Who We Sponsor?

As a motorcycle store online we have to play our part in the brotherhood and sisterhood in the most ways that are possible. Recently under new management eBikerLeather has started to redevelop it’s tactics and practices towards our brothers and sisters. With that meaning our tactics are clean, for example we offered huge sale on helmets that were damaged, and it was stated that the helmets are damaged. eBikerLeather is being honest with our brothers and sister to keep the relationship stronger than ever.

Now what role do we play in the motorcycle apparel industry?

The answer is simple, sponsors. We have recently teamed up with couple events to sponsor them with our merchandise. You should know that if we sponsor events it means that we are trusted by the event organizers and they rely on our leather goods. With that speaking let me introduce you to events we are sponsoring.

Events that eBikerLeather sponsors with our merchandise.

BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour!

  • The tour is provided by BikerMonkey, with challenges that you have never faced before. As you experience the fun, family, and much more at BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour; we are here to help you get geared up for the tour. If BikerMonkey trusts us, so can you. I dare you to give our leather experience of the Texas BBQ Tour.

BikerMonkey Texas BBQ Tour


  • Crusin2Cure is benefiting the American Cancer Society. Cruisin2Cure is one of the best events that benefit our society. Terry has contacted us not so long ago and asked if we want to take a part in helping for American Cancer Society. Our answer was simple and short, we took the time to speak with Terry; he explained that the event does to help American Cancer Society. That is how the relationship has started between eBikerLeather and Crusin2Cure.


Road Pickle – Motorcycle Bohemia

  • Husband and  wife, 2 motorcycles, 6 months, 48 states, and only the gear they can carry. All this only at Road Pickle. This will be one ultimate riding experience, with leaving everything behind, and hitting the road. Tina a.k.a  Sash has been in touch with eBikerLeather for some time now, and when we heard they want to do a trip to 48 states we had to sponsor that trip. eBikerLeather is providing the right gear for Tina and Steve to take on the road with them.

Road Pickle

If they trust us so can you! Give our leather a test ride and experience the journey to unknown.


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