Roland Sands Designs – Seat Lines

I believe the introduction for Roland Sands Designs is not needed, and we all know what Roland Sands can do with their imagination. As RSD was setting out to design lines of their Roland Sands seats they did not think about redoing someone’s outs seat lines, but coming up with totally new concept seats. Keep in mind that RSD goal is to make the seats comfortable, and with a pinch of classic design with stylish highlights past current trends.  Roland Sands Designs came up with 4 different seat designs for your motorcycle!

Enzo – High level of details, but extra foam for comfort on long rides.

Boss– Be the boss, with diamond seat detailed in triple stitch, hand sewn lines.

Avenger– Unique yet not overdone with raised padding and perforated cover.

Cafe Sportster– RSD Cafe seat is perfect complement to your HD Sportster.

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Motorcycle Gear 101

Tim recently heard about our blog option to submit a guest post or news to us, and we will publish them; he was really happy to hear this news, and has submitted his first article for our readers. Send us your articles to be published, by clicking here.


Guest post by Tim

Your choice of riding gear is as important to making motorcycling fun as your choice of motorcycle. The correct motorcycle gear makes motorcycling safer, and comfortable through changing conditions. One day it might be sunny, but the next day it might rain; you catch the drift if you ride. Apparel buying decisions are actually based on more than just trying clothing on. Most riders like me, are looking for the stylish jacket or chaps; however, that stylish jacket or chaps should do much more than just perfectly fit my body.

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With a bit of wider thinking the layering on the jacket or chaps should actually increase comfort of your ride. Temperatures will change in a fast pace, from hot to cold, or wise verso. Being cool or comfort? Well usually it depends on riders style, for example me I would pick comfort. I am more about comfort than the style. Sticking to comfort the jacket should have good venting in places where the moving air actually is touching it. So if you are riding behind a windshield your are better off by having the vents on your sleeves.

It is already March, and the months will pass by quickly the warm weather will ride in as the day gets longer. Most of us will be out riding to work on our motorcycle, but safety considerations are most important. As you have noticed I am not a fan of style, but of comfort. So depending on a day I tend to ride with my vest on and a t-shirt under the vest. It keeps me cool, and comfortable enough for moving my hands in any direction. However, I personally don’t recommend it but it a great feeling. Motorcycle gear is made to be comfortable and prevent any fatigue.

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Harley Davidson Rake Kit

Have you been wondering if you should install rake kit on your Harley Davidson Road King? If yes, than we recommend checking out this Kewl Metal’s rake kit for your Harley Davidson. Rake kits are usually used for customizing your motorcycle, and they do give your motorcycle that custom look. The Kewl Metal Nacelle is 3″ through the center and provides awesome custom look. While offering the same correct mount for headlights. The rake kit comes in prime finish, which means that it is ready for any customization that you will throw at it. Most important piece of this Kewl Metal Nacelle rake kit is that they make them in US, and are easy to set up, but the starting price is at $375.

Kewl Metal Nacelle

HD Rake Kit

Motorcycle Journey To Unknown

As Tina and Steve get ready for their 6 months long trip, I was thinking of what they will bring with them on the road. But before they get to pack their bags, I hope they do a check on their motorcycles. I am sure Steve already checked them more than once during the past month. I encourage everyone to do the necessary check for your motorcycles. Your motorcycle was having parked motorcycle syndrome (pms) and so were you! The most important is to remember to check oil, chains, brakes, tire, tire pressure, battery etc. Which remind me recently I spoke with Dusti from Throttlex Batteries; she mentioned that there is a sale till mid March. If your motorcycle does not start up, it is because it’s not powered by Throttlex Batteries. They have shipped my motorcycle battery last year, and I had no problem starting up my motorcycle after pms. Remember to check out Throttlex Batteries and enter BON at the checkout.

ThrottleX Batteries

Coupon for Throttlex Batteries: BON

So now after the check up of the motorcycles is performed; Steve, and Tina are ready for packing. What do you think they should bring on the road? What are your suggestions for them to take on the road?

My suggestions would be, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle vests, motorcycle helmets, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle chaps, motorcycle saddlebags, and motorcycle accessories like goggles. All items listed by me can be found on our website by clicking here. Remember that today is the day that eBikerLeather has a huge sale going on, and we want you to give a hard test to our merchandise. Show our jackets, or vests who is the real deal. At the checkout type in BIKEWEEK13 for additional savings. Now let’s not forget to bring a book for nights that they will want to do some reading. Our good friend Joseph from A Growing Family Blog has recently released a great book for the road, called Ride On: “A Motorcycle Journey to Awaken the Soul and Rediscover its Maker”. The book is fun, unique, and yet challenging. What I love most about the book is that it actually has real stories from real bikers. If you have not picked up a copy I suggest clicking here to get your copy today. The book sells for really cheap, and it is a pleasure to read.

eBikerLeather Daytona Bike Week Sale

Coupon for eBikerLeather: BIKEWEEK13

Grabbing all things that are needed  Steve, and Tina are ready to hit the road. Your next stop will be Road Pickle. Road Pickle will be your best buddy for the next 6 months when it comes to motorcycle journey’s. Steve and Tina, will be leaving their home for 6 months, and travel to the unknown.

