Holland Bans Lights on Motorcycle Gear

How many of our readers would allow lights on motorcycle gear? I would definitely allow it, but maybe with less options than they have now. The gear would be used when only on a motorcycle, if stopping or backing up or on a ride. For example when you brake, the light would be brighter to inform people behind you that you are braking. I don’t think this would be a bad idea to have lights on motorcycle gear; apparently Holland thought differently. If you have more information on why did Holland ban lights on motorcycle gear, share it with us.

The jacket has flexible L.E.D. and comes with 7 different modes of lights, including being water proof.

Visit Street Lightning LLC wesbite, click here.

Check out the video and see for your self that this is great way to improve bikers safety.

The Freedom Jacket

The freedom jacket from Harley Davidson is part of the 110th Anniversary of Harley Davidson. Harley riders are united by simple concept of a single leather jacket on a trip around the world. When the journey began the jacket had no name and there was no plan for a trip around the world. The jacket was just an ordinary motorcycle jackets worn by a rider. Mark Richer is the ordinary motorcycle rider who works at Harley Davidson as Chief of Marketing Officer. Mark rode 2,000 miles across China’s Tibetan, from Xining to Tibet. While on the ride people were taking pictures, and stepping outside to see if the Harley rider has passed by. Richard learned local custom following road 109. He also asked a local man to use his red paint to write something on the jacket that would express his thoughts about Harley Davidson. The moral of the story is that Harley Davidson can unite people all over the world. Whether you are in China, United States, or Europe Harley Davidson will unite you as brothers and sisters of Harley Davidson.

The Freedom Jacket Harley Davidson

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Each year we face the same questions over and over. However, with our help of Valentine Day gift ideas you will not face the same questions this year. Our guide will help you choose the correct Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones. With our full selection of motorcycle apparel, and motorcycle accessories you will be able to get the perfect gift for your loved one. Our guide will focus only on couple products instead of our whole inventory.

 Perfect Gifts Ideas for Her (Click on image to read the description)

Women Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie LJ7010-CC

Women Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie LJ7010-CC

Women vest with vertical braid front & back, V-Lace on back LV225

Women vest with vertical braid front & back, V-Lace on back LV225

Ladies red rose inlay purse large AC2001

Women red rose inlay purse large AC2001

Women bra with studs SK987

Women bra with studs SK987

Angel Biker Patch PAT-E-795

Angel Biker Patch PAT-E-795

 Perfect Gifts Ideas for Him (Click on image to read the description)

Men's Motorcycle Vest MV320

Men’s Motorcycle Vest MV320

Men's Motorcycle Jacket MJ814

Men’s Motorcycle Jacket MJ814

Men's Motorcycle Chaps C337

Men’s Motorcycle Chaps C337

Motorcycle Saddlebag w/ Braiding SD4015-PV

Motorcycle Saddlebag w/ Braiding SD4015-PV

Chrome Motorcycle Cup Holder CUP4

Chrome Motorcycle Cup Holder CUP4

Fingerless Gloves with Orange Flames Gl2017

Fingerless Gloves with Orange Flames Gl2017

Ladies Mesh & Textile Racer Jacket

We are not done yet with new products! Yes, we will keep them coming to you. Another great product that we would like to introduce is this LJ112-CC.  As you may have noticed our products don’t need an introduction, they will WoW you without our introduction. This women’s mesh and textile racer jacket is featuring reflective stripes on front and back. Zippered cuffs on this jacket will keep your arms worm, while on the long road rides.

Product Details:

* Made from Extremely Durable material w/ Removable padding (shoulder, elbows, & back)
* Comes with a Rain cover
* Reflective Stripes on front & back
* Multi Pockets Inside
* Zippered Cuffs w/ snap

More information about this jacket can be found by clicking here.

Women’s Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie

Today’s post will be made by Joanne, our co worker.

We are so happy to announce a new product to the collection of women’s motorcycle jackets. This jacket is amazing the feel and look are irresistible. The jacket features a hoodie for cold nights. Remember ladies when you had those nights sometimes by the fire pit, with your biker friends? This would be a perfect way to warm up. Our jacket features extremely durable material, with removable padding in shoulder, elbows, and back. We have put the jacket to the test meaning, we have tried to tear. This jacket is made out of material that is resistant to tearing. Our tests have failed and we were not able to tear it.

What I love about the jacket?
Who does not love pink? I love pink, and that huge butterfly on the back just did it for me. I was not able to take my eyes of the butterfly. There are 2 butterflies one on front and bigger one on back. You cannot forget the pink hoodie, or the sleeves that allow your hands to be covered.

Over all, as you can see we are very happy to introduce this jacket, and hope that everyone likes it. We are going to start bringing in different products slowly to stay on top of the trends.

Product details – LJ7010-CC
* Made from Extrememly Durable material w/ Removable padding (shoulder, elbows, & back)
* Excellent Resistance to Wear & Tear
* Airvents on Front Sleeves
* 2 Airvents on the Back
* Multi Pockets Inside
* Zippered Cuffs w/ snap
* Removable Pink Hoodie w/ Mesh Lining
* Reflective Butterfly
* Reflective Piping on front and back

More information on LJ7010-CC can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for reading,

Love Joanne

Harley Davidson Pink Label Collection Supports Breast Cancer Battle

Pink from H-D

Harley Davidson has added new items to their collection, mostly for breast cancer battle. Harley Davidson has agreed on donating half of the cost of item to National Breast Cancer Foundation’s “Beyond the Shock” program. Below you can find items that you can buy to help support breast cancer.

