The Art of Custom Engraving

Our number one goal is to bring you the best news from all websites to one website. Each day we set out and hunt for the news that will interest you about motorcycles industry. Today we saw an article at Cyril Huze blog about custom engraving. At first glance the article did not catch my eyes, but what did were the engraved pictures.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Herman D’Aloia moved to California when he was only 5 years old. D’Aloia started to practice metal engraving by hand. Herman started to pick up techniques, like hammer, chisel and air assisted to improve his engraving skills. It takes a lot of time, and its breathtaking to engrave in metal with your own hands.

If you are looking for custom art of engraving in metal than Herman is your man to contact. Visit his website to find more engraving pictures, or styles that he has done in the past. Click here to visit Herman’s website.

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