New Biker Patches Arrived

It is a pretty exciting day for everyone at . We have just received 4 new patches that will be added to our collection with in no time. They are not just your ordinary patches, these are the patches that public craved for and we have them for you at only 5.99$ per patch.

What are the numbers on the picture?
The numbers represent the image of the picture. Meaning the background and border is the same on the patch but the image inside is different.

However, we have another additional biker patch in our selection, “Bikers United Respect All Who Ride”. This is the biker patch that everyone was waiting for, and we have 250 of that patch for a start. I had about 100 requests to get that patch.

Ok, now you can stop reading this bring post and click here and here to shop our new biker patches.

Shop Biker Patches

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