You Need EatSleepRIDE App

There are few iPhone or Android application in both markets, but there are some that stick out more than others. Recently EatSleepRIDE has released their first non beta version of their most advanced and comprehensive motorcycle application for bikers. As we all know motorcycle are made to be ridden, and we are born to ride. The best feature of EatSleepRIDE app is crashlight, which detects motorcycle crash automatically. The app notifies your emergency contacts with your location.

If you are one of those people that loves to plan a route a head or record the existing route than you are in need of EatSleepRIDE app. This app allows you to do both of those things and it adds tracking for speed, duration of ride, lean angle, and elevation. This is the way to improve your motorcycle riding skills by learning from your tracked data.

When riding a motorcycle there is no end at to where the stop is. With EatSleepRIDE app exploring new routes is not a problem for the app or you. With over hundred of best motorcycle routes nearby I am sure you will be able to pick not 1 route but 5 routes a day.

If you ride a motorcycle, you surely have a story to tell. EatSleepRIDE allows you to create your own log book. In there you are able to share stories, pictures, and rides with people you love. Another neat feature that comes in handy while riding together. If you or someone you love has the application on their phone but they are 100 miles away you can always share a photo or a ride with them with EatSleepRIDE app.

Top 5 reasons why you must have EatSleepRIDE App

  1. Crashlight detection – Technology to detect motorcycle crash instantly.
  2. Record rides – Record your routes, pictures, rides and much more.
  3. Discover New Routes – Looking for a new adventure? New routes is perfect for discovering.
  4. Stay Together – This feature allows for creating a group ride and sharing locations with those who you love.
  5. No Additional Software or Cables Needed

eBikerLeather Crew Review of The App

EatSleepRIDE has made the app with better user experience, and more clear navigation than any other app on the market. For 3 days we have set out 3 of our riders to test the application between rides and work. Here is what they had to say:

  • John, “Never thought I will be able to record my ride without having to carry a full TV crew camera with me.”
  • Brandon, “I can’t stop sharing my motorcycle stories with friends!”
  • Lisa, “As a beginner rider past 3 days I spend the most time on watching tutorials and handling techniques from EatSleepRIDE.”

Over all eBikerLeather crew recommends EatSleepRIDE and on a scale 1 to 5 we highly rank it at 4.5 .

Pro –

  • Easy to Use
  • Multi Functions
  • Graphic Improvement

Con –

  • It’s Not Free
  • Only for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad iOS 5.0 or later
  • No Android Version Yet – In Progress


Roland Sands Designs Android App

It seems like everyone is coming out with mobile applications even Roland Sands. Cell Phones gather over 80% of traffic from ads to websites. This is the first RSD Android app, and it is not perfect, but they are looking to do tweaks along the way. The app has a photo gallery, with cool feature; if you long press on any photo in main gallery view, you can set that photo as your device wallpaper. So any image that RSD has on their phone application you can have that picture for free on your device.

This is the first version of RSD app, and updates will roll in from feedback. Right now you can view the blog, parts, apparel, videos, and shop. There is also very easy ways to get quickly to the Roland Sands Design website.

The app is free check it out, and review it in order for RSD to improve the app.

Roland Sands Design

Zero Motorcycles App

I thought this will never be released with all the recalls, and trouble Zero Motorcycles has been having in the past. However, Zero Motorcycles claims that their new Android and Apple app is perfect companion to your 100% electric Zero. A neat feature is that the app is able to communicate with the motorcycle through Bluetooth. There is a demo that allows to browse the app and envision what it might look or feel using this app with your own Zero. I do encourage those that have Zero Motorcycles to go and download the app. Both apps for Android and Apple are available for download on the market.

Features Included

  • Changing motorcycles performance
  • View live data of your motorcycle
  • View detailed battery and performance data
  • Real time estimates for recharging of battery
  • View voltage and hours used
  • Gather trip statistics
  • Zero Motorcycles news, updates

Click here to download Android version of Zero Motorcycles app.

Click here to download Apple version of Zero Motorcycles app.

Zero Motorcycle App

Indian Motorcycle Rides Mobile App

We have written about 2013 being the Indian Motorcycle year, and how they plan to expand. Yesterday, Indian Motorcycle announced availability of its enhanced Indian Rides mobile app. The app allows for Indian Motorcycle fans to engage with all new Indian Motorcycle Company. The app was created and devoted to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Features Included:

  • Rev the all new Indian Motorcycle engine
  • Display your current location
  • Weather conditions, forecasts and advisories for any location
  • Find and contact Indian Motorcycle Dealers
  • Search for Gas stations, Restaurants, and Lodging
  • Save your way points along your route
  • Automatic map caching so maps can be viewed while on the trail or outside of data coverage
  • Share saved routes to Facebook, and Twitter
  • Export route data to GPX or CSV

Overall the functionality of the app is really cool, I have downloaded the app and test it. It does what it says, and it does not freeze. The best part of this app is the ability to rev the engine of a Indian Motorcycle. I have not done any routes but did plan points, and they work perfectly. The app was really created more towards traveling and planning your routes.

There are a lot of features they could have added, like line up of 2013 Indian Motorcycles, news feed from websites, or top stories to allow fans to keep up with the latest on Indian Motorcycles.

***The app is available for Android and Apple devices.

Click here to download Android version of Indian Motorcycle Rides Mobile App from Google Play Store.

Click here to download Apple version of Indian Motorcycle Rides Mobile App from iTunes.

Indian Motorcycle Rides Mobile App

Victory Motorcycles Mobile App

Recently I have been reading articles at Biker Monkey Blog about maps for the road. Biker Monkey our good friend, has showed quick, easy and effective ways of adding new routes to your smart phone. After doing some research online to improve your riding experience even more, I have found a cool application for your mobile. Take your ride to the next level with Victory Motorcycles mobile application. Let’s grade the app, 100 is the best score.

First look at the app.

  1. It shows weather for your location. +5
  2. Uses Google Maps (traffic, winds, temperature, map view or satellite view). +15
  3. Shows Local Dealers of Victory Motorcycles. +5
  4. Services can be sorted as a list, Gas stations, Restaurants, Hotels / Motels, Victory Motorcycle Services. +20
  5. Add new routes. +5
  6. Allows tracking of your road, or you can view the map of your road. +15
  7. Plan a route with way points, from A to B. +20
  8. Search the Region for anything from point 4. +10

Over all a score of 95 points!

It is a great application if you have unlimited internet data on your monthly plan. That is the only con that I could think of right now. I have tested the application on iPhone 5 and Samsung S3 (Android) both it worked perfect. Only on the Samsung S3 it opened the app faster and it was working quicker than on the iPhone 5.

Victory Motorcycle Mobile Application

Victory Motorcycle Mobile Application

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