Gear Up For BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour

BikerMonkey’s Texas BBQ Tour is coming up really fast, and do you have the proper gear for your Texas trip? Before you get to the gear part, make sure to register before April 30th, 2013. The registration is easy, and submission process is even easier, click here to register. BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour is benefiting America’s Mighty Warriors. As a rider you must visit and document at least 10 BBQ / Smoke Restaurants, with in the 7 touring months, to be qualified for BikerMonkey’s Texas BBQ Tour finisher.

Below is a list of categories that you will fall into depending on your riding.

  • Vegan – Visit 10 unique BBQ / Smoke Restaurants
  • Backyard Smoke Watcher – Visit 20 unique BBQ / Smoke Restaurants
  • BBQ Pit MasterĀ  – Visit 40 unique BBQ / Smoke Restaurants
  • T-Rex – Visit 60 unique BBQ / Smoke Restaurants
  • Grand Champion – The rider that receives the most points overall

Now for all those trips you need proper gear to gear up. The weather will change quickly with you noticing it change. Whether it rains, or sunshine’s you can gear up with our gear right now. As the sponsors of prizes for the BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour we have great selection on motorcycle apparel to get you ready for Grand Champion rider. Our gear will provide you with the necessary belongings that you need on the road. Don’t hesitate give our gear a test ride!, and remember to use a coupon code (BLOG12) with your purchase to even lower the prices on items that have lowest prices online.

Click here to order your gear just in time for the BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour.

BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour

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