Gear Up For BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour

BikerMonkey’s Texas BBQ Tour is coming up really fast, and do you have the proper gear for your Texas trip? Before you get to the gear part, make sure to register before April 30th, 2013. The registration is easy, and submission process is even easier, click here to register. BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour is benefiting America’s Mighty Warriors. As a rider you must visit and document at least 10 BBQ / Smoke Restaurants, with in the 7 touring months, to be qualified for BikerMonkey’s Texas BBQ Tour finisher.

Below is a list of categories that you will fall into depending on your riding.

  • Vegan – Visit 10 unique BBQ / Smoke Restaurants
  • Backyard Smoke Watcher – Visit 20 unique BBQ / Smoke Restaurants
  • BBQ Pit Master  – Visit 40 unique BBQ / Smoke Restaurants
  • T-Rex – Visit 60 unique BBQ / Smoke Restaurants
  • Grand Champion – The rider that receives the most points overall

Now for all those trips you need proper gear to gear up. The weather will change quickly with you noticing it change. Whether it rains, or sunshine’s you can gear up with our gear right now. As the sponsors of prizes for the BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour we have great selection on motorcycle apparel to get you ready for Grand Champion rider. Our gear will provide you with the necessary belongings that you need on the road. Don’t hesitate give our gear a test ride!, and remember to use a coupon code (BLOG12) with your purchase to even lower the prices on items that have lowest prices online.

Click here to order your gear just in time for the BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour.

BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour

Motorcycle Safety With Horror

So I thought that I saw all tactics used to promote biker safety, but I was wrong. Recently there has been released advertisement in promoting motorcycle safety. The ad promotes helmet safety, and how important it is to wear a helmet at all times. The ad gives you a lot to think about, and promotes safety at the same time. All those times that you were out without a motorcycle helmet will come to your head right as you see the pictures. Like I have mentioned before in my last post, for gearing up for Daytona Bike Week, that helmets, and other motorcycle gear items are important to have at all time while on the road.

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

Gear Up For Daytona Bike Week

Hopefully everyone is heading out to Daytona Bike Week at some point during the week. Daytona Bike Week is from March 8th to March 17th. It is one of the most popular biker events in the world, with thousands of vendors and attractions. But enough about Daytona; we all know what goes on at Daytona is pretty wild. In order for you to make it in Daytona there is a guide on surviving Daytona Bike Week, but eBikerLeather crew will introduce you to Gear Up Guide. Our Gear Up Guide for Daytona Bike Week, will leave you with all the necessary things needed for the survival.

Let’s start gearing up for Daytona Bike Week. What will you need? The temperatures will be ranging from 70 F to 80 F. In order to keep yourself safe and comfy here is the first item that should be on your list.

Men Section

Motorcycle Vest

  • Yes, a vest that can be put over a t-shirt or a hoodie and still feel comfortable. I suggest checking our MV320 for the bestcomfort, and it is our best seller.

Motorcycle Chaps or Pants

  • Depending on what you feel is more comfortable for your body. I do suggest checking our both pants, and leather chaps in our online store for details.

Motorcycle Saddlebag

  • If you plan on riding your motorcycle down to Daytona Beach, you want to gear up with one of our motorcycle saddlebags. Some of our motorcycle saddlebags store up to 12 bottles of beer, and your other needed belongings.

Motorcycle Gloves

  • Gloves are the first essential gear item for going on long rides, you don’t want to leave your house without your gloves. Since summer is coming, we have summer weight motorcycle gloves on sale, just before summer. Grab them now, before the sale ends.

Motorcycle Helmet

  • Another item of gearing up for the longer journey or short ride. I recommend that you do not leave without one of our helmets on your head. First of all you grab a D.O.T helmet from our online store, and hit the road.

Women Selection

Motorcycle Vest

  • Same goes for women motorcycle vest, should be comfortable and easy to put over a hoodie incase of temperatures dropping down.

Women Chaps or Pants

  • Women chaps are a great addition to their motorcycle apparel. Every women looks amazing in leather chaps, over jeans. Our selection of leather chaps or pants allows you to look hot and grab attention of bikers at the same time.

Motorcycle Saddlebags

  • Our motorcycle saddlebags look mean, and stylish. Just perfect addition to your leather chaps ladies. Our saddlebags are able to pack 5 to 8 pair of women heels. And we guarantee having all the attention on you and your red heels instead of your friends. Women in heels equals biker in love.

