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Guest post by Tim

Your choice of riding gear is as important to making motorcycling fun as your choice of motorcycle. The correct motorcycle gear makes motorcycling safer, and comfortable through changing conditions. One day it might be sunny, but the next day it might rain; you catch the drift if you ride. Apparel buying decisions are actually based on more than just trying clothing on. Most riders like me, are looking for the stylish jacket or chaps; however, that stylish jacket or chaps should do much more than just perfectly fit my body.

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With a bit of wider thinking the layering on the jacket or chaps should actually increase comfort of your ride. Temperatures will change in a fast pace, from hot to cold, or wise verso. Being cool or comfort? Well usually it depends on riders style, for example me I would pick comfort. I am more about comfort than the style. Sticking to comfort the jacket should have good venting in places where the moving air actually is touching it. So if you are riding behind a windshield your are better off by having the vents on your sleeves.

It is already March, and the months will pass by quickly the warm weather will ride in as the day gets longer. Most of us will be out riding to work on our motorcycle, but safety considerations are most important. As you have noticed I am not a fan of style, but of comfort. So depending on a day I tend to ride with my vest on and a t-shirt under the vest. It keeps me cool, and comfortable enough for moving my hands in any direction. However, I personally don’t recommend it but it a great feeling. Motorcycle gear is made to be comfortable and prevent any fatigue.

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Welcome To Daytona Bike Week

Today is the first day of Daytona Bike Week, and I have to say I am really excited to see Daytona rumble. As you know when it comes to events you need to gear up with the proper gear when hitting the road. We have been getting hit by vendors and customers to get our motorcycle gear out to Daytona Beach for them to sell. It has been really busy since last few months, and this is just the beginning of 2013. This year with our new management we plan on doing the best customer service that we can provide for our clients, and vendors. Our goal is to keep the satisfaction high, and brotherhood / sisterhood to maximum happiness.

Can’t Go To Daytona Bike Week?

Don’t worry if you are not in Daytona Bike Week, we will give you the same experience. At least we will try to do so. With our low prices marked on all motorcycle gear items you can enjoy huge selection of motorcycle apparel and motorcycle accessories; including our fast shipping. Don’t hesitate give our leather a hard rocking ride and hit the road with our leather.

Daytona Bike Week 2013!

Motorcycle Safety With Horror

So I thought that I saw all tactics used to promote biker safety, but I was wrong. Recently there has been released advertisement in promoting motorcycle safety. The ad promotes helmet safety, and how important it is to wear a helmet at all times. The ad gives you a lot to think about, and promotes safety at the same time. All those times that you were out without a motorcycle helmet will come to your head right as you see the pictures. Like I have mentioned before in my last post, for gearing up for Daytona Bike Week, that helmets, and other motorcycle gear items are important to have at all time while on the road.

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

Holland Bans Lights on Motorcycle Gear

How many of our readers would allow lights on motorcycle gear? I would definitely allow it, but maybe with less options than they have now. The gear would be used when only on a motorcycle, if stopping or backing up or on a ride. For example when you brake, the light would be brighter to inform people behind you that you are braking. I don’t think this would be a bad idea to have lights on motorcycle gear; apparently Holland thought differently. If you have more information on why did Holland ban lights on motorcycle gear, share it with us.

The jacket has flexible L.E.D. and comes with 7 different modes of lights, including being water proof.

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Check out the video and see for your self that this is great way to improve bikers safety.

Improvements to eBikerLeather Blog

As you have noticed we are doing some changes to our blog. We are working on improving the navigation throughout our blog. For easy and fast way’s of finding the right post for you. eBikerLeather Blog has gained some pages in our navigation. One of the pages is Submit News to us. We want you to be part of our blog, so send us your news story for review. After the review is completed we will email scheduled time that the story will be posted.

Stories can vary in many different topics. For example take our blog, we have articles on apparel, accessories, facebook, fun stuff, and motorcycles. In order for us not to reject your news, please get familiar with our Submit News Requirements, there is only 3 that we follow.

Another page that we have added is banners. On there you will be able to find banners with our company’s logo and slogan. The banners are there to help us spread the word out that we are growing faster than expected. Our blog receives over 300 views a day, we are hoping to increase this to 1,000 pretty soon.

The last page that was recently added is Christmas gifts ideas. In that page you can find help in finding the correct gift for your loved ones. We have separated the products into categories, for easy navigation.

On right side of our blog you can find people that are advertising with us. But we will not advertise our competition. However, we do take every website into consideration, plus the advertising is free with us, unless you are in different niche than us. If you are for example blogging about animals, and our niche is motorcycles, please don’t send your website to us.

Importance of Gloves

Gloves play a big role in motorcycle apparel. Each one of us should have gloves on when riding motorcycle. How many times we have seen bikers not wearing gloves? Probably more then you or I can think of in 10 minutes. Recently, I read a story of a biker which did not end up with a happy ending. Her pride and joy was in a coma right after she was knocked off her bike. She was in comma for couple hours but the scare of not waking up was more horrifying then the crash. The only equipment she did not wear was her gloves, so her hands are scratches, and she thankfully got away with just a broken wrist. She woke up from the comma and now is at home with her family. However, her message to all of us is to wear all appropriate motorcycle gear that is required including the gloves. It is so easy to get knocked off your bike, it only takes one wrong decision, please be responsible and wear your proper riding gear.

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves

Cyber Monday at eBikerLeather

I gave it a try and did some shopping on Cyber Monday at 12:00 a.m. Est. It was not hard to stay up till that time, but it was harder to fall asleep later. Some great deals I got was a 100$ off on Asus TF300, I originally was shopping for Ipad, but the prices have not dropped. But enough about that, let’s move on to business.

You know how you always say that you hate Mondays? We will change that for you! We are starting our Monday with cyber sale. Yes, a huge blow out sale on everything in the store. We don’t want the items sitting in our warehouse. We are offering 15% off for any purchase on Monday, and Tuesday!

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Cyber Monday at

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The Day After Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a stuffed stomach by the end of 11pm. Because it was shopping time. Well what got me irritated is that Wal-Mart and BestBuy were opening already at 8 or 9 o’clock. I was not ready to step away from the tablet at that time. So it came 10 o’clock when I decided to get out and go shopping. There were at least 8 of us at BestBuy line. It was a huge line, and the tension was high among people, when they saw people coming out with not 1 thing but full shopping carts. When we got in there, half of the stuff was sold out almost, but I managed to get me a Samsung LED TV 55″ for $799. I was really happy that people did not grab  on to all TV’s when I got there. The price 3 weeks before was $1799 so it was a great steal deal. Now some of us are waiting for cyber Monday, but I am not 100% convinced that it is the safest time to shop, since we all hear about many card frauds.

The Day After Thanksgiving

The Day After Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from eBikerLeather

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Black Friday Specials are now on sale! Use promo code GOBBLE at the check out for additional 15% OFF the low price on any item in our online store!

Happy Thanksgiving from eBikerLeather

Happy Thanksgiving from eBikerLeather

Suzuki files for Chapter 11 in America

It has come to the end for Suzuki in America car market. They will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and they will focus more on selling motorcycles. Will selling motorcycles help Suzuki? Well recent years Suzuki tried to blend the cues of its motorcycles into cars. However, as you have noticed the lack of marketing has stroked Suzuki. Other more popular brands have pushed out Suzuki out of its place. According to Autodata, Suzuki has sold for this year 21,188 cars, which is down 4.7% from year ago.

We wish Suzuki best in their motorcycle business, and hope to see brand new deals, features, and designs.

Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki Motorcycles

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