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With the days passing by each company bring different new items to the market for bikers. The main competition is being number one source for bikers. eBikerLeather introduced their t-shirts to complete with other companies, and to allow bikers enjoy the summer rides. Women short sleeve t-shirts are top sellers during the riding season, with that in mind eBikerLeather is bringing 7 new t-shirts with designs to the market for bikers.

All designs presented on eBikerLeather t-shirts are prepared in United States. Each desigs are printed on the t-shirts at eBikerLeather site. Not only that but eBikerLeather introduced women’s tank tops for this summer collection. But that is not all rumors have it that more eBikerLeather tanks, short sleeve t-shirts and hoodies will be coming in next month. Speaking of women hoodies, which are not ordinary 100% cotton hoodies but stylish burnout women hoodies. Each hoodie has 2-1/2″ raw edge sleeve cuff, and raw edge hood with drawstring and reverse cover stitches.

With each t-shirt, tank top, or hoodie there is a sizing chart provided for your perfect fit. Don’t hesitate and grab one t-shirt today. Our sources state that with each t-shirt eBikerLeather will include a 10$ off coupon code.

Click here to shop.

Women Hoodie Women Tank Top Women Short Sleeve T-Shirt

eBikerLeather Women T-Shirts Will Be On Sale Next Week

We could not wait any longer, here is a picture of women t-shirt with burn out style with a v-neck. The design is made out of rhinestones! The t-shirts will be here next week, and if you would like to be put on pre order list just email us at . You will be notified of when the t-shirts come in, and the first person to receive the t-shirt. In addition to that the t-shirts will offer $10 coupon  for your next purchase. The coupon will be valid for 2 months!

If for some reason you have decided to stop following our facebook page that was a bad choice! Our facebook page is the first one that receives newest product updates, and discounts.

Women T-Shirts

Women Custom Leather Triangular Face Muffler Only at eBikerLeather

eBikerLeather is the first and only company to introduce Leather Face Mask with Rhinestones!

As you remember we promised to bring in new features, products, and better ourselves in all departments to our clients. If you missed it we have already had release men denim vest. Here is another one of our latest products, which is based on our AC004-W Face Mask. The designs are made, and printed in the U.S.A.


  • Designs that go on AC004-W are made in U.S.A!
  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • All designs are printed only on AC004-W Face Mask

Type of styles to choose from:

  1. Lady Rider
  2. Biker Bitch
  3. Biker Babe

The best part of the AC004-W is that we can customize it with any of the top 3 designs. In addition to that we will be bringing in more designs for the face mask. Stay in touch with us, as we bring in more new products!

Biker Face Masks

eBikerLeather Announces New Men’s Black Denim Vest For The Summer

Looking for best deals online can be irritating especially when it comes to comparing ten different websites with the same item. However, eBikerLeather just announced perfect summer riding mens denim motorcycle vest. In the summer motorcycle riders do not wear too much of protective gear, but they do love to wear biker vests. A motorcycle vest might not be a lot, but it helps protect bikers skin if a crash occurs.

Think twice before buying denim motorcycle vest at higher price. eBikerLeather men’s denim vest is attracting bikers with its lower prices than their competition. The vest features snap down collar, tough durable denim, adjustable side buttons for better fit, five buttons to close the vest, four outside pockets, and two inside pockets.  The mens black denim vest is starting at $44.99 but is valued at 79.99.

Click here to find out more.

Men's Black Denim Vest Men's Black Denim Vest

T-Shirts! Newest Addition To Our Online Store

We are very excited to introduce our t-shirt designs. Designs have been made especially for our request, and we will share them as soon as they ship to our factory. If you have an idea for bikers design of a t-shirt send us your proposal and attach information so we can contact you. Our t-shirts should be here probably at the end of this week, or latest next week. As for now I don’t have any details to show but I know that you will be not disappointed.

What can you expect from our T-Shirts?

  • First of all market for t-shirts is wide open, and that means that a lot of people are selling biker T-Shirts. But our advantage over our competition will be pricing, at places you might find a T-Shirt for 20$, and at our online store you will be able to find a T-Shirt for 10$ or 15$. We surely will lower our pricing on T-Shirts to get our competition to the boiling point.


  • We are bringing in 4 of women styles, and 5 of men styles T-shirts.


  • The first couple day’s our selection of T-shirts will be on sale, and I am sure that this will be buy 2 T-Shirts and receive a flat rate shipping of 7.99$. Spread the word out!

Have an idea for biker t-shirt design? Send us an email to

Biker T-Shirt

New Bell Rogue Helmet

Check out this cool video of the new Bell Rogue Helmet. The helmet it self is nothing like you have seen before, it goes back to old school, and bring in new features. It is a combination of a half helmet and bandana, but really high tech. The helmet give the rider more protection. For those who typically ride with an open or half helmet and a bandanna, think of this as your half helmet and bandanna. The new Bell Rogue Helmet is offered in 4 color options and in sizes XS-2XL.

