Indian Motorcycles Plans To Show Up In India And China

The 2013 has been a big year for Indian Motorcycle and Harley Davidson. However, I do believe that Indian steered up some of the fame from Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary. As we get close to the release of new Indian Chief in 2014, Indian does not plan to stop just there. They are currently planning out their move to Indian and China. What we were not expecting is for them to make the move so soon. Under the management of Polaris, Indian is looking to catch up to Harley and steal more than half of Harley’s market. We all know that Harley has a strong presence in Indian and has been there already for 3 years, and is starting to make couple of Harley models in India.

The Spirit of Munro Powered by Thunder Stroke 111 Engine

Indian Motorcycle company is taking a huge step forward, I have to say that I am impressed, with their actions. As we have mentioned in our previous posts, that Harley will have competition rolling in, and Polaris is not wasting any time to get Victory Motorcycle, and Indian Motorcycles out on the road. Recently Victory Motorcycles introduced their huge trust to bikers. Victory Motorcycles offers bring it back plan, and receive money back; read more here.

Indian Motorcycle

On Saturday evening March 8th, 2013, after presenting thunder stroke 111 to everyone at Daytona Bike Week; Indian Motorcycles had another great surprise announced to the crowd gathered at Dirty Harry’s on Daytona Main Street. Burt Munro motorcycle will be powered by the new Thunder Stroke 111 engine.

Indian Motorcycle

For those who don’t know who Burt Munro is I strongly suggest watching, “The World’s Fastest Indian” movie. It is one of the best motorcycle movies, with no doubt it is a must see before end of 2013. The fact that everyone should know about Burt Munro is that he set a world record at Bonneville in 1967.

Indian Motorcycle

Going back to the motorcycle, Spirit of Munro is fully custom build, all metal tribute to the racers and technicalities during the making of history. Spirit of Munro is a runner, not a display bike, which is great news for Indian Motorcycle fans. The bike was build with help of Jeb Scolman of Jeb’s Metal and speed in Long Beach, California.

Indian Motorcycle

As I was browsing around for more news on Indian Motorcycles, I have stumbled on news that the Spirit of Munro is currently on display at the Daytona International Speedway every day of Daytona Bike Week, and it will take part in the Indian Motorcycle Spring Dash lap of Daytona 200 on March 16th, 2013. Cyril Huze

Image credit goes to BikeExif

More Harley Davidson Bikes To Be Made in India

Could it possibly be that India market will be the new hip market for motorcycles? I surely hope so, that Harley Davidson, and Victory Motorcycles will hit a jack pot in Indian market. Harley Davidson decided to add 3 more motorcycles to their fleet of India built motorcycles. Here are the lucky 3 additional motorcycles that will be built in India; Fat Boy, Fat Boy Special, and Heritage Softail Classic. The full selection of motorcycles that is in United States will not be available at India.

Harley-Davidson bikes to be made in India

Let’s take a look at this in money situation; some of us have to wonder what will be the pricing for HD motorcycles. For example Fat Boy will be available for $27,245 instead of $35,565; a really big price difference. Another motorcycle is Fat Boy Special will be available for $28,525 instead of $36,020. And the last one but not least is Heritage Softail Classic for $29,715 instead of $37,390. With this I should also mention that the prices seem high but Indian import duties for bikes over 800cc are 75% with proposed reduction to 60%.

Harley Davidson Rentals

Lately I have noticed that Harley Davidson is advertising their rental dealer locations more often. Harley Davidson is celebrating the 110th Anniversary, and this might be a marketing tactic that is used with the anniversary. However, I do admit that they have locked in over 220,000 hours of riding and excess of 50 million miles, which is 80.5 million km. So far I do believe that Harley Davidson is stealing the spot light from Indian Motorcycles. Harley Davidson has 224 authorized rental locations in US and Canada, some of 121 in other 18 countries.

