Honda Claims That Goldwing Is Not Designed To Be A Taxi Bike

In France, Honda recently has announced that the Goldwing Honda is not designed to be a taxi motorcycle. Back in 2010 car taxi operators managed to regulate a law making illegal to display “Taxi” on motorcycles. Motorcycle riders were not allowed to wait by the taxi stop to ask people if they want a ride. Motorcycle taxi had to be called in advance, and scheduled for pickup. The biker must have motorcycle license for more than 5 years to get a taxi license, but the motorcycle has to be less than 3 years old in order to receive the license. After years of battle motorcycle taxi’s have returned to the streets of France, and now are part of daily business in France.

However, here is what Honda is missing, since 25% of Honda Goldwing sales are from taxi services they should offer better warranty on the bikes. Over time the bike parts get worn out, and they need replacement. If Honda would step up and provide better warranty they could be number one selling motorcycle company in France for taxi riders. Each year about 200 Goldwings are bought by taxi companies.


Motorcycle Taxi

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