The Enorm V3 Bullet eBike Looks More Like A Motorcycle?

Since some time now companies have been completing in who has the ability to bring green into their rides. Mostly those are new start-up companies that feel if they can produce an eco bike that it will grab attention from Harley or Indian. However, this will not happen for the next 10 years probably. We have seen plenty of e motorcycles in the makes from different companies. However, we did not see Harley, Indian, or Victory motorcycles hit the green transportation trend. Even though the green bikes are able to do 62 miles on 1 charge, it won’t be for long time till they get popular.

Enorm V3 Bullet eBiker Looks More Like A Motorcycle?

If the companies hit that stage where on a single ride you will be able to enjoy the journey, speed, sound, vibration etc than the e motorcycles will be a success. For riders that ride Harley, Indian, or Victory motorcycles it will be a hard switch to the e motorcycles.

The V3 Bullet stylish design allows it to have huge 24 inch in the back wheel, and 26 inch in the front wheel, giving the motorcycle bold look. The rumors have been that the Enorm V3 is going to come with a Smartphone, but so far there is no insights if it will be a Smartphone like iPhone, Galaxy or their own branded phone. The top speed has not been revealed for V3 Bullet yet. The asking price for Enorm V2 is around $5,200 but you can bet that the V3 won’t be cheap for an e motorcycle.


Victory Motorcycles & Playboy Playmates Brochure

I was not expecting for the brochure to come out so soon, and it looks amazing. Playboy playmates were perfect addition to Victory Motorcycles. Anyone can own a copy of the brochure; however, you need to ride down to the participating Victory Motorcycles dealers that carry the brochure. Or another option is to look at it online; Victory Motorcycles was generous enough to put the whole brochure online. From what I know or think depends how you interpret it, I believe that women and motorcycles are a great match for each other. The best pictures are made when women is posing by a motorcycle.

Click here to see the 2013 Victory Brochure online.

Victory Motorcycles and Playboy Mates


The Spirit of Munro Powered by Thunder Stroke 111 Engine

Indian Motorcycle company is taking a huge step forward, I have to say that I am impressed, with their actions. As we have mentioned in our previous posts, that Harley will have competition rolling in, and Polaris is not wasting any time to get Victory Motorcycle, and Indian Motorcycles out on the road. Recently Victory Motorcycles introduced their huge trust to bikers. Victory Motorcycles offers bring it back plan, and receive money back; read more here.

Indian Motorcycle

On Saturday evening March 8th, 2013, after presenting thunder stroke 111 to everyone at Daytona Bike Week; Indian Motorcycles had another great surprise announced to the crowd gathered at Dirty Harry’s on Daytona Main Street. Burt Munro motorcycle will be powered by the new Thunder Stroke 111 engine.

Indian Motorcycle

For those who don’t know who Burt Munro is I strongly suggest watching, “The World’s Fastest Indian” movie. It is one of the best motorcycle movies, with no doubt it is a must see before end of 2013. The fact that everyone should know about Burt Munro is that he set a world record at Bonneville in 1967.

Indian Motorcycle

Going back to the motorcycle, Spirit of Munro is fully custom build, all metal tribute to the racers and technicalities during the making of history. Spirit of Munro is a runner, not a display bike, which is great news for Indian Motorcycle fans. The bike was build with help of Jeb Scolman of Jeb’s Metal and speed in Long Beach, California.

Indian Motorcycle

As I was browsing around for more news on Indian Motorcycles, I have stumbled on news that the Spirit of Munro is currently on display at the Daytona International Speedway every day of Daytona Bike Week, and it will take part in the Indian Motorcycle Spring Dash lap of Daytona 200 on March 16th, 2013. Cyril Huze

Image credit goes to BikeExif

More Harley Davidson Bikes To Be Made in India

Could it possibly be that India market will be the new hip market for motorcycles? I surely hope so, that Harley Davidson, and Victory Motorcycles will hit a jack pot in Indian market. Harley Davidson decided to add 3 more motorcycles to their fleet of India built motorcycles. Here are the lucky 3 additional motorcycles that will be built in India; Fat Boy, Fat Boy Special, and Heritage Softail Classic. The full selection of motorcycles that is in United States will not be available at India.

Harley-Davidson bikes to be made in India

Let’s take a look at this in money situation; some of us have to wonder what will be the pricing for HD motorcycles. For example Fat Boy will be available for $27,245 instead of $35,565; a really big price difference. Another motorcycle is Fat Boy Special will be available for $28,525 instead of $36,020. And the last one but not least is Heritage Softail Classic for $29,715 instead of $37,390. With this I should also mention that the prices seem high but Indian import duties for bikes over 800cc are 75% with proposed reduction to 60%.

Victory Motorcycles Comes to India By End of 2013

As you may have noticed neither Harley Davidson or Victory Motorcycles plans on slowing down with their plans on entering the Indian market. Although Harley Davidson already has their wheels in the market, and plans on expanding their business. Victory Motorcycles is stepping up to the plate, and adding their own spice to Indian market. However, Victory is only set to be in the market by the end of 2013. I have a feeling that they might lose a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts with them not being there, and Harley is already there.

As we approach Daytona Bike Week both, competitors have in stock awesome events. Recently adding that Harley Davidson gives out a gift on purchases over $300, and Victory Motorcycles allows you to take their motorcycle for spin and bring it back for full refund. I am starting to think that both companies are pushing forward too fast; however, can they succeed?