With a rental of Harley Davidson you get, Harley Davidson helmet, rain gear, short term luggage storage, and 24 hour roadside assistance. In order for you to be able to rent the motorcycle you need to be at least 21 and have A license. I don’t think we need to mention that you do have to be able to hold heavyweight motorcycles.

Harley Davidson Rentals

Harley Davidson 110TH Anniversary

Harley Davidson is not stopping with their celebration of 110th Anniversary. In fact they have added another cool feature allowing you to be part of 110th Anniversary. Leave your mark at the 110TH Anniversary celebration by submitting your picture to Harley Davidson. All you have to have is a picture that is at least size of 1mb and you are good to go. It takes time for the picture to show up, Harley Team has to verify that the picture is not offensive or breaking any laws. It is only 3 Steps to create your own 110th Anniversary  picture.

Click here to create your own 110th Anniversary picture. Or click here to view the complete wall of pictures.

The picture below is our 110th Anniversary memory picture created by our crew.

110TH Anniversary Create Your Own Memory

110TH Anniversary Create Your Own Memory

101 Reasons to Own and Ride Harley Davidson

Have you wondered sometimes if you should buy a Harley Davidson? If you did here are the top 101 reasons to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle, presented by Bernie’s Biker Page.

All credit goes to Bernie’s Biker Page.