Women Heels

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Helmets

  • Ladies, I know that wearing a helmet is messing up your hair, but it is important that you do wear a helmet at all times when riding.

There are tons of more products like motorcycle leather jackets, motorcycle boots etc. But we have covered the most important products that should be with you at Daytona Bike Week. You won’t be too hot, or cold when having all the above items with you.

Motorcycle Batteries

ThrottleX BatteriesAs we know motorcycle battery usually lasts about 2 to 3 years. If you are able to pull 4 years on the same motorcycle battery; you are really lucky. I have not changed my motorcycle battery in 3 years; however, I do feel that it is time for a change. Today I took some time to sit down and look for a new motorcycle battery, that would fit my Road King. Let me tell you that when it came to finding the perfect motorcycle battery it was a hassle. The search was so wide that I had over million search results in 3 seconds.

However, the first website that showed up had decent battery prices. I don’t want to over pay for the brand, or under pay and get a cheap battery. After a while I have stumbled on ThrottleX Batteries, and their website caught my eye. Their pricing is amazing, and enjoy the coupon code by entering BON at the checkout, and saving 15% off your purchase. The order has to be placed before February 28th in order for you to receive the 15% off.

ThrottleX Batteries

Important to know that word of mouth is much better source than online shopping. Which is why I have chosen ThrottleX Batteries as my next battery. A lot of my brother and sister have recommended ThrottleX Batteries, as to being one of the best battery suppliers in the world. The part that caught my eye is MADE IN AMERICA, with 18 months warranty! This is a great deal, there is no point of ordering non Made in America battery when I can have Made in America battery for almost same price. The only difference would be 5$ because of the coupon code BON. Don’t wait! Get your motorcycle battery ordered from ThrottleX today!

ThrottleX Batteries, has an awesome YouTube channel for everyone that does not know how to change a motorcycle channel. The video will show you exactly step by step how to change your motorcycle battery. I will be placing my order today with ThrottleX and you should do the same!

Motorcycle Pants – Key Things To Know

Moto Twist BlogMotorcycle pants are quite beneficial due to a number of reasons. They not just help you in keeping yourself secure but also help you in making a style statement while driving your motorbike. These pants for motorcycle riders are available in different variations but you should always choose the right ones for yourself. Leather motorbike pants protect you from harsh weather conditions and also help you impress everyone around you with the style features. One can easily say that pants and safety go hand in hand if you are a motorbike owner. Here, we are going to talk in particular about pants for motorbike riders.

We all would agree with the fact that bike riding is something exciting and interesting. To say the least, it is the favorite pastime associated with all the teenagers. With proper protection you can definitely keep yourself safe and enjoy this pastime. Check out the points given below carefully if you really wish to know more about these motorcycle pants.


You should always remember one thing that wearing pants with some uneven edges or fringe at the downside can prove to be quite risky if you are riding a bike. These pieces can easily get tangled in the motorbike’s hardware and so you might be putting your life at risk.

Moisture and Sweating

Several motorcyclists are not aware of the risks that are connected with wet pants while riding a motorbike. Heavy moisture or sweating can definitely cause the bike’s seat to become quite slippery and therefore you should be very careful about choosing the right fabric of the pant.

Heavy Wear

Even though the pants with signals of moderate wear might be quite trendy and so you should avoid wearing such things as heavy wear can be quite risky to go for. Pants with certain holes can surely make your skin get burned under the influence of sun. Therefore, you should avoid wearing such pants.

Shorts and Capri Pants

If you want to avoid any unnecessary injury or harm you should consider wearing long leather pants every single time. Capri pants and shorts expose your skin a great deal and so you should stay away from them all the time. For more tips on biking cloth materials you should take tips from an expert.

Thin Materials

Not many people are aware of the fact that materials such as wind breaker and mesh should never be worn while you are riding a bike. These are quite thin materials and they can never protect your skin from damage.

All in all, one can easily say that motorcycle pants should be purchased after thorough consideration. You should follow some crucial points in this regard and consider seeking some online guidance through well-renowned motorcycle blog. Different types of materials are used to prepare such pants but you should always choose leather pants. Such leather pants are not just quite strong but quite long lasting as well. They will surely serve you for a long period of time.

Go ahead, and buy great pants for yourself. It will enhance your overall experience of bike riding.

Guest post by Kiara, click here to visit Kiara’s Blog.

Roland Sands New Headlights

Good news if you were looking for some change on your custom motorcycle. Roland Sands Design has announced 9 new headlights available online. The new headlights are designed to match Tracker, Chrono and Vintage parts series. Don’t wait any longer customize your motorcycle with perfect headlights today by Roland Sands Designs.

New Roland Sands headlights

New Roland Sands headlights

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