Inspire and Motivate Riders To Wear Helmets

See See Motorcycles is preparing a cool event for bikers to show off their 21 helmets for 2013. What is so special about this event? It is that all 21 helmets are customized by 21 different artists. The past 21 Helmets event was amazing, and encouraged bikers to wear helmets. When you watch the video you will see a wooden helmet, which shows you that you can cross boundaries to create the best. Creating a helmet that is comfortable and appealing to bikers eyes is a challenge. But I am sure that 21 Helmets will have both style, and comfort at the event. No date has been announced for the 21 Helmets but I will keep updating when some information appears on their website.

Victory Motorcycles Comes to India By End of 2013

As you may have noticed neither Harley Davidson or Victory Motorcycles plans on slowing down with their plans on entering the Indian market. Although Harley Davidson already has their wheels in the market, and plans on expanding their business. Victory Motorcycles is stepping up to the plate, and adding their own spice to Indian market. However, Victory is only set to be in the market by the end of 2013. I have a feeling that they might lose a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts with them not being there, and Harley is already there.

As we approach Daytona Bike Week both, competitors have in stock awesome events. Recently adding that Harley Davidson gives out a gift on purchases over $300, and Victory Motorcycles allows you to take their motorcycle for spin and bring it back for full refund. I am starting to think that both companies are pushing forward too fast; however, can they succeed?

Victory Motorcycles coming to India by end of 2013

Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom Commercial

Is Moto Guzzi taking a different approach with their motorcycles? It surely looks like it, they are showing the design and comfort of the ride instead of the specs.

Victory Motorcycles 2013 Brochure with Playboy Playmates

You are in for a treat today, with special from Victory Motorcycles. The special behind scenes of making the 2013 Victory Motorcycles Brochure. Victory Motorcycles has teamed up with Playboy and Playmates to bring you the best brochure of 2013. You can own the 2013 cover bike, and it is signed by Anna, Ciara and Raquel. The auction will be held at eBay Motors from March 21st to March 28th.

All of profits that will be made are going to go to Operation Gratitude. Meaning, let’s assume the bike will sell for $60,000, all those funds will go to Operation Gratitude. Victory Motorcycles is in partnership with Operation Gratitude.

Breaking News: Jesse James Re-launches WCC

West Coast Choppers is back! Legendary Jesse James told Cyril Huze in an exclusive interview that he will re launch West Coast Choppers. Jesse James received a lot of support and encouragements from his fans, and family. Cyril Huze talked with Jesse about a period of WCC becoming too big and it just happened too fast. And that he needed to take it slower, and establish his priority of building for love, not for money. Jesse James promises that his business will not be focused on more and bigger, but the quality of representing his philosophy on build motorcycles.

Check out West Coast Choppers new website here. Don’t wait and grab some of their new merchandise to represent WCC.

Welcome back Jesse James!

Jesse James Re-Launches West Coast Choppers

Snow Racer

I like to check out BikeEXIF once or twice a week to see motorcycles that were customized by someone and shared. Our good friend Chris Hunter takes the time to bring us latest motorcycles. We want to share an interesting motorcycle brought to our attention at BikeEXIF. Eainger Kraftrad is a small German workshop that builds vintage Harley Davidson’s. Their latest build is Snow Racer inspired by 1930’s race bikes. It features 1946 U model engine fitted with 1936 VLH cylinders, giving it the capacity of 80ci…

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Snow motorcycle

Snow motorcycle

Motorcycle Auction Results Las Vegas 2013

Ever wonder how much your old Harley Davidson is worth? Maybe it is time to head down to one of the auctions and check out the pricing. I was researching for old Harley Davidson’s for my next topic to blog about, but I did stumble on a different topic. As you can see the older the Harley does not mean more money for it. Check out the numbers that some of the Harley’s have been sold for.

All motorcycles are sorted between 1913 and 1976, starting with 1913.

1913       Harley   Model 9B                             $70,000

1916       Harley   Race Replica                        $55,000

1920       Harley   W Sport                               $28,000

1920       Harley   Model W                              $10,000

1923       Harley   Factory Racer                  $205,000  no sale

1925       Harley J & sidecar                            $20,000

1926       Harley   Factory Hillclimber           $85,000   no sale

1929       Harley   JD racer                               $19,000

1931       Harley   VL                                          $19,000

1934       Harley   VLD & sidecar                     $23,000

1936       Harley   VL                                          $15,000

1936       Harley   VLH                                       $32,000   no sale

1936       Harley   VLH                                         $3,200   no sale

1938       Harley   WLDR                                    $18,000

1939       Harley   V                                             $23,500

1942       Harley   WLA Military                        $19,000   no sale

1942       Harley   WLA                                       $15,610

1943       Harley   WLC                                       $16,500

1947       Harley   FL                                            $20,000

1947       Harley   WL                                           $8,500   no sale

1947       Harley   WL Custom                             $12,500   no sale

1947       Harley   EL Knucklehead                     $40,000   no sale

1949       Harley   WL                                           $14,000

1957       Harley   Servicar                                   $10,000

1958       Harley   FL DuoGlide                            $18,500   no sale

1959       Harley   STU 165                                     $5,750

1960       Harley   KR750 racer                           $21,000

1960       Harley   XLCH                                      $10,000

1961       Harley   XLCH                                      $11,000

1961       Harley   XLH Sportster                        $5,500

1962       Harley   FLH                                         $15,500

1963       Harley   Panhead                                 $14,500

1964       Harley   FLH                                        $14,000

1965       Harley   Aermacchi CRTT racer        $7,000   no sale

1966       Harley   Servicar                                 $20,000

1967       Harley   KRTT 750 Racer                  $27,500

1967       Harley   Sportster                                $16,500

1968       Harley   Aermacchi CR250                  $6,750

1968       Harley XLH Sportster                          $8,500

1970       Harley   XR750                                   $32,500

1970       Harley   XLCH Streamliner               $36,000

1970       Harley   FLH                                        $11,250

1972       Harley   FLH                                         $10,000

1974       Harley   FXE                                         $7,500

1976       Harley   XLH                                        $3,500

Factory Harley dirt track racer gor bids up to $205,000 but did not meet reserve

Factory Harley dirt track racer got bids up to $205,000 but did not meet reserve

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