Roland Sands Designs Android App

It seems like everyone is coming out with mobile applications even Roland Sands. Cell Phones gather over 80% of traffic from ads to websites. This is the first RSD Android app, and it is not perfect, but they are looking to do tweaks along the way. The app has a photo gallery, with cool feature; if you long press on any photo in main gallery view, you can set that photo as your device wallpaper. So any image that RSD has on their phone application you can have that picture for free on your device.

This is the first version of RSD app, and updates will roll in from feedback. Right now you can view the blog, parts, apparel, videos, and shop. There is also very easy ways to get quickly to the Roland Sands Design website.

The app is free check it out, and review it in order for RSD to improve the app.

Roland Sands Design

Zero Motorcycles App

I thought this will never be released with all the recalls, and trouble Zero Motorcycles has been having in the past. However, Zero Motorcycles claims that their new Android and Apple app is perfect companion to your 100% electric Zero. A neat feature is that the app is able to communicate with the motorcycle through Bluetooth. There is a demo that allows to browse the app and envision what it might look or feel using this app with your own Zero. I do encourage those that have Zero Motorcycles to go and download the app. Both apps for Android and Apple are available for download on the market.

Features Included

  • Changing motorcycles performance
  • View live data of your motorcycle
  • View detailed battery and performance data
  • Real time estimates for recharging of battery
  • View voltage and hours used
  • Gather trip statistics
  • Zero Motorcycles news, updates

Click here to download Android version of Zero Motorcycles app.

Click here to download Apple version of Zero Motorcycles app.

Zero Motorcycle App

Technology Advancing

Do you wonder sometimes what the world has in stock for us? Well I do, currently we find out a lot about technology from leaked news. However, DesignBoom brings the latest in technology to your computer. You may check out upcoming new products or concepts. Check out how fast the technology is moving, and we don’t have the items in the market yet.

World’s First Folding Electric Car by Hiriko Motors

Audi Unveils Pedal-Electric Hybrid Concept Bike.

Technology Advances

Phone / GPS / E-ZPass Holder

What is the difference between a good ride and a horrible ride? Well a good ride is when you don’t stress you will get lost, or need fuel. A bad ride is when you worry that you have to stop for fuel, or memorize the map. Don’t get me wrong every biker likes to remember the street names, and if he or she forgets them, they still enjoy the ride without worry’s. But allow me to introduce you to our new item, which makes my life easier. I have a Smartphone, which is making my life so much better, now I never have the spot to put my phone on the motorcycle, so usually it is in the pocket. My point is why bother with gps, when I have a gps in my phone and same goes for mp3 player. Our good friend Biker Monkey has written about going high tech, and I do recommend checking out his post, and analyzing both posts.

The best quality of this phone, gps, and e-zpass holder is the protection for your devices. It has a lot of room to fit your phone, gps or e-zpass. It can be used at long rides, you can tighten the grip of the holder.

GPS / Phone / E-ZPass Holder Features:

  • Angle Adjustment Lock Button
  • The Goose Neck is Flectional
  • The Screw Eye Fastened on Rearview Mirror
  • 360 Rotatable

The Goose Neck

  • Long 214mm
  • Wide 43mm

View the product here.

When leaving your motorcycle remember to take your electronics with you!

GPS / Phone / Ez-Pass Holder

GPS / Phone / Ez-Pass Holder

GPS / Phone / E-ZPass Holder

GPS / Phone / E-ZPass Holder

Apple buys “Lightning” from Harley Davidson

Recently I have been reading all over the web that Apple has bought “Lightning” trademark from Harley Davidson. Who would have thought that Harley Davidson would own something that Apple might desire. Remember when Apple released their “Lightning” dock connector, for the new iPhone 5? Apple has also promised that all future devices will be equipped with the “Lightning” connector. I have not seen any money discussion between Apple and Harley Davidson, so I can’t fill you in on that. But I can add a fact that the Lightning line of bikes was produced by Buell Motorcycle Co., and later on they were bought by Harley Davidson, and shut down in 2009. After Harley has purchased Buell, they got the rights to own “Lightning” trademark.

Harley Davidson and Apple Trademark Lightning

Apple buys Lightning from Harley Davidson

Future Motorcycle, Old School or Modern?

Our last article was more about how the business is turning out for motorcycle industry. Now this article will be about how motorcycle have changed.

First we have Old School Motorcycles, the beast that were born first for all to enjoy. Let’s take Time Bandit Deluxe for example, it was a hot motorcycle a big deal if you had one. The design overall was beautiful now if you would come to see the design today, you would probably just liked it, unless you are into old school bikes.

Old School Motorcycles

Let’s leap into modern motorcycles, and see how they affect us today. Let’s take Harley Davidson Road King 2000. From old school to Harley it is a big jump. Harley’s motorcycles have more modern design, shape, engine, and more. Now if you take a look at Road King 2012, you will notice small changes over the 12 years.

Harley Davidson Road King 2000

Finally we are at Future Motorcycles year 2025, which are only prototype or in works. Now the design has changed totally from chrome to more slick designs. Will people like the new designs? Or are we just too much into modern motorcycles. We should think that the future motorcycles will be more safe, but with all the technology you never know. In the future we hope to see motorcycles that will bring both modern look and old school look. But we do believe that the future is seeing motorcycles more as new look that should have been in style already back in 2012.

Future of Motorcycles

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