  1. They’re made in North America. Most of their components, anyway.
  2.  They’re loud (or they can be with a little help).
  3.  They’re beautiful.
  4.  Everyone wants to own one.
  5.  There are thousands of accessories available, so you can make your Harley uniquely yours.
  6.  They can be painted outrageous colors, with strange murals, and no one thinks they look terrible or silly. They just look like Harley.
  7.  There are more Harley mechanics around than for any other bike.
  8.  Even an old, beaten up one looks good.
  9.  They have a long, rich history and heritage.
  10. Anyone can ride one.
  11. Everyone recognizes a Harley.
  12. You can get a Harley tattoo.
  13. You can get a Harley bumper sticker.
  14. They hold their value, most of it, even years later.
  15. There are songs about riding Harley. There are even collections of Harley music on CD.
  16. You can find more Harley parts at swap meets and flea markets than for any other bike.
  17. You can get a loan to buy a Harley easier than most other motorcycles.
  18. You can buy a fully-dressed Harley with a radio; comfy seats with armrests; a big, useful windshield; solid saddle bags and a trunk, and no one thinks you’re an old fart when you ride it.
  19. You never have to wonder how to spend your extra money.
  20. You always know there’s something appropriate you can give as a gift to a Harley rider.
  21. You can join a HOG chapter, wear a patch and pretend you’re a 1% on weekend rides, then go back to your real life on week days without getting into serious trouble.
  22. An old Harley rusting in a barn is probably still worth something to someone.
  23. When your Harley is stored away for the winter, you never feel ridiculous when you go to the garage to sit on it or polish a little chrome.
  24. When you say you’re going to clean the bike, your spouse will always know what you’re up to for the next few hours and not have to worry.
  25. It can make you smile on a bad day.
  26. It gives the local police a way to earn their salaries and keeps them wondering if you’re a badass biker or maybe really an influential judge or lawyer under those leathers.
  27. It gives you the opportunity to try out every metal polish and auto cleaner in the hardware store.
  28. Every man’s second childhood is more fun on a Harley.
  29. Even a small Harley is a big bike.
  30. You don’t have to wear a lime-green and purple leather body suit to ride a Harley.
  31. You’re more willing to go out and pick up milk and the newspaper if you can ride to the store on your Harley.
  32. You can wear a Harley cap and not look as silly as 99 per cent of people who wear baseball caps (except of course backwards, which immediately identifies you as a dweeb regardless of the brand name… Remember: people who can’t figure out which way a hat goes on are also poor prospects for mates.).
  33. Unlike sport bikes, you don’t need to visit your chiropractor after riding a Harley for more than 15 minutes.
  34. You never have to explain or apologize for your choice or ride.
  35. No one ever asks you to race them.
  36. There’s something infinitely satisfying about that big-twin rumble.
  37. You always have something to talk about with other Harley riders.
  38. You can always find an after-market part for any Harley, no matter how old it is.
  39. The chrome is on all the right parts, but you can always add more or take some off and it still looks good.
  40. If you own two Harley, people get even more jealous than if you have just one.
  41. They have only one carburetor to adjust.
  42. They’re always in style.
  43. If you ride another motorcycle at 40, people think you’re either crazy or haven’t grown up. If you ride a Harley at 40, people think you’re young at heart and have style.
  44. Harley riders always have something to talk about at parties.
  45. Sure you can ride other motorcycles to Daytona and Sturgis, but why?
  46. Women riding Harley look sexy, confident and independent.
  47. Cleaning your bike becomes an act of love and respect – almost worship – with a Harley.
  48. Harley riders have a better sex life. Honest!
  49. Harley riders are recognized worldwide. Wear a Harley cap or T-shirt anywhere in the world and someone will walk up and talk to you about your bike.
  50. People can argue endlessly about the technical advantages and ergonomics of other motorcycles, but when it’s all been said, Harley riders get on their bikes and ride away with a smile.
  51. Harley riders always have a wrench handy to loan someone.
  52. Harley riders never have to worry about their Harley-riding friends asking to borrow money.
  53. Harley riders learn to say ‘No’ early to people who ask to borrow their bike. This skill is useful when dealing with sales people, Jehovah’s Witnesses and children.
  54. Harley riders always turn heads going through the center of town.
  55. Harley owners can (almost) always get a loan (although they may not be eligible for a Harley Davidson credit card simply because they own a Harley!… or a house, a computer, another motorcycle and a car… or have a steady job and no significant debt… maybe you have to be Bill Gates to qualify, because I have all the rest and I still didn’t qualify).
  56. Harley riders don’t have to worry about their bikes being outdated by new technology.
  57. Long-term marriages are safer with a Harley because the husband will be too preoccupied with the bike to bother meeting other women. And the wife always knows where hubby is when he’s not in the house… he’s in the garage, polishing something or out riding around town showing off.
  58. When someone asks “What do you ride,” everyone understands “Harley.” They don’t care what the model is. If you tell them a GSX… or a CBR… or an Intruder… or an ST100… or any of these makes, you have to explain who makes it and what kind of bike it is. Note the eyes of your audience glazing over…
  59. You meet more people at bike shows and rallies who ride Harley.
  60. Speed doesn’t matter on a Harley.
  61. Harley even make good rat bikes.
  62. You can ride a Harley in rodeo and field day competitions at bike rallies (try riding a sport bike in the barrel push… or the weenie bite).
  63. If you want speed and power, you can buy a Buell and still have a Harley. And when people ask you what it is and you tell them, they get a wonderful look of amazement and say things like “Gee, I didn’t know they made one like that…”
  64. There are more Harley riders at any gathering than any other bike rider.
  65. Harley still offers demos and test rides.
  66. No matter that he rode a 1953 Triumph Thunderbird in his role, everyone still believes Marlon Brando rode a Harley in the movie The Wild One. Harley makes its own mythology.
  67. When you do the wave to another Harley on the highway they wave back.
  68. Every other issue aside, Harley takes pride in its people, and its people take pride in Harley. Harley Davidson aren’t built on a faceless assembly line that cranks out motorcycles by the ton, it isn’t just a product pumped out for consumption. It’s made by people who care, for people who believe in it.
  69. You get more grins per mile, even in the rain!
  70. You dont need to understand “double overhead cam’s” to maintain them.
  71. Harley riders understand that if you have 2 Haley’s you are not rich, if you have 2 Harley you have no money at all!
  72. Non-Harley riders will never borrow your tools…no metric!
  73. Harley Davidson feel better than any other bike. You can feel the rumble pulse through you as you ride.
  74. You don’t have to drop the engine out to work on it.
  75. You can find any style of seat for every year.
  76. You can build one from the ground-up, and everyone thinks its cool.
  77. If you have to ask or have it explained, you wouldn’t understand.
  78. They can get you laid!
  79. The older you are the better; the idle helps keep your pacemaker synchronized…
  80. Simply put, “They’re big, they’re bad, and they look good!!!!!
  81. So you can have nice, wide, soft seat to fit your old, wide, soft butt.
  82. When people ask “Isn’t there a waiting list?”, you can tell them “Yeah, I waited 33 years and 9 Jap bikes”
  83. Harley sales critters gotta eat to
  84. Help keep your neighbors from sleeping away their whole weekend!
  85. You can do your part to keep the highways properly lubricated.
  86. Lots of extra protein from those bug hits while Rollin’ on and smilin’ wide!
  87. Remember those old-time vibrating exercise belt machines? Think of all the flab you can shake off just going to the grocery store!
  88. Let’s just think of them as the Winnebago of motorcycles — room for everything you ever wanted to bring along… and then some.
  89. It’s a piece of physical fitness equipment — you have to make sure that you are in shape, just in case you ever have to stand it back up.
  90. You don’t have to explain your mid-life crisis in detail — “got a Harley” will suffice nicely.
  91. If someone cuts in front of you in traffic, then sees you in the mirror, you have the “Biker on a Harley” intimidation factor on your side.
  92. If you get stuck in boring business meetings, you can always think about that stretch of back road with the big sweeping turns.
  93. “Honey, it’s economical — gets GREAT gas mileage!”
  94. You can putz along at 20MPH, and still look dangerous.
  95. If things got bad, you could melt it down and have enough iron to build a locomotive.
  96. Think of it as “dry cleaning” for your brain — hop on and do a few miles, and it’s amazing how much clearer things are.
  97. You have a great excuse to wear really old jeans – “He rides a Harley” explains it all.
  98. You get to hear that neat “plop” sound that comes as their jaws hit the pavement.
  99. Relieve eye strain and muscle tension — crank it up and shake ’em around for a while.
  100. When someone asks what color it is, you can answer “mostly chrome”!
  101. Because you’ve wanted one since you were 11 years old, and that was a very long time ago!

