Indian Motorcycles Plans To Show Up In India And China

The 2013 has been a big year for Indian Motorcycle and Harley Davidson. However, I do believe that Indian steered up some of the fame from Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary. As we get close to the release of new Indian Chief in 2014, Indian does not plan to stop just there. They are currently planning out their move to Indian and China. What we were not expecting is for them to make the move so soon. Under the management of Polaris, Indian is looking to catch up to Harley and steal more than half of Harley’s market. We all know that Harley has a strong presence in Indian and has been there already for 3 years, and is starting to make couple of Harley models in India.


Harley Davidson World Ride 2013

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Indian Motorcycle Marketing Strategy

I wish I could re-blog Cyril Huze blog post about Indian Motorcycles Marketing Strategy, but I can’t. So I am going to copy it, all credits go to Cyril Huze Blog. Pictures are provided by Cyril Huze Blog.

Enjoy! This is worth the 5 minutes of your time to read this article. It will give you perspective of Indian Motorcycles Vs. Harley Davidson.



Choice is coming to American motorcycles. Are you of the Harley-Davidson or Indian Motorcycle type? Of both? It is my opinion that the motorcycle industry needs another high profile American motorcycle brand and that the Indian launch will positively disrupt the market, growing our industry, creating a healthy competition primarily with Harley-Davidson and marginally with other V-Twin brands, American or foreign.

Let me first mention that all decision-makers and strategists involved in the Indian Motorcycle re-launch – I talked several times to most of them – have the highest respect for Harley-Davidson. They also know that by offering very soon another American choice to bikers they are going to re-activate the pre-1953 rivalry, both on the road and on the track. I don’t know anyone, biker or professional from the industry complaining about an up-coming competition between the two brands.

During the last 50 years motorcycling has become socially respectable. In the ’90s, for whatever reasons (I may develop this topic in another post), the upper class of lawyers, doctors, real estate developers, dentists, etc started to ride expensive Harleys, playing the biker outlaws on weekends and during a couple of big rallies like Daytona and Sturgis. Harley-Davidson sold a lot of bikes to them until many Rich Urban Bikers looked for other ways to have fun. Then in 2008, the US recession hit hard with Harley-Davidson realizing that its core clientele was soon getting too old to ride, and started courting not only younger potential bikers, but also pursuing all sort of hobbyists in many social categories, either women, Latinos, blacks. In addition, Harley started  focusing its efforts on foreign markets like Asia to compensate for what Harley sees as a very low potential for growth in the USA, probably for the next 10 years. It is well known that many core Harley bikers, right or wrong, feel alienated by Milwaukee’s last years strategy (and it includes foreign made parts assembled on its “American” motorcycles) and would abandon Harley for another American brand like Indian if the opportunity was given to them…


In this context, can Polaris seriously compete with Harley-Davidson with its new Indian model(s)? No denial that Harley is and will remain a legend. But the Indian brand remains iconic around the world despite the fact that the final production run of the final genuine Indians (the Blackhawk, a version of the side-valve 80-inch Chief) came in 1953. Also despite several failed attempts to re-launch the brand. After 60 years of “silence”, in terms of “good will” towards the brand, Indian is at least as powerful, if not more, than Harley is. With the right bikes, it says a lot about the potential of Indian to rival with Harley-Davidson motorcycle and biker gear offering.

Indianengine1      Indianengine2

The marketing and advertising gurus handling the Polaris launch of the new Indian motorcycle(s) are acutely aware that relaunching such an icon can be tricky. Expectations are so high… Success will depend on the bike(s) themselves (design & technology), on their price(s) and of course on the way Indian establishes its marketing position statement versus the competition. Credibility? As of today, especially after unveiling the brand new Thunder Stroke 111, Polaris has already convinced the motorcycle industry, media and the vast majority of bikers that they understand the culture, are able to offer an Indian engine “honoring the past and powering the future.”. Succeeding, as Indian says “at capturing the iconic design and styling aspects of the 112-year old brand’s most historic models and fusing that heritage with state-of-the-art technology and progressive design elements.” Price of its new model(s)? I guess we will know soon, and it will affect the percentage of people jumping ship right away for Indian (By the way, how many have already postponed a new or used Harley purchase until the new Indian is unveiled?) Marketing and advertising strategy? It is evidenced by the 2 new Indian Motorcycle ads illustrating this article. Who is going to ride the new Indian? 1- All those who identify themselves as core bikers, not hobbyists (ad number 1). 2- All those who stand apart, who want to challenge the status quo, who understand and live the lifestyle (Ad number 2) 3- All those who, since a long time and for whatever reason, wish to have an American brand alternative to Harley-Davidson…


So, will Polaris take in a couple of years with its Indian Motorcycle brand a very significant share of the Harley-Davidson domestic market? Now is your turn to tell me and all readers: which brand do you identify yourself the most with (look again at the 2 ads I feature); your overall thoughts about Indian’s product/marketing/advertising strategy; what do you feel Indian’s chances are to succeed; and if you are a Harley or V-Twin motorcycle rider, if you would be willing to switch right away for the new Indian motorcycle to be unveiled in a few months, or purchase one as a second bike.

