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Whats your story?

Whats your story?

Apple buys “Lightning” from Harley Davidson

Recently I have been reading all over the web that Apple has bought “Lightning” trademark from Harley Davidson. Who would have thought that Harley Davidson would own something that Apple might desire. Remember when Apple released their “Lightning” dock connector, for the new iPhone 5? Apple has also promised that all future devices will be equipped with the “Lightning” connector. I have not seen any money discussion between Apple and Harley Davidson, so I can’t fill you in on that. But I can add a fact that the Lightning line of bikes was produced by Buell Motorcycle Co., and later on they were bought by Harley Davidson, and shut down in 2009. After Harley has purchased Buell, they got the rights to own “Lightning” trademark.

Harley Davidson and Apple Trademark Lightning

Apple buys Lightning from Harley Davidson

FML – Get the Guts to spill the beans

Have you ever looked online for a good laugh? I bet you have, and so have we. But recently we were looking for funny motorcycle stories or pictures. The search results were dull so we decided to turn our heads towards FML. It was fun reading all the problems that people have. It seemed like some of the things don’t just happen to them, but we as well could relate to them. So we did a motorcycle search on FML, but the results were only 3 pages. Then we started to dig through the 3 pages and picked out the best ones.

  1. Today, I fell off my boyfriend’s motorcycle. I had a few scrapes and bruises, and my boyfriend called for an ambulance as a precaution. The paramedics managed to drop me on my head.

  2. Today, while working as a police dispatcher, I took a call for a motorcycle accident that occurred near my house. After obtaining all the essential information I realized the rider was my brother. He doesn’t own a motorcycle, but I do.

  3. Today, I had my girlfriend drive me to go buy a motorcycle. I rode it 50 minutes home, got in the drive way, put the kick stand down, and then lost my balance and fell on the other side. I paid $3000 to drop it in the first hour and break the turn signal off.

  4. Today, my husband decided to drain his motorcycle oil into an empty bottle of laundry detergent. Also today, I decided to lift a stain out of my white comforter with some detergent I found in the garage.

  5. Today, I was on my way home from work and decided to stop at the grocery store. I purchased $200 in groceries and went to put them in my car. I then realized I drove my motorcycle today.

Which story is your favorite? Leave a response in a comment.

More of FML at this link.

FML Get the guts to spill the beans

Motorcycle FML get the guts to spill the beans.


Black Friday Stories

Have you ever wondered why people turn into zombies when it comes to Black Friday? Well I have, but I can’t answer that question for you; because I don’t know the answer. However, what I know is that some states must have high demands. Or is it only in our heads?

If you have read my previous post, you found out that I was at Black Friday and bought a TV. In that most there is no mentions of fights, people stumbling over people, or any other sort of violence. So I don’t really get it what we are doing that the others can’t do to stand in line. I was interested to see today’s Black Friday footage from everywhere. I found this website called Huffington Post, they bring the latest news on Black Friday. You can even subscribe to their live blog via RSS.

I have found some of the videos posted on the website to be hilarious. I know I should not be laughing at people but what can I do since I can go with million other people and shop like a normal person, and some just can’t.

Check out Huffington Post for the latest Black Friday Video’s by clicking here.

Black Friday Stories

Black Friday Funny Stories

The Day After Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a stuffed stomach by the end of 11pm. Because it was shopping time. Well what got me irritated is that Wal-Mart and BestBuy were opening already at 8 or 9 o’clock. I was not ready to step away from the tablet at that time. So it came 10 o’clock when I decided to get out and go shopping. There were at least 8 of us at BestBuy line. It was a huge line, and the tension was high among people, when they saw people coming out with not 1 thing but full shopping carts. When we got in there, half of the stuff was sold out almost, but I managed to get me a Samsung LED TV 55″ for $799. I was really happy that people did not grab  on to all TV’s when I got there. The price 3 weeks before was $1799 so it was a great steal deal. Now some of us are waiting for cyber Monday, but I am not 100% convinced that it is the safest time to shop, since we all hear about many card frauds.

The Day After Thanksgiving

The Day After Thanksgiving

eBikerLeather Meeting Hallowed Sons MC

Remember of the two previous articles that we have posted on our blog about Hallowed Sons MC? Well you surely do, because of their outstanding courage and help after Sandy disaster at New Dorp Beach. As I have been in talks with Hallowed Sons MC, I have decided to go down and have a better understanding of how their club functions. As you know it is hard to get to know people when there is a lot to do. So we took our donations from eBikerLeather and have hit the road.

When I got there with my friend, the situation looked better than a day after Sandy. However, we saw houses and boats on the streets. It was first time in my life when I saw a real boat on the street, and it was a shocker. This huge boat just sitting there by a container. Some of the houses were in really bad conditions, like I seen couple houses collapsed totally, one house had no front entrance so you were able to see the whole room. Yes, it is as that bad, at New Dorp, and if you can please make a donation to help Hallowed Sons MC raise enough money for Thanksgiving.

I have met Ratchet from Hallowed Sons MC. His really cool, talked with me about how they started to help after Sandy hit. He also explained their goal for Thanksgiving, and I was able to see his passion for helping people. When we were talking I have found out that Ratchet is one of the founders of Hallowed Sons MC. He took the time out of his busy day to explain to me their whole process of helping. I really appreciate it, and thank him for doing that.