All credit goes to Bernie’s Biker Page.

Reasons to own Harley Davidson

Reasons to own Harley Davidson

Hardcore Sin Rival Motorcycle

Love a Softail? But would prefer to turn grab more attention on the road? We have the solution for you, check out Sin Rival motorcycle from Hardcore Cycles. The name Sin Rival is Spanish, and when you translates it means “without rivals”. In other words, meaning the best bike in the world. Marcus Walz has done so many rebuilds of Harley Davidson motorcycles, and it does not matter to them what type, like FatBoy, Night Train or any other Harley Davidson series motorcycle. The customization package starts at $29,000 including custom paint job. You can add on stuff while they build the bike, but it will cost extra. Another great accessory they add to the price is the certificate of authenticity to prove the value of your ride, if you would like to sell it.

Hardcore Sin Rival

Hardcore Sin Rival

Motorcycle Auction Results Las Vegas 2013

Ever wonder how much your old Harley Davidson is worth? Maybe it is time to head down to one of the auctions and check out the pricing. I was researching for old Harley Davidson’s for my next topic to blog about, but I did stumble on a different topic. As you can see the older the Harley does not mean more money for it. Check out the numbers that some of the Harley’s have been sold for.

All motorcycles are sorted between 1913 and 1976, starting with 1913.