Pink Label 3-in-1 Leather Jacket (p/n 98031-12VW) Starting price $450
Pink Label Leather Chaps (p/n/98032-12VW) Starting price $295
Pink Label Hybrid Ultra-Light Bling 3/4 Helmet DOT Approved (p/n 98244-12VW) Starting at $270
Pink Label Pink Chrome Eyewear (p/n 98371-12VW) Starting at $75
Pink Label Hip Bag (p/n 99497-10VW) Starting at $60

For more information visit Harley Davidson Pink Label Collection.

Women's Pink Label 3-in-1 Leather JacketWomen's Pink Label Bling 3/4 Helmet

Review of BLJ266-CC-Purple

How many times before we have said that our clients get the best support that we can offer. Probably million by now and you are tired of hearing it. Now let’s check out what Pamela has to say about our support and jacket.

Review from Pamela
LOVE this coat and this site

At first I had a hard time ordering because there were no sizes listed, so I contacted Brien thru email( facebook) and he answered immediately and took care of problem the next morning. I placed my order on wed. it is now Friday and my coat was waiting on me when I got home from work! AMAZING! I tried it on and it fits great! I LOVE the zip out lining as now I can wear it when it is fall as well as cold winter weather. the design is gorgeous and the free gift is much appreciated….even received a phone call asking what size free gift( fingerless gloves) I wanted…these guys really have it ALL TOGETHER and I WILL be ordering again (leather coat this time with fringes….) I can’t find anywhere that has as good of quality for as low a price…plus no shipping fees/ taxes…AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Check out the product review on our page by clicking here or the image.

eBikerLeather Womens Motorcycle Jacket Review LJ266-CC-Purple

Design Contest – Back of Jacket

Do you know what it takes to make a jacket from start? A lot of trust, passion, help, money, designs and knowledge. We have a proposition to everyone who reads our blog, visit our twitter, or likes our facebook. If you think you got what it takes, bring it on! Want to show off your skills?

Create a jacket back design (back only) that will catch our eye, and not only. Pick any design that comes into your head. But, the design MUST have something to do with motorcycles.

If you think you can handle this challenge send your design or questions to us ebikerleather@gmail.com

You never know we might just ask for your design to be printed on our jacket. We currently are in need of fresh designs. We figured since people love our products we should ask them what they want.

Ends – 10/25/2012

Inspiration Help
For inspiration click here.
For inspiration click here.
For inspiration click here.

* Jacket design Cannot be copied from another jacket, company, friends, that exists or is about to be made.
* Jacket design has to be 100% original.
* MUST have something to do with motorcycles.

Mens Skeleton Jacket bmj801Just a sample image

MJ708-SS Review from Sweepstakes Winner

Today we would like to drag your attention to the MJ708-SS. You might have noticed that we recently had two Sweepstakes winners, and now one winner has made a review of our product. Let us talk about the MJ708-SS before we give you the review insider.

MJ708-SS is made from Cowhide Leather, which aligns to your body. One of the features of MJ708-SS is Zip-Out lining, which runs through the sleeves. Are you sometimes cold in your neck? MJ708-SS can fix that problem with its neck warmer. It will keep you warm at any given time. What is also cool about this jacket that it has a snap-down collar. Do you need a lot of pockets? The MJ708-SS has multi pockets which can keep your cell phone, gum, keys, watch, and much more.

Review from our Sweepstakes Winner.

Pat Ramey, said “Thank you so much. I received the xl men’s coat I asked for. It is so heavy, very well constructed. Thank you again, it is just beautiful!!!!”.

Thank you Pat for your review of our product.

Mens Motorcycle Jacket MJ708-SS

Review of MJ780-ORANGE

Today I will do a review of one of our products; I will try to get the following categories, size, details, comfort, and style. What I have done is went out and road my motorcycle with the jacket on, I was considering if I won’t be too hot in the jacket. After 20 minutes of riding , I felt like having a stop for a cup of coffee. I took off the jacket and you can imagine that I was sweating little. The jacket over all is comfortable when riding motorcycle. I had no problem with moving on my bike. I am a person who needs little extra room in sleeve which this jacket has. It is not a lot of room but enough for my movements.

The size for me originally was L however, I used the measuring chart provided on eBikerLeather.com website and bought a XL size. I was satisfied because the jacket was fitting me perfectly. It shaped my body really well, not like some other jackets that leave you either tight or with too much room so it looks like you got it three times extra large.

Style is the most important impact of riding a motorcycle. Everyone wants to look tough and cool on their bike. This jacket is stylish, looks really good when wearing it, and also adjusts to your body.


  • Made from Top Grade Genuine Leather Soft Durable Leather
  • Features a Z/o lining that runs through the sleeves
  • Also includes a neck warmer
  • Light Reflector On Front & Back
  • Includes 2 Air-Vents on the front and 1 on the back
  • Velcro Adjustable Straps on Sides
  • Multi pockets outside & inside pocket
  • Zippered & Snap Cuffs

Overall my grading of the jacket is on scale 1 out of 6.

Comfort – 6
Details – 6
Size – 6

Style – 5

eBikerLeather.com Men's Motorcycle Jacket MJ780-Orange

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