Victory Motorcycles coming to India by end of 2013

Love Your 2013 Victory Motorcycle Or Money Back

Who would have expected for Victory Motorcycles to have something more planned than just Daytona Bike Week. They have surprised me, and probably many other people with their new money back guarantee. Josh Fulkerson, said “We are the fastest growing manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles, and we are confident you will love your new Victory motorcycle or we will refund your money. That’s the Victory Guarantee!” It is true that Victory has picked up speed, and started to establish more ground in the motorcycle industry.

Victory Motorcycles Challenge

Victory Motorcycles is the first to offer this kind of guarantee. However, the offer only applies to new 2013 Victory Motorcycles models purchased in United States or Canada from March 1st 2013 to April 30th, 2013. You must first read the complete details of the agreement, and what you agree too. I have just screened the page with my eyes but already found things that are worth knowing before going down to the dealership.

Here is what I found:

Victory also states that any other taxes, licensing, titling or registration fees, insurance, non-Victory accessories, dealer fees, extended warranties, finance charges, negative equity or any other expenses incurred by the customer at the time of taking delivery of the new motorcycle, are not refundable.

Ride one and you will own one, says Victory Motorcycles Team. Fulkerson said, “We are so confident you will enjoy riding a Victory that we are stepping up to our own challenge, and putting our money where our mouth is. If you buy a new Victory Motorcycle and are not completely satisfied riding the best, just bring it back.

Click here to read complete rules agreement.

Victory Motorcycles 2013 Brochure with Playboy Playmates

You are in for a treat today, with special from Victory Motorcycles. The special behind scenes of making the 2013 Victory Motorcycles Brochure. Victory Motorcycles has teamed up with Playboy and Playmates to bring you the best brochure of 2013. You can own the 2013 cover bike, and it is signed by Anna, Ciara and Raquel. The auction will be held at eBay Motors from March 21st to March 28th.

All of profits that will be made are going to go to Operation Gratitude. Meaning, let’s assume the bike will sell for $60,000, all those funds will go to Operation Gratitude. Victory Motorcycles is in partnership with Operation Gratitude.

15th Anniversary Cross Country Tour Limited-Edition

If you were attending the International Motorcycle Show in New York, Friday, Saturday or Sunday; you were able to see the Victory 15th Anniversary Cross Country Limited Edition motorcycle. I was able to see it on Saturday, and I was expecting a more wild or wicked paint job. However, after reading about Cross Country Tour Limited Edition I found out that only 150 bikes will be made featuring this exclusive antares red over gloss black paint with gold pin striping. The reason for this is to replicate paint scheme from the first Victory motorcycle ever build on the Fourth of July 1998. I will list all the new features below.

  • Paint Job replica from 1998
  • Custom Billet wheels with Chrome
  • Custom Victory 15th Anniversary Stitching on Seats
  • Saddlebags rails
  • 15th Anniversary Badge
  • Numbered Badge for Limited Edition Model
  • Garmin GPS
  • Ultimate Audio System
  • Trunk Rack 41 Gallons
  • Extra chrome around the paint

As you can see the 15th Anniversary Cross Country Tour Limited Edition is packed with full list of cool features.

15th Anniversary of Victory Motorcycles

So as I have mentioned before we are really excited to go to the International Motorcycle Show in New York City this weekend January 18-20. Victory will introduce its 15th Anniversary Limited model to the public on Friday, January 18, at 6 p.m. EST, at the Jacob K. Javits Center. It was only 15 years ago when the first Victory motorcycle has showed up on the market. As I have mentioned before there is a lot more to see at the International Motorcycle Show in New York, come and check it out! I hope to bring in some amazing pictures for Monday. I will be attending the show on Saturday, and hopefully will not miss 15th Anniversary Victory motorcycle.

Victory Motorcycles is only 15 years young and just getting started.

*Quick off topic, Indian Motorcycle will be showing of their new motorcycle and they want you to come down to listen of the motorcycle start its engine. The times are available at the International Motorcycle Shows.

You might also want to get familiar with “Motorcycle Shows” post we did previously.

Victory Motorcycles Mobile App

Recently I have been reading articles at Biker Monkey Blog about maps for the road. Biker Monkey our good friend, has showed quick, easy and effective ways of adding new routes to your smart phone. After doing some research online to improve your riding experience even more, I have found a cool application for your mobile. Take your ride to the next level with Victory Motorcycles mobile application. Let’s grade the app, 100 is the best score.

First look at the app.

  1. It shows weather for your location. +5
  2. Uses Google Maps (traffic, winds, temperature, map view or satellite view). +15
  3. Shows Local Dealers of Victory Motorcycles. +5
  4. Services can be sorted as a list, Gas stations, Restaurants, Hotels / Motels, Victory Motorcycle Services. +20
  5. Add new routes. +5
  6. Allows tracking of your road, or you can view the map of your road. +15
  7. Plan a route with way points, from A to B. +20
  8. Search the Region for anything from point 4. +10

Over all a score of 95 points!

It is a great application if you have unlimited internet data on your monthly plan. That is the only con that I could think of right now. I have tested the application on iPhone 5 and Samsung S3 (Android) both it worked perfect. Only on the Samsung S3 it opened the app faster and it was working quicker than on the iPhone 5.

Victory Motorcycle Mobile Application

Victory Motorcycle Mobile Application

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