1913       Harley   Model 9B                             $70,000

1916       Harley   Race Replica                        $55,000

1920       Harley   W Sport                               $28,000

1920       Harley   Model W                              $10,000

1923       Harley   Factory Racer                  $205,000  no sale

1925       Harley J & sidecar                            $20,000

1926       Harley   Factory Hillclimber           $85,000   no sale

1929       Harley   JD racer                               $19,000

1931       Harley   VL                                          $19,000

1934       Harley   VLD & sidecar                     $23,000

1936       Harley   VL                                          $15,000

1936       Harley   VLH                                       $32,000   no sale

1936       Harley   VLH                                         $3,200   no sale

1938       Harley   WLDR                                    $18,000

1939       Harley   V                                             $23,500

1942       Harley   WLA Military                        $19,000   no sale

1942       Harley   WLA                                       $15,610

1943       Harley   WLC                                       $16,500

1947       Harley   FL                                            $20,000

1947       Harley   WL                                           $8,500   no sale

1947       Harley   WL Custom                             $12,500   no sale

1947       Harley   EL Knucklehead                     $40,000   no sale

1949       Harley   WL                                           $14,000

1957       Harley   Servicar                                   $10,000

1958       Harley   FL DuoGlide                            $18,500   no sale

1959       Harley   STU 165                                     $5,750

1960       Harley   KR750 racer                           $21,000

1960       Harley   XLCH                                      $10,000

1961       Harley   XLCH                                      $11,000

1961       Harley   XLH Sportster                        $5,500

1962       Harley   FLH                                         $15,500

1963       Harley   Panhead                                 $14,500

1964       Harley   FLH                                        $14,000

1965       Harley   Aermacchi CRTT racer        $7,000   no sale

1966       Harley   Servicar                                 $20,000

1967       Harley   KRTT 750 Racer                  $27,500

1967       Harley   Sportster                                $16,500

1968       Harley   Aermacchi CR250                  $6,750

1968       Harley XLH Sportster                          $8,500

1970       Harley   XR750                                   $32,500

1970       Harley   XLCH Streamliner               $36,000

1970       Harley   FLH                                        $11,250

1972       Harley   FLH                                         $10,000

1974       Harley   FXE                                         $7,500

1976       Harley   XLH                                        $3,500

Factory Harley dirt track racer gor bids up to $205,000 but did not meet reserve

Factory Harley dirt track racer got bids up to $205,000 but did not meet reserve

River Falls Public Library’s Motorcycle Exhibit

Mark Tomlinson reveals the 1969 Honda 450 P Police motorcycle kept in the first aid box to Maureen Olle Lajoie at “That’s a Fine Motorbike”, exhibit of fine, vintage and rare custom motorcycles. The exhibit will run through January 27th. Among the 25 motorcycles there are motorcycles like:

  • 1942 World War II Harley with decked out canteen and rifle holster
  • 1947 Fan powered bicycle
  • 2001 Rally BMW ridden on the Baja 1000 Course
  • 1966 Triton 750 with silver gas tank
  • 1969 450 Honda police motorcycle complete with siren, flashing lights, and aid kit
  • 1998 FXWG Dyna Wide Glide Harley Davidson
  • Rocket powered Harley Davidson was ridden by a man  named Human Fly to jump over 26 buses in 1977 at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal
  • 1971 Yamaha XS650
  • 1966 Triton
  • 1970 Ducati

There are many companies that you can see, like Honda, Suzuki, Norton, Triumph, Harley and BMW. Come down to Wisconsin, River Falls Public Library and check out the motorcycles.

Organizer Mark Tomlinson reveals a flask that the owner of a 1969 Honda 450 P police motorcycle kept in the first-aid box to Maureen Olle-Lajoie at “That's a Fine Motorbike,” an exhibit of fine, vintage, rare and custom motorcycles  at the River Falls Public Library.

Official Moto Guzzi California 1400

We all have heard of the rumors and the not official leaks of photos about California 1400. But now it is official the Moto Guzzi California 1400 has released official pictures of the motorcycle. What should you expect? First of all the change in design, it appears to be more slick and curvy than past years. Second of all the California 1400 will come with 1380cc V-Twin. Then there are things like, led lamps, traction control, sports tuned chassis, and more.

As you can see this California 1400 is equipped with multi functions and has promising features. I also have thought that this would be a good competition for Harley Davidson.

Moto Guzzi California 1400

Moto Guzzi California 1400

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