Phone / GPS / E-ZPass Holder

What is the difference between a good ride and a horrible ride? Well a good ride is when you don’t stress you will get lost, or need fuel. A bad ride is when you worry that you have to stop for fuel, or memorize the map. Don’t get me wrong every biker likes to remember the street names, and if he or she forgets them, they still enjoy the ride without worry’s. But allow me to introduce you to our new item, which makes my life easier. I have a Smartphone, which is making my life so much better, now I never have the spot to put my phone on the motorcycle, so usually it is in the pocket. My point is why bother with gps, when I have a gps in my phone and same goes for mp3 player. Our good friend Biker Monkey has written about going high tech, and I do recommend checking out his post, and analyzing both posts.

The best quality of this phone, gps, and e-zpass holder is the protection for your devices. It has a lot of room to fit your phone, gps or e-zpass. It can be used at long rides, you can tighten the grip of the holder.

GPS / Phone / E-ZPass Holder Features:

  • Angle Adjustment Lock Button
  • The Goose Neck is Flectional
  • The Screw Eye Fastened on Rearview Mirror
  • 360 Rotatable

The Goose Neck

  • Long 214mm
  • Wide 43mm

View the product here.

When leaving your motorcycle remember to take your electronics with you!

GPS / Phone / Ez-Pass Holder

GPS / Phone / Ez-Pass Holder

GPS / Phone / E-ZPass Holder

GPS / Phone / E-ZPass Holder

Women’s Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie

Today’s post will be made by Joanne, our co worker.

We are so happy to announce a new product to the collection of women’s motorcycle jackets. This jacket is amazing the feel and look are irresistible. The jacket features a hoodie for cold nights. Remember ladies when you had those nights sometimes by the fire pit, with your biker friends? This would be a perfect way to warm up. Our jacket features extremely durable material, with removable padding in shoulder, elbows, and back. We have put the jacket to the test meaning, we have tried to tear. This jacket is made out of material that is resistant to tearing. Our tests have failed and we were not able to tear it.

What I love about the jacket?
Who does not love pink? I love pink, and that huge butterfly on the back just did it for me. I was not able to take my eyes of the butterfly. There are 2 butterflies one on front and bigger one on back. You cannot forget the pink hoodie, or the sleeves that allow your hands to be covered.

Over all, as you can see we are very happy to introduce this jacket, and hope that everyone likes it. We are going to start bringing in different products slowly to stay on top of the trends.

Product details – LJ7010-CC
* Made from Extrememly Durable material w/ Removable padding (shoulder, elbows, & back)
* Excellent Resistance to Wear & Tear
* Airvents on Front Sleeves
* 2 Airvents on the Back
* Multi Pockets Inside
* Zippered Cuffs w/ snap
* Removable Pink Hoodie w/ Mesh Lining
* Reflective Butterfly
* Reflective Piping on front and back

More information on LJ7010-CC can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for reading,

Love Joanne

New Item Motorcycle PVC SD-Flame

We have never been so excited about a saddlebag until this baby showed up, it has been selling since last Friday and we already sold 25 of them.

We are introducing the hottest saddlebag on the market right now! This saddlebag is so hot that we can’t keep our hands of her. Take a quick glance at the flames that are on the saddlebag. They will grab the attention of passing by motorcycles and cars. Don’t wait or hesitate order yours today!

This item is so hot and selling quickly that we have called it SD-Flame.

Let’s take a closer look at the motorcycle saddlebag. As you can see the style is new, not some old stuff that we have. It is a pvc motorcycle saddlebag, with zip off, and heavy duty Velcro cover. The great think about this saddlebag is that its universal fitting, and has a hard sheet inside the box with 4 pockets. Our Q-Release are always made heavy duty, including the SD-Flame. All of our bags are 100% UV protected we guarantee! The bag was made to hold its shape, and we added 4 tie-down ribbons on each side for extra security. Let’s not forget to include dimensions which are, 14″ x 6″ x 10″ .

Don’t wait a minute longer buy yours today! Enjoy the free shipping, and 10% OFF for Halloween. Use a promo code HALLOWEEN12 at the check out. Buy your while they are in stock!

PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag at


New Items

It has been a while since we uploaded some new items to our store. Now we got really good deals on Motorcycle Windshield Bag, Motorcycle Bag. and Motorcycle Toolbag with Flames. Let us introduce the products one by one.

First we have Motorcycle Windshield Bag. WS23 features 3 compartments on length of 21 inch. Studded street glide windshield bag.

Motorcycle Windshield Tool Bag with Flame

Next we have Motorcycle Bag. This bag will keep all your important materials in one place. It has multi pockets, it is ready for any road trip!

Motorcycle Bag at eBikerLeather.comMotorcycle Bag


The best for last! Motorcycle Toolbag with Flames! This tool bag is HOT! It will burn your eyes after looking at it for a while.

Motorcycle Toolbag

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