Motorcycle Safety With Horror

So I thought that I saw all tactics used to promote biker safety, but I was wrong. Recently there has been released advertisement in promoting motorcycle safety. The ad promotes helmet safety, and how important it is to wear a helmet at all times. The ad gives you a lot to think about, and promotes safety at the same time. All those times that you were out without a motorcycle helmet will come to your head right as you see the pictures. Like I have mentioned before in my last post, for gearing up for Daytona Bike Week, that helmets, and other motorcycle gear items are important to have at all time while on the road.

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

New Bell Rogue Helmet

Check out this cool video of the new Bell Rogue Helmet. The helmet it self is nothing like you have seen before, it goes back to old school, and bring in new features. It is a combination of a half helmet and bandana, but really high tech. The helmet give the rider more protection. For those who typically ride with an open or half helmet and a bandanna, think of this as your half helmet and bandanna. The new Bell Rogue Helmet is offered in 4 color options and in sizes XS-2XL.

Over 30,000 Vega Helmets Recalled

Vega Helmet Corp. is recalling more than 30,000 XTS motorcycle helmets after doing a test and found that some did not meet crash protection safety standards. NHTSA said that people using the helmets may not be protected in a crash. The recall will start in January. NHTSA has told Vega that 4 extra large helmets didn’t meet the safety standards when tested this year. The company started to investigate and found that the helmets fell out of compliance partially due to changes in models shell design. Vega has no stats so far as to how many helmets will be recalled, so they did the right thing and recalled all of them.

Vega Helmet

Vega Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet Technology

Motorcycle helmets are the biggest essentials in our daily rides. Have you noticed that some motorcycle helmets have changed quite a bit? For example, some became more popular than others, some have better designs, and some added Bluetooth technology. However, they all have in common the same purpose to protect us while accidents happen. Now recently they have been working on bringing in a technical innovation to helmets. They are working on high and low impacts keys with gel type material between two plates. Which is supposed to be better protection for your head. Maybe when this innovation will be introduced we will be able to ride and not worry about any head damage.

What do you think?

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Motorcycle Helmet Technology

Would you wear it?

People have the wildest imagination when it comes to motorcycle helmets. We have been doing some research on the most outstanding helmets. So the question is, would you wear it? To be honest I would probably, to some point. I would think it is funny and gets a laugh every time. However, there are some helmets that I would not wear, due to the designs. Check out our collection of helmets and tell us if which one you would want to wear.

Would you wear it?

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Harley Davidson Pink Label Collection Supports Breast Cancer Battle

Pink from H-D

Harley Davidson has added new items to their collection, mostly for breast cancer battle. Harley Davidson has agreed on donating half of the cost of item to National Breast Cancer Foundation’s “Beyond the Shock” program. Below you can find items that you can buy to help support breast cancer.

Pink Label 3-in-1 Leather Jacket (p/n 98031-12VW) Starting price $450
Pink Label Leather Chaps (p/n/98032-12VW) Starting price $295
Pink Label Hybrid Ultra-Light Bling 3/4 Helmet DOT Approved (p/n 98244-12VW) Starting at $270
Pink Label Pink Chrome Eyewear (p/n 98371-12VW) Starting at $75
Pink Label Hip Bag (p/n 99497-10VW) Starting at $60

For more information visit Harley Davidson Pink Label Collection.

Women's Pink Label 3-in-1 Leather JacketWomen's Pink Label Bling 3/4 Helmet

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