T-Shirts! Newest Addition To Our Online Store

We are very excited to introduce our t-shirt designs. Designs have been made especially for our request, and we will share them as soon as they ship to our factory. If you have an idea for bikers design of a t-shirt send us your proposal and attach information so we can contact you. Our t-shirts should be here probably at the end of this week, or latest next week. As for now I don’t have any details to show but I know that you will be not disappointed.

What can you expect from our T-Shirts?

  • First of all market for t-shirts is wide open, and that means that a lot of people are selling biker T-Shirts. But our advantage over our competition will be pricing, at places you might find a T-Shirt for 20$, and at our online store you will be able to find a T-Shirt for 10$ or 15$. We surely will lower our pricing on T-Shirts to get our competition to the boiling point.


  • We are bringing in 4 of women styles, and 5 of men styles T-shirts.


  • The first couple day’s our selection of T-shirts will be on sale, and I am sure that this will be buy 2 T-Shirts and receive a flat rate shipping of 7.99$. Spread the word out!

Have an idea for biker t-shirt design? Send us an email to

Biker T-Shirt


Facebook and Twitter Prizes for Bikers!

Welcome back bikers, we have great news for our readers! Do you guys love to win prizes and play games? Well, what are you waiting for? Come check out our Twitter and Facebook accounts. You will not be disappointed with our giveaways, because they are always different and bike related. Some of the prizes are motorcycle jackets, motorcycle vests, motorcycle sunglasses, motorcycle ladies apparel, motorcycle men’s apparel, motorcycle accessories, t-shirts, patches, and much more. The giveaways are once a week or sometimes even two to three times a week.

Click on image to go to our Facebook or Twitter.

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