eBikerLeather Products Put To The Tests During A 6 Months Long Trip

Each day eBikerLeather sells thousands of products, and some get tested really rough by our customers. As you may have remembered eBikerleather is sponsoring in their trip for 6 months to 48 states. Recently eBikerLeather has received couple pictures from Sash Mouth and Steve wearing, and testing our merchandise. You can expect an review of our products within one week on . Below are some pictures and here is just a sentence of what Tina had to say about our products in email to us.

” I really love my jacket and I can’t believe the great quality!”

As you see not only we have the best pricing on motorcycle jackets, but we also carry the best quality leather jackets on the market. Don’t wait grab your biker gear today!

Check out Tina appearing on a radio show below, and talking about trip.


Sportster Based Custom by VTM

Designed by Bernard Buck Massart from the French custom motorcycle shop VTM. The motorcycle is build around Harley Davidson Sportster engine. The look and impression from the motorcycle I receive is looking to be designed on CAD system, but to be correct our friends at BikeExif have posted that it has cladding shaped by hand. Will we see more of this type of motorcycles more often on the road?

Harley-Davidson Sportster custom

Harley-Davidson Sportster custom by VTM

Improvements to eBikerLeather Blog

As you have noticed we are doing some changes to our blog. We are working on improving the navigation throughout our blog. For easy and fast way’s of finding the right post for you. eBikerLeather Blog has gained some pages in our navigation. One of the pages is Submit News to us. We want you to be part of our blog, so send us your news story for review. After the review is completed we will email scheduled time that the story will be posted.

Stories can vary in many different topics. For example take our blog, we have articles on apparel, accessories, facebook, fun stuff, and motorcycles. In order for us not to reject your news, please get familiar with our Submit News Requirements, there is only 3 that we follow.

Another page that we have added is banners. On there you will be able to find banners with our company’s logo and slogan. The banners are there to help us spread the word out that we are growing faster than expected. Our blog receives over 300 views a day, we are hoping to increase this to 1,000 pretty soon.

The last page that was recently added is Christmas gifts ideas. In that page you can find help in finding the correct gift for your loved ones. We have separated the products into categories, for easy navigation.

On right side of our blog you can find people that are advertising with us. But we will not advertise our competition. However, we do take every website into consideration, plus the advertising is free with us, unless you are in different niche than us. If you are for example blogging about animals, and our niche is motorcycles, please don’t send your website to us.

Importance of Gloves

Gloves play a big role in motorcycle apparel. Each one of us should have gloves on when riding motorcycle. How many times we have seen bikers not wearing gloves? Probably more then you or I can think of in 10 minutes. Recently, I read a story of a biker which did not end up with a happy ending. Her pride and joy was in a coma right after she was knocked off her bike. She was in comma for couple hours but the scare of not waking up was more horrifying then the crash. The only equipment she did not wear was her gloves, so her hands are scratches, and she thankfully got away with just a broken wrist. She woke up from the comma and now is at home with her family. However, her message to all of us is to wear all appropriate motorcycle gear that is required including the gloves. It is so easy to get knocked off your bike, it only takes one wrong decision, please be responsible and wear your proper riding gear.

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves

The Day After Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a stuffed stomach by the end of 11pm. Because it was shopping time. Well what got me irritated is that Wal-Mart and BestBuy were opening already at 8 or 9 o’clock. I was not ready to step away from the tablet at that time. So it came 10 o’clock when I decided to get out and go shopping. There were at least 8 of us at BestBuy line. It was a huge line, and the tension was high among people, when they saw people coming out with not 1 thing but full shopping carts. When we got in there, half of the stuff was sold out almost, but I managed to get me a Samsung LED TV 55″ for $799. I was really happy that people did not grab  on to all TV’s when I got there. The price 3 weeks before was $1799 so it was a great steal deal. Now some of us are waiting for cyber Monday, but I am not 100% convinced that it is the safest time to shop, since we all hear about many card frauds.

The Day After Thanksgiving

The Day After Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from eBikerLeather

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Black Friday Specials are now on sale! Use promo code GOBBLE at the check out for additional 15% OFF the low price on any item in our online store!

Happy Thanksgiving from eBikerLeather

Happy Thanksgiving from eBikerLeather

eBikerLeather Meeting Hallowed Sons MC

Remember of the two previous articles that we have posted on our blog about Hallowed Sons MC? Well you surely do, because of their outstanding courage and help after Sandy disaster at New Dorp Beach. As I have been in talks with Hallowed Sons MC, I have decided to go down and have a better understanding of how their club functions. As you know it is hard to get to know people when there is a lot to do. So we took our donations from eBikerLeather and have hit the road.

