Style Considered-Choosing Leather Gear in Accordance With Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle protective gear dates back to 1935. This early interest developed after the death of T.E Lawrence who crashed while riding his motorbike. This demise could have been prevented if he had some protective gear on him at the time of the crash. This is the reason why today there is so much emphasis on putting on the correct protective gear before riding your motorcycle.

The most common material used for the protective gear is leather. This is because of the strength of its fabric to absorb friction. This makes it ideal to protect you in case of an accident. Your body will be safely protected beneath the leather. This reduces instances of burns and bruises. The protective gear comes in the form of a trouser and a jacket. They come in many designs and style. You should be able to pick one that will best suite your needs.

The style considered while choosing a leather protective gear should put into consideration the following. First and foremost, the body parts to be protected. These include the elbows, knees, chest and back. The leather jackets should be padded on the elbow. This is just the extra clothing that is added on the inside of the elbow part of the jacket. It serves to protect your hands in case you fall off the motorbike. The knee receives the same kind of protection. The style of leather jacket chosen should also be heavy around the chest area.

While riding a motorcycle you are going against a fast moving wind current. This wind is able to penetrate through your clothes and into your body. Without the correct protective gear you will be exposed to chest problems. Therefore it is important that the kind of jacket that you chose to be made heavier at the chest area. This will keep you warm and safe from the wind.

Apart from the safety part of the protective aspect of this gear, it is important that you get a style that is in line with your daily activities. For instance if you use your motorcycle to go to work, consider a black leather gear. This will blend easily with your official wear. You can even retain the leather jacket during the cold season and it will complement your official wear. If your bike is just for leisure activities you are free to explore the style and designs that are available in the market.

Above all the leather protective gear should be comfortable. Leather is a heavy material. Therefore it can be cumbersome if it is not tailored correctly. While buying the gear put in on and make sure it is a perfect fit. A loose gear will not only come with additional weight but also resistance to the wind. Remember that when you are on the motorcycle you should be as streamlined as possible. This allows you to glide smoothly while on the road.

A good motorcycle leather protective gear should blend safety and style together. The contact for dsa comes in handy while you want to inquire more about your safety while on the road on a motorcycle.

Guest Post By: Sarah Crompton

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