eBikerLeather Products Put To The Tests During A 6 Months Long Trip

Each day eBikerLeather sells thousands of products, and some get tested really rough by our customers. As you may have remembered eBikerleather is sponsoring in their trip for 6 months to 48 states. Recently eBikerLeather has received couple pictures from Sash Mouth and Steve wearing, and testing our merchandise. You can expect an review of our products within one week on . Below are some pictures and here is just a sentence of what Tina had to say about our products in email to us.

” I really love my jacket and I can’t believe the great quality!”

As you see not only we have the best pricing on motorcycle jackets, but we also carry the best quality leather jackets on the market. Don’t wait grab your biker gear today!

Check out Tina appearing on a radio show below, and talking about trip.


Women’s Textile Jacket with Pink Hoodie

Today’s post will be made by Joanne, our co worker.

We are so happy to announce a new product to the collection of women’s motorcycle jackets. This jacket is amazing the feel and look are irresistible. The jacket features a hoodie for cold nights. Remember ladies when you had those nights sometimes by the fire pit, with your biker friends? This would be a perfect way to warm up. Our jacket features extremely durable material, with removable padding in shoulder, elbows, and back. We have put the jacket to the test meaning, we have tried to tear. This jacket is made out of material that is resistant to tearing. Our tests have failed and we were not able to tear it.

What I love about the jacket?
Who does not love pink? I love pink, and that huge butterfly on the back just did it for me. I was not able to take my eyes of the butterfly. There are 2 butterflies one on front and bigger one on back. You cannot forget the pink hoodie, or the sleeves that allow your hands to be covered.

Over all, as you can see we are very happy to introduce this jacket, and hope that everyone likes it. We are going to start bringing in different products slowly to stay on top of the trends.

Product details – LJ7010-CC
* Made from Extrememly Durable material w/ Removable padding (shoulder, elbows, & back)
* Excellent Resistance to Wear & Tear
* Airvents on Front Sleeves
* 2 Airvents on the Back
* Multi Pockets Inside
* Zippered Cuffs w/ snap
* Removable Pink Hoodie w/ Mesh Lining
* Reflective Butterfly
* Reflective Piping on front and back

More information on LJ7010-CC can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for reading,

Love Joanne

Remember to Wear Your Leathers

We all know to wear full set of leather while riding a motorcycle. Which are jacket, gloves, pants/chaps, and boots. Don’t forget helmet, even though it is not leather. Leather can protect your skin from nasty road burn or scratches; it will save your life in most cases. Don’t feel weird about wearing leather!

We have found a cool video that shows what we mean.

Review of MJ780-ORANGE

Today I will do a review of one of our products; I will try to get the following categories, size, details, comfort, and style. What I have done is went out and road my motorcycle with the jacket on, I was considering if I won’t be too hot in the jacket. After 20 minutes of riding , I felt like having a stop for a cup of coffee. I took off the jacket and you can imagine that I was sweating little. The jacket over all is comfortable when riding motorcycle. I had no problem with moving on my bike. I am a person who needs little extra room in sleeve which this jacket has. It is not a lot of room but enough for my movements.

The size for me originally was L however, I used the measuring chart provided on website and bought a XL size. I was satisfied because the jacket was fitting me perfectly. It shaped my body really well, not like some other jackets that leave you either tight or with too much room so it looks like you got it three times extra large.

Style is the most important impact of riding a motorcycle. Everyone wants to look tough and cool on their bike. This jacket is stylish, looks really good when wearing it, and also adjusts to your body.


  • Made from Top Grade Genuine Leather Soft Durable Leather
  • Features a Z/o lining that runs through the sleeves
  • Also includes a neck warmer
  • Light Reflector On Front & Back
  • Includes 2 Air-Vents on the front and 1 on the back
  • Velcro Adjustable Straps on Sides
  • Multi pockets outside & inside pocket
  • Zippered & Snap Cuffs

Overall my grading of the jacket is on scale 1 out of 6.

Comfort – 6
Details – 6
Size – 6

Style – 5 Men's Motorcycle Jacket MJ780-Orange

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Motorcycle Saddlebags Youtube Video

Our saddlebags not only turn heads on the road, but they are tough as nails, just like their owners. Because they’re 100% waterproof and UV protected, our bags are built to withstand any weather condition.  The quality built into our bags means they are made to last, and that’s why we back our saddlebags with a lifetime guarantee.
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Welcome to eBikerLeather Blog

Welcome to eBikerLeather Blog!

So you guys are probably anxious to see what we will post as our first post. Well, let us introduce ourselves, to everyone. is the most popular motorcycle online store. We have been in business for more than 12 years selling motorcycle gear and apparel at best prices.

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