Victory Motorcycles & Playboy Playmates Brochure

I was not expecting for the brochure to come out so soon, and it looks amazing. Playboy playmates were perfect addition to Victory Motorcycles. Anyone can own a copy of the brochure; however, you need to ride down to the participating Victory Motorcycles dealers that carry the brochure. Or another option is to look at it online; Victory Motorcycles was generous enough to put the whole brochure online. From what I know or think depends how you interpret it, I believe that women and motorcycles are a great match for each other. The best pictures are made when women is posing by a motorcycle.

Click here to see the 2013 Victory Brochure online.

Victory Motorcycles and Playboy Mates


Victory Motorcycles Comes to India By End of 2013

As you may have noticed neither Harley Davidson or Victory Motorcycles plans on slowing down with their plans on entering the Indian market. Although Harley Davidson already has their wheels in the market, and plans on expanding their business. Victory Motorcycles is stepping up to the plate, and adding their own spice to Indian market. However, Victory is only set to be in the market by the end of 2013. I have a feeling that they might lose a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts with them not being there, and Harley is already there.

As we approach Daytona Bike Week both, competitors have in stock awesome events. Recently adding that Harley Davidson gives out a gift on purchases over $300, and Victory Motorcycles allows you to take their motorcycle for spin and bring it back for full refund. I am starting to think that both companies are pushing forward too fast; however, can they succeed?

Victory Motorcycles coming to India by end of 2013

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