Ride Safely with the Most Crucial Accessories

Guest Post By: Sarah Parr

As a symbol of freedom and adventure, motorcycles are exhilarating but they can also be dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website shows that there has been a 55 percent increase in motorcycle accident deaths since 2000. Despite the risks associated with riding a motorcycle, motorcyclists can increase their safety with the latest technology in protective gear.


A helmet is the most important item to protect a motorcyclist. A motorcyclist should only purchase and wear a DOT-approved helmet — a helmet that has undergone extensive testing. These DOT tests have been mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration since the 1970s. To the dismay of many motorcycle safety advocates, the helmet market includes countless novelty helmets that put style before safety. In a few instances, a novelty helmet has been the primary reason for the death of a motorcyclist, and the death could’ve been prevented if the rider had invested in a safer helmet.

The CDC’s statistics reveal that helmets can definitely save lives. In the example, the CDC’s website reports that helmets have helped prevent an estimate of 37 percent of crash deaths among motorcyclists and 41 percent of crash deaths for motorcycle passengers.


After twilight and during extreme weather conditions, it can be difficult to see a motorcyclist on the road. When a rider chooses to wear visibility gear, though, he or she increases his or her chance of being seen by others on the road. As well as equipping a DOT-approved helmet, a motorcyclist should wear reflective, bright clothing with good coverage and gloves with a secure grip.  A motorcyclist could also choose boots with reinforcement and plastic  caps on the ankle and toe areas.

A large amount of debris could fly up and hit a motorcyclist on a routine ride, so it’s best for a motorcyclist to wear thick, weatherproof clothing with extra support in the elbow, spine and shoulder regions. It is even smart for a motorcyclist to wear protective eye wear.

Eye wear

Many helmets provide eye protection, but if not, a motorcyclist can invest in a pair of safety eye wear. The eye wear should enhance vision while also protecting from sun, wind, rain, debris and insects. Competent Eye wear also provides UV ray protection, has a scratch resistant lens, and fog resistant coatings, according to CaliforniaBiker.org.

There are many ways a motorcyclist can equip him or herself for ultimate motorcycle safety. A DOT-approved helmet could be the difference between life and death for a rider. Also, sturdy high visibility gear allows riders to be seen well on the road, especially at night and during rough weather. The eyes should be thoroughly protected with the appropriate eye wear.

Motorcycle Safety With Horror

So I thought that I saw all tactics used to promote biker safety, but I was wrong. Recently there has been released advertisement in promoting motorcycle safety. The ad promotes helmet safety, and how important it is to wear a helmet at all times. The ad gives you a lot to think about, and promotes safety at the same time. All those times that you were out without a motorcycle helmet will come to your head right as you see the pictures. Like I have mentioned before in my last post, for gearing up for Daytona Bike Week, that helmets, and other motorcycle gear items are important to have at all time while on the road.

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

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