Jesse James Teams Up With Renegade Engine Company

Jesse James might have lost a fingertip but has gained valuable partner for his upcoming custom rides. Renegade Engine Company is one of the most trustful companies out in the world that provide motorcycle engines. The two parties begun work immediately and agreed to bring more power to West Coast Choppers motorcycles. As the progress goes on Jesse received 147ci Diamond cut V-Twin unit for his new CFL (Choppers for Life) frame.  Looking ahead into the future, Jesse James will have his own branded Jesse James engines. As we know Jesse James has the power, tools, design, edge cut, and much more to create a really awesome motorcycle out of anything that comes to his mind.

Renegade Engine on Jesse James

Breaking News: Jesse James Re-launches WCC

West Coast Choppers is back! Legendary Jesse James told Cyril Huze in an exclusive interview that he will re launch West Coast Choppers. Jesse James received a lot of support and encouragements from his fans, and family. Cyril Huze talked with Jesse about a period of WCC becoming too big and it just happened too fast. And that he needed to take it slower, and establish his priority of building for love, not for money. Jesse James promises that his business will not be focused on more and bigger, but the quality of representing his philosophy on build motorcycles.

Check out West Coast Choppers new website here. Don’t wait and grab some of their new merchandise to represent WCC.

Welcome back Jesse James!

Jesse James Re-Launches West Coast Choppers

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