When I got there with my friend, the situation looked better than a day after Sandy. However, we saw houses and boats on the streets. It was first time in my life when I saw a real boat on the street, and it was a shocker. This huge boat just sitting there by a container. Some of the houses were in really bad conditions, like I seen couple houses collapsed totally, one house had no front entrance so you were able to see the whole room. Yes, it is as that bad, at New Dorp, and if you can please make a donation to help Hallowed Sons MC raise enough money for Thanksgiving.

I have met Ratchet from Hallowed Sons MC. His really cool, talked with me about how they started to help after Sandy hit. He also explained their goal for Thanksgiving, and I was able to see his passion for helping people. When we were talking I have found out that Ratchet is one of the founders of Hallowed Sons MC. He took the time out of his busy day to explain to me their whole process of helping. I really appreciate it, and thank him for doing that.

Later on I have met Hardway, another awesome person that took the time to talk with me. We have talked about the same stuff as with Ratchet, but in addition we have discussed their message on the website. Which states, “Our mission is to promote brotherhood, family values and community to all those around us. We will come together for one another and support one another for anything and everything. We will support our communities and protect our communities the best that we can…”.

Hardway has explained to me the meaning of this message, and did add that brother hood is most important to them. Which is extremely important for everyone to understand that when help is needed people should not have to ask, others just should take charge.

Huge Thank You goes out to Ratchet and Hardway for taking the time to talk with me, and making me understand their process of helping at New Dorp Beach.

Now it is your part, and help them to host Thanksgiving for those who lost everything at New Dorp Beach.

PayPal Link Donation

Hallowed Sons MC

Hallowed Sons MC at the camp ground.

Are trike motorcycles considered luxury?

The ultimate three wheeled machine designed to be the number one bad ass touring machine. As you have noticed before we wrote about Sturgis. Today we will focus on trike motorcycles, and their comfort. As you have noticed trike bikes are set up to be for long trips. We went down to Bergen County Harley-Davidson and had a test drive scheduled for Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic. On a scale from 1 to 5, let’s check out how well did Harley. The test was based on 5 people riding the same motorcycle.

Comfort: 5 Stars
Space of Seating: 5 Stars
Steering: 4.8 Stars
Road Bumps: 4.8 Stars
Radio & Speakers: 5 Stars

Harley Davidson Trike Tri Glide Ultra Classic

Harley Davidson Trike Tri Glide Ultra Classic

Over all the Tri Glide did very well on our tests. All of 5 people were satisfied with the motorcycle. Which meant they would buy it. We also have grabbed two people randomly from the dealer (not workers, just regular customers), and asked them to do a Comfort & Seating analysis on the Tri Glide. They were both happy with the comfort, and gave it 5 stars.

So as you can see comfort plays a big role in bikers life. The more comfortable that seat is the longer and better the trips will be. In conclusion we believe that the test prove a lot about Harley Davidson Tri Glide. Are we allowed to call trike motorcycles to be the luxury of motorcycle world? I believe so!

Settle for Comfort

Born to be wild, but settling for comfort? Have you noticed that a lot of people prefer to settle for comfort while riding their motorcycle. What has inspired me to write about this topic was Sturgis Rally last year.

We all know anyone can get to Sturgis. But the way you get there matters mostly. Whether you prefer comfort or not, you still riding that motorcycle down to Sturgis. Now last Sturgis Rally what I have noticed that a lot of people came with their motorcycles but in trailers. I was surprised, by the amount of people showing up like that. I don’t know if it is because of all the stealing that goes on, age, miles, hours, gas  or comfort issues.

If you have a show bike, it will not be as comfortable as Harley Davidson. So you are probably better off not riding it for long time. But a lot of people did have different types of motorcycles, and most of them seemed very comfortable.

If you are in that age of not being able to ride, it is understandable that you will choose the comfort, and we do agree with that. But now if you are at the age where you can show your freedom and ride a car to Sturgis than it shows that you are not a real biker. Most people don’t understand that a real biker, rides his motorcycle to every event in the United States.

Comfort will win with you. We are at 21st century and our seats are more comfortable than back in the days. But back in the days bikers rode their bikes to events, not the car.

My opinion is if you can ride a motorcycle, be in the right category of age, than you should be riding your motorcycle on daily basis. Miles, gas, hours and comfort will not matter to you.

Settle for Comfort

Remember to Wear Your Leathers

We all know to wear full set of leather while riding a motorcycle. Which are jacket, gloves, pants/chaps, and boots. Don’t forget helmet, even though it is not leather. Leather can protect your skin from nasty road burn or scratches; it will save your life in most cases. Don’t feel weird about wearing leather!

We have found a cool video that shows what we mean.

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