Ferrari F40 and Harley Davidson Sportster Concept

As some motorcycle concepts look amazing others just are not the brightest build in the world. But not long ago DP Customs launched a design contest for one of their future bikes. many have submitted their designs, but the one that received most attention is by Paolo. Paolo designed a themed Ferrari F40 themed Harley Davidson concept motorcycle. By now we all should know that the Sportster is the best motorcycle from Harley to customize.

The contest had basic rules, and the design had to be on a Sportster. While some may believe that this rule was too much of restriction to their imagination, but that did not affect Paolo. The perfect touch of paint, edgier lines, and body work on the Harley, bring out the best design of the old F40 Ferrari.

Ferrari F40-Inspired Harley-Davidson Concept

Paolo's F40 Sportster concept

Man and Machine Unite to Awaken Rumble Power

Was your dream working for Marvel? If so check out Harley Davidson and Iron Man 3 they have teamed up to give you exclusive show down for May 3rd; the release day for Iron Man 3. Harley Davidson has come up with a cool way to promote Iron Man 3 and to give you a chance to create your own Avengers comic. All you have to do is create a hero and pick your machine. At the Comic-Con if your story and bike gets picked you will be the winner of Harley Davidson Street Bob motorcycle designed by you. Good luck, and make your story inspiring and interesting.

Harley Davidson and Marvel

Hit The Stage With Harley & Kid Rock

I have to say that I am glad to see Kid Rock in the promo video for Harley Davidson. I believe that their partnership will show much more to Harley Davidson fans. Not only that but fans that follow Kid Rock they will fall in love with Harley Davidson. The partnership bring together Harley Davidson as title sponsor of Kid Rock’s Rebel Soul tour; on which Harley plans to offer, and exceed your expectations with their attractions at each of the 60 stops during the Rebel Soul Tour.

Click here to enter: Hit The Stage With Harley & Kid Rock

Watch the video below to find out more.

The Enorm V3 Bullet eBike Looks More Like A Motorcycle?

Since some time now companies have been completing in who has the ability to bring green into their rides. Mostly those are new start-up companies that feel if they can produce an eco bike that it will grab attention from Harley or Indian. However, this will not happen for the next 10 years probably. We have seen plenty of e motorcycles in the makes from different companies. However, we did not see Harley, Indian, or Victory motorcycles hit the green transportation trend. Even though the green bikes are able to do 62 miles on 1 charge, it won’t be for long time till they get popular.

Enorm V3 Bullet eBiker Looks More Like A Motorcycle?

If the companies hit that stage where on a single ride you will be able to enjoy the journey, speed, sound, vibration etc than the e motorcycles will be a success. For riders that ride Harley, Indian, or Victory motorcycles it will be a hard switch to the e motorcycles.

The V3 Bullet stylish design allows it to have huge 24 inch in the back wheel, and 26 inch in the front wheel, giving the motorcycle bold look. The rumors have been that the Enorm V3 is going to come with a Smartphone, but so far there is no insights if it will be a Smartphone like iPhone, Galaxy or their own branded phone. The top speed has not been revealed for V3 Bullet yet. The asking price for Enorm V2 is around $5,200 but you can bet that the V3 won’t be cheap for an e motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Rake Kit

Have you been wondering if you should install rake kit on your Harley Davidson Road King? If yes, than we recommend checking out this Kewl Metal’s rake kit for your Harley Davidson. Rake kits are usually used for customizing your motorcycle, and they do give your motorcycle that custom look. The Kewl Metal Nacelle is 3″ through the center and provides awesome custom look. While offering the same correct mount for headlights. The rake kit comes in prime finish, which means that it is ready for any customization that you will throw at it. Most important piece of this Kewl Metal Nacelle rake kit is that they make them in US, and are easy to set up, but the starting price is at $375.

Kewl Metal Nacelle

HD Rake Kit

Ultimate Bike Tuning

Are you a fan of adding L.E.D lights to your motorcycle? You are in luck! We have noticed really cool L.E.D tuning done by Darkside Scientifics. At Daytona Bike Week you are able to see new designs, new improvements, babes, and now L.E.D tuning. L.E.D tuning was around for years; however, it just did not adopt to motorcycles same way as it adopted to cars. If Harley Davidson would have this patent pending approval they would make a lot of money on it instead of the Candy type patent. Tanks, helmets, frame elements, all can be charged up to light up with just a flick of switch or pulse. Check out the video below to see what we mean, that this will be the next cool thing to hit motorcycles.


New Harley Davidson Breakout

Harley Davidson has unveiled the all new Breakout at Daytona Bike Week in Florida. The new Harley is eye catching, and loaded with premium features. Breakout will feature Twin Cam 103 V-Twin power unit in black trim with chrome accents. Breakout features new classic design, that allows for wide customization. With its big wheels, big paint and classic drag bike attitude meeting premium and modern refinement in this new attention grabbing performance cruiser.

Harley described the new Breakout as, “an urban prowler, a bike ready for a midnight ramble to the roadhouse or an rib joint rendezvous with the crew. Green light? Crack the throttle to deliver a muscle dose of American V-Twin torque and etch the asphalt with fat rear tire.” Cyril Huze

2013 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Breakout® Motorcycles Photos, Videos & 360°

 2013 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Breakout® Motorcycles Photos, Videos & 360°

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