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Lovely Lazy Long Weekend

The lovely lazy long weekend is gone, it passed by like 1199 Panigale S. The summer is almost over so let’s enjoy those couple of weeks that we have left and get out on the road.

We want you to share your weekend story with us! Maybe you have done something you never did? Share it with us!

Solo or Group?

I was wondering how many people like to ride solo or in a group?

I prefer to ride in a group, mainly because I feel part of a family.

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Moto Pickers “Fast with the Past”

“Fast with the Past”
So what are we talking about? It is a formula for television success, when you have two people obsessed with finding the best. This show will be similar to American Pickers, however  Moto Pickers will have only vintage motorcycles in their vision. They crave to bring you the best of vintage motorcycles. After fixing up the vintage motorcycle, they put a price tag on it, and wait until this beauty finds his home. You can find out more information here.

Styles of Road Motorcycles

  • Supersport
    Are supersport bikes one of the most popular bikes on market? I would answer yes to that question. Their design is sleek, breathtaking, and hot. Usually supersport bikes have an aggressive style of riding. However, mostly important they are the bikes that scare parents.
  • Naked
    Meaning that the motorcycle does not have fairings on front and the engine is exposed. Also some people choose those bikes for learning how to ride a motorcycle.
  • Cruiser
    What is the first cruiser that comes to your mind? Yes, Harley Davidson the king of all cruisers. These typical bikes have very upright style position, exposed engine, and some models have windshields.

I have come up with 3 styles, now I know that there are more out there but I think these 3 are mostly looked at. However, if you have a style that I have not mentioned please post it in a comment and I will be more than happy to add it to the list of styles. Thank you gratitude will be included in the post as well.

My Top Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

  • Motorcycles give you style
    When you are on a motorcycle you are viewed as a tough guy. There is definitely a macho thing about a guy who rides his motorcycle.
  • Leather
    Leather has been always viewed as sexy, protective, and most important windproof.
  • Trips are better on a bike than in car
    Imagine being out with your wife or husband on a ride to Sturgis Rally. The wind is blowing; the music is blasting while you listen to those deep words. Do you guys get my point?
  • Best way to meet new people
    When you are on the road you meet tons of people, friends, family, and even people you did not know until this trip. Who knows you may just find the missing half.
  • Rush and Adrenaline
    The sound of motorcycle is hot, and it gets the adrenaline pumping to my heart.
  • Getting closer to nature
    Those curvy roads, surrounded by mountains. When I ride my motorcycle I get lost for hours, I love the feeling of fresh air, and sound of my bike on the road.

There you have it, a full list of why I ride my motorcycle. Now, what are your top reasons to ride your motorcycle?

Facebook and Twitter Prizes for Bikers!

Welcome back bikers, we have great news for our readers! Do you guys love to win prizes and play games? Well, what are you waiting for? Come check out our Twitter and Facebook accounts. You will not be disappointed with our giveaways, because they are always different and bike related. Some of the prizes are motorcycle jackets, motorcycle vests, motorcycle sunglasses, motorcycle ladies apparel, motorcycle men’s apparel, motorcycle accessories, t-shirts, patches, and much more. The giveaways are once a week or sometimes even two to three times a week.

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