Bear Bones Presented By Big Bear Choppers

The bike overall will turn your head, its stretched for that classic looks but still looking modern for the thrilling experiences. The slammed seat is 20 inch above the road, which is pretty cool. The rake is at 34 degree and it offers easy precise handling of the Bear Bones. Big Bear Choppers have outdone themselves with Bear Bones, and if you disagree let us know in comments.

Big Bear Choppers Bear Bones

Titanium Is Finally Here!

Big Bear Choppers Titanium bike is finally delivered as a full package. Simon Scott was teasing his new bike couple months ago and most of us were curious to see more of the Titanium. The bike has special features, and touch ups.

  • The Chassis Was Made by Erik Buell.
  • Premium Ohlins Suspension Tuned by MotoGP Experts.
  • Race Tech and Bake Tech Rotors.
  • Yoshimura Custom Exhaust.
  • Carbon Fiber Body Work
  • 19″ Front and 18″ Rear Tires
  • T Trim With Option For Saddlebags

The Titanium is available as complete unassembled kit or ready to ride. Starting price $30,500 unassembled and 37,900 ready to ride.

DP Custom Bike Design Winner DP Racer

Remember when we did article on DP Customs and their custom bike design contest? DP Customs has chosen 10 semifinalists from multiple entrees, and among them is a limited heritage custom build bike Romania in place 8th and place 10 India.

Click here for full gallery of entries.

The complete list of finalist:

  1. place: DP Racer by Andre Costa
  2. place: Talladega by Oberdan Bezzi
  3. place: DP Customs Lander by Marc Senger
  4. place: Cobra DP by Paulo Italiani
  5. place: Stealth Concept by Vincent, Graviere
  6. place: DP 40 by Robert O’Brien
  7. place: DPC OTTO by Vincent Montreuil
  8. place: GT40 DP Customs by Stoianov Sebastian Mihai
  9. place: F40 by Paolo Corcagnani
  10. place: DPC Invader by Nagabhushan Hegde

Harley Davidson Rake Kit

Have you been wondering if you should install rake kit on your Harley Davidson Road King? If yes, than we recommend checking out this Kewl Metal’s rake kit for your Harley Davidson. Rake kits are usually used for customizing your motorcycle, and they do give your motorcycle that custom look. The Kewl Metal Nacelle is 3″ through the center and provides awesome custom look. While offering the same correct mount for headlights. The rake kit comes in prime finish, which means that it is ready for any customization that you will throw at it. Most important piece of this Kewl Metal Nacelle rake kit is that they make them in US, and are easy to set up, but the starting price is at $375.

Kewl Metal Nacelle

HD Rake Kit

Breaking News: Jesse James Re-launches WCC

West Coast Choppers is back! Legendary Jesse James told Cyril Huze in an exclusive interview that he will re launch West Coast Choppers. Jesse James received a lot of support and encouragements from his fans, and family. Cyril Huze talked with Jesse about a period of WCC becoming too big and it just happened too fast. And that he needed to take it slower, and establish his priority of building for love, not for money. Jesse James promises that his business will not be focused on more and bigger, but the quality of representing his philosophy on build motorcycles.

Check out West Coast Choppers new website here. Don’t wait and grab some of their new merchandise to represent WCC.

Welcome back Jesse James!

Jesse James Re-Launches West Coast Choppers

Fred Krugger’s ’66 Honda CB450

It was just last week when I found out about Krugger Motorcycles. Often what I will do is look for custom motorcycles and share them with everyone. I admit that you can say that Krugger Motorcycles redefine the words “custom bikers”. I was checking out Krugger Motorcycle and have stumbled on ’66 Honda CB450. Which I really liked, and it grabbed my attention.

Fred Krugger Quote “This bike is a tribute to a good Japanese friend of mine. It has been built to prove that my heart and my mind really belong to Japan! This is my vision of the legendary ’66 CB450 “Black Bomber”, one of the first really successful Japanese bikes in Europe.”

 Fred Krugger's '66 Honda CB450

Snow Racer

I like to check out BikeEXIF once or twice a week to see motorcycles that were customized by someone and shared. Our good friend Chris Hunter takes the time to bring us latest motorcycles. We want to share an interesting motorcycle brought to our attention at BikeEXIF. Eainger Kraftrad is a small German workshop that builds vintage Harley Davidson’s. Their latest build is Snow Racer inspired by 1930’s race bikes. It features 1946 U model engine fitted with 1936 VLH cylinders, giving it the capacity of 80ci…

Keep on reading by clicking here.

Snow motorcycle

Snow motorcycle

2013 International Motorcycle Show in New York

It was one of the best motorcycle shows I have been to so far in 2013. If you missed this year there is always next year, however you did miss a lot of fun. There were over 50 biker clubs at the Jacobs Javits Convention Center in New York. Victory has revealed their 15th Anniversary motorcycle on Friday, and everyone was able to see it on Saturday and Sunday. Harley Davidson had their own tactic of bringing attention, they were allowing people to sit on Harley and teach them how to ride a motorcycle. Of course everything was advised by Harley Davidson professionals. The show over all was amazing featuring J&P Cycles motorcycles, Suzuki Hayabusa, custom motorcycles, vendors, and so much more. It is hard to grasp all of it that happened in 5 hours into 1 post. However, we took over 500 pictures of motorcycles, and went through and threw out the bad ones that were smudged. All of pictures can be found here at our facebook page. On the blog will be posted only top 5 pictures.

Click here for all images from 2013 International Motorcycle Show in New York.

Easyriders Bike Show

It is first time I have heard about Easyriders Bike Show. I don’t know how many people know of them, but it brought thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts to Sacramento on their bikes for the annual Easyriders bike show at convention center. Organizers did not expect so many people to show up for a two day event. Easyriders bike show has all sort of vendors, from helmets, vests, chaps, to biker jewelry. Check out some of the pictures from the show by clicking here. Next year I hope to be there, and share even more pictures.

Easy Rider Convention

Easy Rider Convention

Easy Rider Convention



Confederate X132 Hellcat

Another beast, created to brake the world records. For only $72000 USD you can own this legend.  The Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat motorcycle is 2,000cc bike that pumps out 160bhp. Which combined with the ultra-light total weight of just 490 lbs. The name comes after legendary F6F Hellcat plane fighter from World War 2.

Confederate X132 Hellcat


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