Sturgis Rally To Change Vendor Fee System

Most Sturgis Motorcycle Rally vendors are unhappy with the change of the fees being for the upcoming event. Vendor fees this year will already increase $50, making the fee $700. However, next year Sturgis plans to import a new system that will change flat fee for every vendor. For large vendors the fee’s could reach $1,800. All the fee’s are being changed next summer, but it is being done to keep up with the service cost during the rally. Last year the rally generated $1.4 million dollars in revenue for the city.



South Dakota Adventures

Do you believe South Dakota is the destination for motorcycle enthusiasts? I believe so, bikers from around the world come down to Sturgis. Not even bikers, but regular people who are enthusiasts for motorcycles come to Sturgis for a visit. eBikerLeather is present at each year at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, it is one of the biggest and best rallies on the earth. How much time do we have really, about 3 months till the warm weather, and riding starts again. When you go to South Dakota make sure to check out Black Hills it offers the best and most scenic motorcycle rides in the United States. However, we do recommend renting a car for when going to visit Black Hills. South Dakota has its awesome features like span of the highways to enjoy, or just sit on a green beautiful grass. Don’t wait another minute start to get your mind back into riding habit, because it is 2013 already and different events start as early as April.

South Dakota Sturgis Adventures

Sturgis Fever Aug 6-12, 2012

The long-awaited Sturgis Rally, everyone has been waiting for this moment. The rally is held in Sturgis, South Dakota, United States. It’s the world’s largest motorcycle gathering, people from all over United States, and the world meet at Sturgis. If you are not familiar with Sturgis it is a small city with lots to offer. This year  was the 72nd anniversary of Sturgis Rally, with lots more to offer than previous year. We have lots of pictures from Sturgis 2012! Check them out at

Share your experience with us at Sturgis, post your photos below or links! Have a story about Sturgis, share it with us! We want to know how was your experience at Sturgis!

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