Later on I have met Hardway, another awesome person that took the time to talk with me. We have talked about the same stuff as with Ratchet, but in addition we have discussed their message on the website. Which states, “Our mission is to promote brotherhood, family values and community to all those around us. We will come together for one another and support one another for anything and everything. We will support our communities and protect our communities the best that we can…”.

Hardway has explained to me the meaning of this message, and did add that brother hood is most important to them. Which is extremely important for everyone to understand that when help is needed people should not have to ask, others just should take charge.

Huge Thank You goes out to Ratchet and Hardway for taking the time to talk with me, and making me understand their process of helping at New Dorp Beach.

Now it is your part, and help them to host Thanksgiving for those who lost everything at New Dorp Beach.

PayPal Link Donation

Hallowed Sons MC

Hallowed Sons MC at the camp ground.

Hallowed Sons Continues to Help

I am not sure how many people are following Hallowed Sons MC, but we definitely are following them. The help continues even though that the supplies run really low. But the courage to help in those guys is bigger than hurricane Sandy. Their love, spreads among everyone who is located at New Dorp. Not a lot people know who is Hallowed Sons. Let me introduce them to everyone. We all know Hallowed Sons MC from helping at New Dorp after hurricane Sandy. However, we did some research and here is what we found.

Hallowed Sons MC is originally from Brooklyn, New York, and their type of club is recreational riding club. They love to help out communities in need, recently they did a Hallowed Sons Fright Night. This event was popular among every group of age. That would be pretty much it for what we have found on Hallowed Sons MC.

As we bikers know our passion for motorcycles and freedom is gigantic. We will send our prayers and thoughts to Hallowed Sons MC. Please keep them in your prayers to give them the strength to help at New Dorp.

If you would like to help Hallowed Sons MC, you can do a cash donation by PayPal, and send money to samsdiscount11@gmail.com. They will use the money to purchase things needed for the communities they are helping. More information can be found on their website by clicking here.

Quick link to make a donation for Hallowed Sons MC Sandy Relief, click here.

More information about Hallowed Sons MC can be found on AMA Clubs page.

Hallowed Sons MC at New Dorp

Group picture of Hallowed Sons MC at New Dorp.

Suzuki files for Chapter 11 in America

It has come to the end for Suzuki in America car market. They will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and they will focus more on selling motorcycles. Will selling motorcycles help Suzuki? Well recent years Suzuki tried to blend the cues of its motorcycles into cars. However, as you have noticed the lack of marketing has stroked Suzuki. Other more popular brands have pushed out Suzuki out of its place. According to Autodata, Suzuki has sold for this year 21,188 cars, which is down 4.7% from year ago.

We wish Suzuki best in their motorcycle business, and hope to see brand new deals, features, and designs.

Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki Motorcycles

Biker Babe Tours

We felt like we don’t include as much of information for biker women than we should. That is why we found this cool website called Biker Babe Tours. You can find upcoming tours, register for tours, photo galleries from previous tours, and more information about the organization of tours. Biker Babe Tours goes by a slogan of Adventure. Fun. Friendship. The next tour they will take is through Sedona, which includes 4 days, 3 nights, in Kanab, UT, plus rides among the red rocks of Zion. It sounds like a lot of fun! Don’t wait and register here.

Little about the tour guide.Liz Casey, Biker Babe Tours, CEO and Tour Guide

The tour guide is Liz Casey, a long term motorcyclist and quest hunter. She rides purple Harley Davidson Street Glide. Liz has over 30 years of riding skill on motorcycles of all types and sizes. She is certified to give First-Aid! Liz loves to share the excitement and love for the road with other women motorcyclists. With Liz’s tours you will be able to find the power in the roar of pipes, and the rush of freedom.

Check out Biker Babe Tours website here, or visit their blog for interesting trips and articles on their past experiences by clicking here.

Settle for Comfort

Born to be wild, but settling for comfort? Have you noticed that a lot of people prefer to settle for comfort while riding their motorcycle. What has inspired me to write about this topic was Sturgis Rally last year.

We all know anyone can get to Sturgis. But the way you get there matters mostly. Whether you prefer comfort or not, you still riding that motorcycle down to Sturgis. Now last Sturgis Rally what I have noticed that a lot of people came with their motorcycles but in trailers. I was surprised, by the amount of people showing up like that. I don’t know if it is because of all the stealing that goes on, age, miles, hours, gas  or comfort issues.

If you have a show bike, it will not be as comfortable as Harley Davidson. So you are probably better off not riding it for long time. But a lot of people did have different types of motorcycles, and most of them seemed very comfortable.

If you are in that age of not being able to ride, it is understandable that you will choose the comfort, and we do agree with that. But now if you are at the age where you can show your freedom and ride a car to Sturgis than it shows that you are not a real biker. Most people don’t understand that a real biker, rides his motorcycle to every event in the United States.

Comfort will win with you. We are at 21st century and our seats are more comfortable than back in the days. But back in the days bikers rode their bikes to events, not the car.

My opinion is if you can ride a motorcycle, be in the right category of age, than you should be riding your motorcycle on daily basis. Miles, gas, hours and comfort will not matter to you.

Settle for Comfort

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